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  1. Phew, at least they are acknowledging the problem and working on it. It would be pretty ridiculous if grid status stayed in the green through this.
  2. Oop! That IS a new one! I'm still getting the same ol', same ol'. I feel a little disappointed, I wanted to see what other new weird error messages could be found 😆
  3. Yet according to the SL grid status page things are fine. All green and operational except for the new regions being put on hold. Suuuuuure.
  4. This is my life right now after logging out because I couldn't rez anything all of a sudden: Restarted my computer, checked my internet connection, everything seems gucci on my end. Yet SL has decided I've had enough for the night. Also, this is what the Marketplace does when I try to visit a store page: I can still browse and open up pages for individual products at least. Don't worry, I'm not making any purchases while things are like this.
  5. I spend a lot of time in the sky and I don't notice the lines very much at all. Usually only when I'm zoomed in really close to my chest or something. Like, really close. And I generally have no reason to be that close unless I'm moving an unrigged necklace into place. I thought they'd bug me at first but was happily surprised they didn't in the long run. I do agree with you though on one thing, I'm disappointed Legacy has not yet fixed the problem. I know they have acknowledged it but you'd think they could have rolled an update by now. But disappointment in that aside, the lines I can hardly even see up close are far less of an issue to me than the anatomical issues that scream at me even from a distance when I wear Maitreya. I'd take the lines any day over that. Obviously I have, because I wear Legacy now
  6. @AnyaJurelle With BOM, make sure you take off your alphas and then switch to BOM in your HUD: (click the button on the right under the world Style) (and then click on "Apply BOM" when it changes to this) I hope you can get it working at some point because I gotta say, Legacy and BOM together was (second) life changing for me!
  7. I do agree with you that shapes are partially to blame but I think the shapes are only accentuating the issue, not creating it. I can't replicate it with Legacy at all, and it was something I always struggled with when wearing Maitreya. I'd get that weird angle jutting out from a partial front/partial side view and it would irk me when I was trying to take pictures. And I see so many Maitreya avatars with a pointy rear that it has now become the Maitreya hallmark in my mind. That and the armpit/shoulder issue that was discussed waaaaaay back in this thread, another problem I struggled with personally when wearing Maitreya. And sorry, I'm really not trying to sound like I'm pooping all over Maitreya's party. I loved my Maitreya body for years and truly have no issues with the creator. From everything I've ever heard, she's wonderful and I'm grateful for the amazing innovation she brought to the mesh body market! But the point I'm trying to make is that for me personally as a customer, I would need to see those anatomical problems fixed and the entire mesh overhauled and refined before I could go back to the Maitreya brand. The problems stand out too much now and I can't unsee them. Kind of like how I used to love my system avatar and thought I looked fab, but then I switched to mesh and instantly realized I could never go back. That's honestly how I feel about Maitreya after switching to Legacy. There is that big of a difference and I never could have imagined that would be the case back when I was wearing Maitreya and feeling great. Maybe something will come along in a few years and make me feel that way about Legacy. Who knows, maybe it will be a new Maitreya line! But she's got a whole lot of work to do before that could become a reality...
  8. It's not my butt I'm worried about as I made sure to fight against the point when I wore Maitreya and it's a non-issue altogether with Legacy regardless of the size or shape someone makes their rear end. Surely I can't be the only one in SL to have noticed the phenomenon with the Maitreya backside? This isn't the most extreme example, but here is a shot with a Maitreya avatar's butt in the front, my avatar's Legacy butt in the back. Now, you might think this is strictly a size issue because my arse is fairly small but that isn't it. It is 100% the shape of the mesh. I can make my Legacy butt huge and it stays round. Belleza butts can be very large and round as well. But on the Maitreya body, it seems the bigger the butt gets the more it comes to a point. And I think a lot of people scrunch up their hip length and it only accentuates it further when they have such a short pelvic area. In a lot of cases, you can see it without even a full side view. There is a really weird angle of the butt that can be visible at the hip when the avatar is halfway between front facing and side that I only notice on Maitreya avatars. It ranges from looking like a saggy dirty diaper to looking like a full-on traffic cone. Again, not the most extreme example as I've seen far pointier sticking out but I'm trying to get some images as I'm out shopping to better express what I see. It's a quirk in the Maitreya mesh I don't see with Legacy or Belleza and it's the first thing that instantly signals to me that a person is wearing Maitreya. I tried everything I could to mimic that effect with my Legacy body and even when taking my butt up to 100 and cycling through a bunch of poses it never happened. My hip/butt area stayed smooth and rounded at all times with nothing jutting out:
  9. Ahahaha, sorry to ruin you on that one too now! 😂 It's one of those things I kind of always noticed and would constantly tweak on my Maitreya shape. But I didn't fully understand why I was so unhappy with my backside at certain angles... until I switched to Legacy where the butt is nicely rounded and has a natural curve. Now the incredibly pointed backside of some Maitreya wearers is the first thing I notice and I can't stop staring.
  10. Don't forget the armpit/shoulder area and the butt. Really, the Maitreya "triangle butt" drives me the most insane! I feel like people even accentuate the odd shape by scrunching their hip length up and pulling the butt out so it ends up being super pointed. A big butt should resemble an apple and not a carrot. I respect Maitreya as a brand and wore that body happily for years, but I could never go back until those issues are fixed. Once you see it you can't unsee it.
  11. @Khaya Leistone Just wanted to respond to this point because you're new to Legacy and may not know... but the only difference (aside from the lack of deformers) between the original Legacy body and the Perky Legacy body is the shape of the breasts. So all Legacy bottoms fit both bodies because the bottom half is identical and TBH even a lot of tops that fully cover the breast will work for Perky as well because the back/tummy/arms/etc. are the same between the bodies too. Hopefully you have more clothing choices than you realize! Also, Perky is very new and I'm already seeing quite a lot of designers creating for that breast shape and I know more will follow. And as an aside, Perky was made as much for those who want a very small bustline as well as those who want huge anime boobies. It's a shape thing, not a size thing, but one can say that shape lends itself better to either very small or very large. The original has a more all over rounded shape whereas the perky has a more upwardly pointed shape, with the weight more at the bottom than an all over fullness. Does that make sense? I'm struggling to describe what I visually see, but I hope it does. It is true I can achieve a slightly smaller look with my Perky body because the shape accommodates it better, but my original Legacy body looks great with what is basically a natural B cup size. Both bodies are super versatile, whether going for a thin or a curvy look.
  12. @halebore Aeon Ah, gotcha! I misunderstood what you were saying at first. Yeah, I could definitely see it just being an incompatibility with the way the heads fit. EDIT: And I just noticed now you had edited your comment to be more than the first sentence I quoted, no wonder I was confused! I replied before refreshing so I thought that's all you had said about it, ahahaha!
  13. Is it the same though? I don't recall any neck blends on heads having a second lower blend piece beyond the neck ring. But like I said earlier, I always hated them and found them useless so maybe I just didn't notice. They never worked well for me.
  14. Maybe that's why it felt so innovative in a body to me. I think I'm just used to the head ones that are one piece and never work well. Once I figured out the Legacy one was two pieces for even more blendability and had a range of tones, my mind was a little blown. I think having the bottom section seamlessly come off the upper chest/collar bone makes the difference. I do wish the neck ring was a little more snug, but perhaps that's not possible for the range of motion without the actual neck clipping through.
  15. @AnyaJurelle Legacy was a blessing and a curse. Yes, it gave all of us Maitreya lovers a shiny new option that feels like a more polished version of "us"... but it came with a whole lot of nasty fine print and highlighted all the problems with Maitreya to the point where we feel disappointed if we switch back to what used to be an acceptable body that we were perfectly content with. New and improved Maitreya body when? I know it's been teased that a new generation is in the works. My question is whether or not the lackluster parts of the mesh that we now can't unsee can be fixed while maintaining backwards compatibility with our existing wardrobe. I think compatibility would be a must. But if the mesh isn't refined I don't know if I can go back. I've tasted the forbidden fruit.
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