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  1. Has anyone else had an issue with their windows looking blue when they are supposed to be uncovered? like this Is there a fix for this?
  2. So I grabbed a stilt home on an alt. Then decided I didnt want to have 2 accounts. I just managed to sell my mainland plot and ther are no stilt homes right now . Hoepfully more will be released soon
  3. I got a Stilt home over water but there's no house there. I clicked the little control panel and it tells me to chose a house, instructions to rez but there's nothing in the dialog box. So there's no home. I tried to abandon the on water and get another one but I kept getting the same parcel. Has this happened to anyone else? I did relog but that didnt' fix the issue
  4. So I've gotten Linden homes before and if I got a message the homes were all taken then I went back to the homes page and none of that style showed up. Except I keep getting the message they are all taken and go back to the home page and the stilt homes are listed, I pick one and then it's the same thing - not available.
  5. I thought the post from Patch Linden in the forum meant they were fully released
  6. I knew that but I wasn't expecting them to be gone that quickly. i thought there would be more released at once
  7. I guess they weren't available because they were all taken. I assume more will be released soon. I hope.
  8. I see them but I get a message they arent' available when I go to pick it
  9. I make complete changes a lot -skin, hair,make up, eyes, shape, bodies occasionally, as well as clothes , although I don't wear a ton of accessories. And at max I may have 3 HUDs going at once, I usually have to move them so they don't over lap. I've moved to BOM for skin and most of my make up. It"s interesting to see how different people do things. I rarely save outfits unless I want to take a picture later. I have a few base outfits (head/body combos that are naked). Generally if I get dressed I'll pick maybe a skin and then get inspired and build from there
  10. The head looks amazing. And of course I just bought a Genus head when they returned and I wish I hadn't because this looks so nice and I've had so many issues with the Genus head...but that's not about Catwa, I just can't justify another big purchase but maybe for xmas for myself.. I will definitely demo it.
  11. I applied a tattoo with materials on my Genus head and I can't get the materials off no matter what I do including resettign to default. Does anyone know how I can remove the materials?
  12. I was helping a friend update their avatar and go from no mesh anything and never using mesh to helping them understand how mesh heads work and helping them learn how the huds worked, how to get appliers to work and BOM etc. How to edit hair , their shape to get their face to look like they wanted. Taking them to different stores after asking them what they wanted. They hadn't updated their avatar in something like 8 years, never really went shopping and had no real idea of how to achieve the look they wanted and wasn't really sure how to articulate how they wanted to look. Other than bette
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