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  1. I make complete changes a lot -skin, hair,make up, eyes, shape, bodies occasionally, as well as clothes , although I don't wear a ton of accessories. And at max I may have 3 HUDs going at once, I usually have to move them so they don't over lap. I've moved to BOM for skin and most of my make up. It"s interesting to see how different people do things. I rarely save outfits unless I want to take a picture later. I have a few base outfits (head/body combos that are naked). Generally if I get dressed I'll pick maybe a skin and then get inspired and build from there
  2. The head looks amazing. And of course I just bought a Genus head when they returned and I wish I hadn't because this looks so nice and I've had so many issues with the Genus head...but that's not about Catwa, I just can't justify another big purchase but maybe for xmas for myself.. I will definitely demo it.
  3. I applied a tattoo with materials on my Genus head and I can't get the materials off no matter what I do including resettign to default. Does anyone know how I can remove the materials?
  4. I was helping a friend update their avatar and go from no mesh anything and never using mesh to helping them understand how mesh heads work and helping them learn how the huds worked, how to get appliers to work and BOM etc. How to edit hair , their shape to get their face to look like they wanted. Taking them to different stores after asking them what they wanted. They hadn't updated their avatar in something like 8 years, never really went shopping and had no real idea of how to achieve the look they wanted and wasn't really sure how to articulate how they wanted to look. Other than bette
  5. A couple of things: 1- you keep bringing up a style card as if that is what the business will be - just a style card. It's not what I saw as being offered . What is being talked about is helping someone make over their avatar--taking time to find out what they like and don't like and helping them find a new look and put it together and offering advice and suggestions. That's not a style card. I don't know where you got the idea that this would just be about paying for a style card. 2. People pay a lot more than $20 US dollars for personal shopping hep. Because that's what 50
  6. I've helped several people update their avatar or helped them find outfits. SL is more than a dress up simulator , there are lots of other things to do besides dress up your avatar. Plus not everyone knows where to find things or they need help figuring out how to work huds or the best way to tweak their shape or whatever. There are people who do makeovers in SL as a business and there are people who do it as a hobby. The people I helped do a full avatar make over mainly just needed some advice and help on working huds and wanting to know where to shop or needed an opinion of what looke
  7. I have alts that I don't use. Technically Milly is an alt since it's not my original avatar (and now all my cool stuff is with Milly so I'm not going to start over with my OG account). I made alts for different reasons, a lot of it was I was bored and thought it would be fun to see what it would be like to see what the start up for an account was like (since it's changed over the years) but Milly, like another alt , was made because I needed a break from my original avatar and the memories there ( I had ended a long term SL turned RL relationship and it was just extra hard being on that avata
  8. I got into Kustom9 today and played Gabriel's gacha.. this is a look of the moment more than a look of the day as I'm on my .. 3rd or 4th look for the day
  9. I change my look all the time, sometimes I go through complete head to toe changes multiple times in one day. For me that's a huge part of SL. although back on my original avatar I did stick with the same basic look (purple skin and wings) for a long time. This is all me and a few of the looks I made for events but then I spent time wandering around SL in all of them . I think if I didn't change my look so much it would confuse my friends.
  10. the only things about my avatar that are close to my RL (on a regular basis) are my height, which was just coincidental and if I'm using human skin I'm Caucasian. That's it. I also change my looks so frequently there are times when I may look a little closer to some aspect of my RL but it's not on purpose. Using a previous avatar there was a time when I looked more like my RL self but it felt unnatural in SL because that isn't who my avatar is, at least looks wise. Plus this is Second Life and you can do so many different things! I hate limiting myself
  11. I installed Black Dragon viewer and was taking some pictures.. this is was my look ...
  12. I hadn't been wearing Maitreya at all but I demo'd the petite add on and really liked it and so bought it and now I guess I'll be wearing maitreya little more, but only for this look. Honestly if Legacy had their perky shape as an add on like this I would have done that and not worried with Maitreya.
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