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  1. Here's some of mine - I think we came out quite presentable (But I think our boots got trashed - didn't realise that we were in it ankle-deep )
  2. Outfit might have been a tiny tiny bit influenced by the fact that I've seen all episodes of "Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman Diaries" today
  3. Aww - it's just getting darker when it gets wet 🤭
  4. Relaxing by the pool after a long and hard afternoon home decorating ( framing and hanging two pictures )
  5. Doin' some home decoratin' (This is about as bada** as I get - lol )
  6. Met this guy tonight - he was kind enough to hold the light so that we could get a decent photo
  7. Wide leg linen pants from Coco, Applier turtleneck sweater with mesh collar from Sweet Tea, White winter coat from Aphorism! (and my dog Ice from TomatoPark). A bit disappointed with the coat though - hard to find poses where the arms are not halfway through the coat, so it is basically just useable for photos/static poses... You can see what I mean in these pics:
  8. Isle of May - impressive landscaping, modelled after a small Scottish island
  9. Have you tested the "Sade"-skin from NOT FOUND? My friend Lene demoed it, and it looked really good on her... She found it here: https://www.flickr.com/groups/3940492@N25/pool/
  10. I personally prefer the details in the "Mycha"-skin. I do not know what the secret ingredient the Skinnery is using, but they almost always seem to have something that appeals to me... I find most other skins I have tried (on other heads than Genus thought) to be a bit more flat/smooth/filtered and lacking the extra "kick" that the Skinnery-skins seem to bring... I think the "dullness" perceived in the "Nataly"-skin comes from the lower contrast and smoother/longer transitions to the highlights. Seems like the Skinnery dares to be sharper and bolder in their details, and for me that pays off... No association what so ever to the Skinnery - but I've always ended back with one of their's after having bought and lived with most other brands for a while...
  11. You are literally looking bewitchingly beatiful
  12. Three of my favourite fall/winter outfits this year 1. Salt & Pepper Trenchcoat with optional turtleneck from some event (collabor88 perhaps?) 2. !gO! Nina dress & trenchcoat (Dress comes in standalone or under-coat versions) 3. Gaall* Edelweiss complete outfit with *ARGRACE* Flat cap/MIO hair Knitted winter applier-leggings from Z.O.E worn underneath to keep reasonably warm
  13. I had an old friend over yesterday - and she had finally taken the plunge and gone mesh/bento. I absolutely loved the way she looked, so I talked her into letting me take a few pics of her... Classic face: Baby face:
  14. Found them here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Meshdol-7-Color-Nerd-Glasses-Color-Changer-Resizer/5538753
  15. Found a new friend today... "He's soo cuuute!"
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