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  1. That's not what he told me 😁
  2. If I am lucky enough to snag a houseboat I am naming it "Soon" 🤣
  3. Okay Patch posted an update! Looks like in the next 24 hours! Go Moles!
  4. They did an awesome job! I really like these new homes and all the landscaping.
  5. I keep changing my mind too on decorations and what house to decorate. And really that is the whole fun to me of having this new house. So many choices. Personally I don't care if people decorate their parcel or not. At least there is a house there and not an empty plot.
  6. Can't get a new house and they are peeved just like other threads that have already been started. Just worded more technically I guess so I guess we need a new thread for that! And yes I am being sarcastic 😀
  7. totally disappointed that you didn't start your own thread ! 🤣
  8. ...........................................and I don't understand the countless threads that are made about this. 😀
  9. Personally my favorite head is the Lelutka Simone head. The best thing to do is demo all the different designers that make mesh heads to determine what is BEST for you.
  10. yeah it is annoying they don't include the deformer in the demo cause if might work on someone's avi perfectly, but might not work on another. A lot of times it depends on your shape and the clothing. It is the same with some creators who don't include the HUD with their demo heads. No way to test it out to see how it will work for you.
  11. It is also on the blog feeds on your own dashboard, not just the forums. Hoping all of you who didn't get a home, get one soon.
  12. Buying any body is really a personal choice and I certainly don't have any negativity towards anyone that purchases the new TMP one. I even demo'd it myself and it is still my favorite body out of all of them. Being able to have the option to change the size of my feet is a big plus. TMP is not for everyone, but there is still people out there that still like this body and would get the new one. As another poster stated I hope you enjoy your new purchase!
  13. Glad that you got a happy ending. Sometimes these sorts of things get out of hand and some people get just down right nasty when you ask them to move their items.
  14. I had the old deluxe body and got the free bento hands update even though I hardly ever wear this body anymore. Which really is a shame because it is actually one of my favorite bodies due to the shape and like you mentioned, I can resize the feet. I personally won't be spending anymore money on this body just due to the frustration, lack of support and no clue if they will disappear.
  15. Well at the end of the day it is their land to do with what they want.
  16. And i just want to thank you for doing these add-ons. I would be spending days trying to do them myself. You just made them so easy to use.
  17. If you are not getting an option for the new ones, then yes, they are all taken.
  18. I never voice. I text only. My job is customer service and it is on the phones. The last thing I want to do is voice in SL. I go to SL to escape my job!
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