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  1. You can set your land so people can't see you on your land which means they can't see you if you are naked or fully dressed. That's the easiest way to solve your issue. It doesn't matter how close they are or if they cam into your house they can't see you.
  2. I mostly applied for the job out of curiosity based on comments to this thread and wanted to see what would happen but 500l/week isn't enough for me to stick out a week for more information.
  3. I wanted applied to this position and was hired and there are a lot of unrealistic expectations. There was a trial period , which I ended, although not as quickly as I should have after several jokes were made by Michael Blackwood about me showing up naked to a meeting. I should have shut that down immediately but I didn't and that was my mistake. What he is looking for is a second personal assistant in a time zone more compatible with his European Time Zone and who can be available on an on call basis , someone who is familiar with coordinating people in different time zones, who can help with the promotion of a live musician, is able to create and/or proofread notecards for clarity and content, and other tasks as assigned, who knows Trello, Discord and Google Calendar, etc all for 500L/week.
  4. DDD has also had some packs for Fifty Linden Fridays as well.
  5. I currently have a house from Scarlet Creative up that I'm trying to decorate. This is a work in progress this is just the front room and there is no landscaping. The back room I'm going to make into a reading nook/office space. This isn't all where I expected things to go because I had it my head to do something very colorful and ended up with these more muted tones. Not sure how long I will keep this up. I had a skybox for most of the summer I really loved but I was ready for a change.
  6. If you haven't check out Izzie's she has a lot of ways to change skins including tattoos to reduce/eliminate breast shading, as well as different cleavages etc. She also has fixes for faces. As well as things like scars, veins, body imperfections etc. Usually all of hers comes with a tintable version.
  7. The shapes are slightly different and a lot of the skins will work with the Lilly head you just need to demo the skins and maybe tweak your face shape a little. That's what I do.
  8. Oh I love seeing what people do with bingo prompt fics an this should be cool. (and I'm also wondering what fanfic you read.. )
  9. Here is Maitreya, Isis, Freya and Legacy for comparison. I have the same shape in each one and I didn't adjust anything, even the feet.
  10. I tend to go with Tuty's or Sweet Lovely Cute for my AOs and I have a few others. I tend to like AOs that have some movement but aren't too fidgety versus an AO that is more static.
  11. Belleza updated and I'm in my favorite combo of LAQ head, Isis body, and Lumae skins
  12. They are also having a half off sale that is advertised on Seraphimsl. And the half off sale and the fact the bodies have been updated is being mentioned in a lot of groups. So far I've seen it mentioned in 4 or 5 groups in the chats either about the sale, or the update in general or talking about it being mod. In a few groups the store owners said they would be supporting Belleza to support modifiable content.
  13. I got the update! I got error messages the first few times, I guess the system was overwhelmed. I am back in the Isis body-- although I know that it has been dropped by clothing stores as they started adding Lara Petite options or kupra. Which is sad because it's my favorite and the right proportions. I hope that people will start making for isis again and I'm curious and excited for what people will do with the Mod option.
  14. I get a lot of comments/compliments on my various looks. Especially if I have a more out there look going on. It's almost always positive or at the various least someone asking where I got something (and I'm always willing to share that info). I haven't really gotten in negative comments "in person" although I did share a look of the day screen shot in a group and got insulted by someone, in one of those "no offense but" type things. But whatever. I do like getting compliments but even if a bunch of people don't like my looks I don't care because I create looks/outfits for myself. A long time ago I did get a creepy IM for a guy who told me how he liked that I had a smaller chest and didn't have huge boobs or Lolas (back in the Lola days) like so many other women, how refreshing it was and at the SAME TIME he was IMing my friend (we were at a hang out place and it wasn't obvious we were friends) telling her how much he LOVED her voluptuous look and offering to buy her Lolas.
  15. Got this new coat from Hot dog and trying different looks with it. threw things together to go out dancing.
  16. Different skin sellers do things different ways but it sounds like you are going some place that shoes faces/heads and is selling those and then you buy the body skin separately. So you go to a store that has pictures of various faces that may have different brands of heads under them - and then there are different skin tones. So you are looking for a face for a Catwa head that you like and the skin tone you like. You would buy that and then buy the body skin that would match the skin tone. A lot of skin makers offer different body styles- maybe something with abs, or a bit of a tummy, --so you would buy whatever body type matches the skin tone. And then wear those.
  17. If there aren't any gachas then people will buy regular stuff. There are a lot of creators who don't do gachas at all or only do them in small amounts and they still sell stuff. Most people who buy things buy because they want to wear them or use them or whatever, not just to buy to resell. And those that are buying to resell are doing it because there are people who want things but don't want to deal with gachas or just want to get that one thing. So if there are no gachas people will buy stuff. There are plenty of stores that don't have gachas or only have a few and it's not the main source of their business. I do buy gachas directly from the machine or buy on the secondary market but a lot of times I would rather just buy what I wanted from the store rather than have to search marketplace or in world for the item that I want that is close to the pull price. If it was priced like regular merchandise in most stores I would buy that but if it's a gacha for the most part I want to stay close to the pull price.
  18. So some updates happened and my problem stopped but I saw your comments and went and checked and updated a few other things so hopefully everything is resolved.
  19. This is my avatar on a budget - actually more than on a budget it's totally FREE!! I only used what is available right now for someone who was just starting in world an didn't have access to past gifts. I made a new avatar for this and was cheap and didn't even allow 1L. I'm using the Genus Strong Gift head and the default shape that I modified the body (but not the face)- I had to modify the hips to get them to fit the jeans correctly and then I had to make the feet a size 0 to fit the shoes. G&D Ruth 3.5 body, it's on the marketplace, I found it through Fabfree website and the alpha hud is really nice, it has tons of alpha cuts on it. And I used Maitreya clothes. The skin is from Free Dove- 7 Deadly Skins Payton Freckles (it's made for the Genus head) Hair is Exile Jordan Fun Color gift. Shoes- Well Made Jade Sneakers with color change hud Top-Scandalize Paty from the Scandals outlet Jeans- Scandalize Ametails from the Scandals outlet Tuty's free Ao -some of the movements do cause the body to clip through the top.
  20. There are a lot of creators who don't do gachas at all. Apple Fall retired all of theirs and stopped doing gachas and I don't think it's hurt their business. DRD said in their group announcement they had already decided not to do more gachas going forward. Gachas are only one way to sell. It's popular and some people may decided not to use another format but LL doesn't have much of a choice in this. I guess other than making SL unavailable to people who live in places where lootboxes are illegal but that doesn't seem to be a smart decision.
  21. I'm standing on my land wondering what I'm going to do with it..
  22. They can try to find away but it will be against TOS
  23. Patch Linden has clarified that as of Sept 1 all 7seas items must be non transferable.
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