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  1. Nice, good to know! I wasn't aware the copy and paste method acts like uploading. EDIT: But as soon as I typed that I realized "DUH", of course it does. You're copying and pasting the image itself and not the link, get it together Cyanide Pixie! 😆
  2. Using Google Chrome on Windows 10 (and probably many other combos) you can right click an image on the internet and "copy image" and then just paste here on the forums like you would a line of text! It works great for Gyazo and many other image hosting sites!
  3. Lovely! I can see why your deck is the fave spot, you did a great job! As far as pictures go, save as JPEG and they are MUCH MUCH MUCH smaller. Quality loss isn't too terrible for these forum posts either.
  4. Here, hopefully this is better! I tossed up a ceiling light (it was missing one anyway) and took some close ups to get decor details. Sorry for my haste and poor lighting before! I might add more and change a few things as I continue with the other rooms. But so far, with the addition of the ceiling light, the room is at 36 LI total with everything pictured, including the shell for walls and floor. So I have some room to play, maybe in here or maybe just the rest of the house.
  5. Are they super dark on your screen? They are normal on my monitor! Hmmm.... not sure what happened. EDIT: I just pulled this thread up on my phone and I noticed they did look darker, but then I remembered I had my phone brightness down below halfway. I pulled it up to normal and they look about the same as on my computer monitor. So maybe that's just the problem, a difference in screen brightness? Admittedly, I don't have any lights on inside the room in order to cast natural shadows from the windows over the scene so that could be part of the issue too.
  6. Here's what I've got going so far in my Havana. Only the bathroom to share at this time but I'm loving it so much I had to snap some pics before finishing the rest of the house!
  7. I've had this happen (or something similar) before on a mainland parcel. The entire region was down even though it looked physically there and you would even be blocked by an invisible wall trying to cross the sim. I would first check to see if you can TP anywhere else in that region or come in from a neighboring one. Then, armed with that extra info of whether the problem is parcel-specific or region-specific, I'd file a support ticket through the website. They will get you sorted!
  8. Okay, I'm glad to hear you ladies have that problem too. I thought I was the only dumdum who accidentally buys something on sale I bought two years ago at regular price. I'm also getting better about checking my inventory before making that purchase but some things fall through the cracks.
  9. Most definitely! And with the house not eating into your land impact and pretty landscaping already lining your parcel, you have a lot of room to play with decor!
  10. Prim limit is 351 as they are 1024 parcels. The only exception is the campers which are 512 so only 170ish.
  11. Ooh, and also @DarkLobo, you can view the linden home page without a premium membership if you'd like to get a feel for what is showing up! No money down, have a look at the available styles and the frequency they are coming up, and if you decide to grab one you can sign up for premium to claim it (edit: or log into your premium account to claim it, seeing as it looks like you are just hesitant to release the old style home you already have!) And another tidbit... each home style has at least four varieties you can switch between on your parcel by clicking your mailbox. And each of those
  12. Welcome back! The new linden homes are definitely still available. Previous released styles that pop up daily are Traditional, Victorian, Log Home, as well as houseboats and campers. And we are currently in the middle of a release of new Stilt Home regions. Three new regions have been released daily this week. So not only will you see those new stilt homes come up, you will see the other styles that other people are releasing to try for a stilt. You are allowed to refresh the land page 10 times per 10 minutes, and you are allowed to claim and abandon five linden home parcels in a 24 hour
  13. Just dawned on me that maybe they are purposely choosing an off-peak time to put less strain on the servers. Both for less of a rush of SL folks flooding the land page as well as less people on the internet in general? Or maybe it's the most convenient time during the team's work schedule? I believe there are LL call centers in Davis and the bay area here in California. But I've got no clue where the team that works on these releases is located. Or maybe they just want us to SUUUUFFFFEEEEERRRRR! (kidding, kidding) 🤣
  14. There is 3 hours between the east and west, so four timezones. SLT is the same as PST, so even with the 2pm releases it's still an odd time as that's 5pm on the east coast. Pretty much the entire US would be at work during that time or juuuuust getting off and commuting home. So the UK folks are sleeping and US folks are at work. Hmmm, what time would that be in Austalia? Maybe they are catering releases to our friends down under! 😆
  15. Bwahahaha! Organizing is as stress relieving to me as shopping so I'm great about the unpacking and filing part. But actually getting around to ever using even a quarter of it? That's another story! 🤣 My fiance is just happy my hoarding habits stay confined to SL.
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