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  1. No it doesn't as it is not a parcel that is for sale. There is no way to know if a parcel is available until it shows up on the land page. Unless you know someone who is going to abandon one or you happen to click on a parcel and it says owned by Governor Linden. There are still lots of regions that haven't been released yet so I hope you are able to get a home soon. Also, go here for some tips on how to use auto refresh etc and also keep your eye on this thread as people do post when they are going to abandon a parcel and sometimes you have a chance of getting it:
  2. Yes, it is the luck of the draw, they release a region and you might get one at that point, but the house is assigned to you. It's all random, you can't pick the plot or region. If someone abandons a house there you might luck out and get it. You have no way of knowing what region you get until after you get the house.
  3. You can't bring up the regions at the claim your home page, the homes are randomly assigned.
  4. If it is I want to be on the "bad side" of the tracks!
  5. @summernightsdream I don't think you overdid it, I think it looks just awesome.
  6. I will be releasing this parcel in Gentle Grove at 11:00 pm SL Time. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gentle Grove/215/113/34
  7. I am sad you have to get rid of it. That looks so lovely I just love what you have done outside! I have tried the campers too and just not enough prims for me either. I have been spoiled with the traditional houses and the 351 prims.
  8. I had no clue that is what that meant. However, I am not going to divulge what I thought IANAL really meant cause...........................yeah mind in the gutter again!
  9. My alt got that one yesterday and I gave it up today. Hope you like it, the parcel just wasn't for me.
  10. Hopefully this poor little home will find an owner.
  11. @Clover Jinx That just looks fantastic!
  12. Well crap. I never noticed this before to be honest. Now I can't unsee it! Damn!
  13. @Rolig Loon always get excited when i see your name as the last one to post in this thread! Always an adventure I love your stories.
  14. @Nika Talaj I have't taken a whole look at the region, but looks like no water and lots of campers all together. Not criticizing just that people seem to want water and mountains.
  15. Scroll down and you will see that it is completed under Past Incidents. No you are not stupid I have gone there myself and didn't think to scroll down.
  16. Well I haven't had the experiences that some of you have had in regards to the "hi, how are you". Maybe because I don't really go anywhere so I haven't had the chance to get jaded. I have actually had some pretty decent conversations with some guys that started out with "hi, how are you". My usual response when asked that is "fine, how are you doing" yup I am pretty boring! 😁
  17. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ maintenance today.
  18. Not sure maybe just a poor little camper that is having a hard time finding an owner.
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