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  1. Here I've done what Skell said - turned down the gloss/shine in the main head HUD (White line on lower lip in the second pic from licking my lips in the first pic though )...
  2. Just to clarify - that white line is not in the skin, that's just me wearing to much lip gloss and standing straight beneath a spotlight - aka reflections
  3. And besides being a fabulous place for photoshoots, Templemore/Lutz City has more to offer - I totally enjoyed the live concert with this young guy the other night!
  4. @FairreLilette Personally, I think you are totally unfair to all the female head and skin makers out there - in my opinion, there are plenty of realistic heads and skins available. I don't think there is much of a duckbill on any of these faces (4 different mesh heads from 3 makers, and I could show you more like these from other brands...), and their skin and hair look quite nice and detailed to me as well - but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, you got yours and I got mine
  5. Looks fun! Nice to have people around using land that otherwise would have had no purpose Hopefully even more fun when more furniture and equipment moves in
  6. Just bought a neighbouring plot and wondering what to do about it
  7. Getting the warmth back out here in the beautiful Hollyee...
  8. Escaping winter for a bit and practising my dive
  9. In addition to playing with windlight settings like Rhonda shows (Thx Rhonda - will check those lights out!) - I think this screenshot says a bit on my process Cranking the graphics settings up in "Ultra" with max complexity on the shadows, capturing in a resolution far higher than screen resolution (scaling the image down afterwards can do magic to a slightly out-of-focus image ) - Tooling around with extra lights, field-of-view settings in Phototools are also important for me to get (closer to) the image I want... This is the unedited, uncropped, just scaled down a bit, r
  10. Here's some of mine - I think we came out quite presentable (But I think our boots got trashed - didn't realise that we were in it ankle-deep )
  11. Outfit might have been a tiny tiny bit influenced by the fact that I've seen all episodes of "Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman Diaries" today
  12. Aww - it's just getting darker when it gets wet 🤭
  13. Relaxing by the pool after a long and hard afternoon home decorating ( framing and hanging two pictures )
  14. Doin' some home decoratin' (This is about as bada** as I get - lol )
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