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  1. Look who's been at Stealthic Thank you girls - the hair crisis is much over now, thanks to your advice!
  2. Oh - I love those eyes and the eyeliner/shadow!!
  3. Thanks Tatiana, a few unknown there too! Looks like I#ll be doing some hair-exploring the next hours or days
  4. Thank you, Zeta! My absolute favorite and I-could-wear-it-forever-hairdo is from Doux. I absolutely adore the slick, long, straight ponytail "Margaret" as you could probably tell if you have seen some of my photos Stealthic is new to me, will check it out right away! BTW, I admire your style and love your look, Zeta!
  5. Like most days in SL, I'm not happy with my hair... Any clues to where the REALLY good hair is?
  6. Well, I love it too It is the " baii maii 270 Basic neck dress" - comes with a HUD...
  7. Posing for some shots showing different view angles/Fields-of-View/Focal lengths... There's quite a difference I think :)
  8. Thank you very much, Saravendi! These photos were taken in Saint Martin, love the place! Reminds me of Cinque Terre, the Amalfi coast or Cote de Azur. I choose a custom windlight though, to get that special warm mediterranian sunset light. (Shameless prop - the outfit and location is descibed in my brand new blog @ angelinastring.worldpress.com )
  9. Cool, we have to meet inworld some day and have a chat!
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