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  1. Sorry Ihaven't responded. Work and life has gotten the better of me. Looks like the computer on Amazon is gone. I just don't feel comfortable at putting together a computer, I'm not good at that kind of thing (I'm terrible with legos even with the nice little diagrams I still struggle with them) so buying a a computer is just easier. I've had 2 recommendations from other people: https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/cty/pdp/spd/alienware-aurora-r11-desktop (but customized a bit) and https://www.newegg.com/allegiance-gaming-alg-8032rx570/p/3D5-000P-00009?Item=9SIAGSCB4G6424
  2. self building is not an option for me. I'm not every good at assembling anything and I have the weirdest time getting things to work properly with electronics (seriously it took me an hour one time to get a headset to work and finally a friend did the same thing I was doing and it worked ). Plus I'm clumsy and have a tendency to accidentally break things. I have a large monitor, it's older now (about 5 years old I think) but it was a really nice Asus monitor at the time so I don't need a new one. I had a mechanical keyboard and it broke and need to replace it (thinking at christmas). So any other recommendations since self build isn't an option.
  3. I need to replace my computer and I want to make sure I get something that will be good for SL where I can ideally run things on High graphics. I'm in the US and I would like to stay around $1000. Any recommendations on what to get or what a realistic budget would be
  4. I've had a few issues with this but it's not much different than tp'ing into some place and mesh body parts are flying around all over the place, or my mesh body rezzes first and then my clothes do so for a brief moment of time I'm naked (or other people are naked). It's always interesting trying to figure out - are they really naked or are their clothes just not showing up yet. I just shrug and chalk it up to SL.. I mean at least I don't have to do anything unlike in the days when you'd tp and find your hair or an earring or shoe attached to your butt and have to take it off and put it on again. And some AOs would cause this weird thing where you're body would fold in half.
  5. It finally got resolved. I am not sure what happened. The only recommendation I kept getting was to clear my cache for my browser and re log but eventually on day the third day I went to check , after not doing anything special, and I could see a selection of homes.
  6. Thanks for the life of me I couldn't remember how to get to support for premium members and I was trying to access this on my phone so I couldn't see everything on the page clearly. Thank you so much.
  7. I abandoned a log cabin yesterday and when you click on the land it shows it is owned by Lindens but when I go to my account and the land page it says that its still mine. It's been like that since last night and I am not sure what to do or who to contact about getting this resolved
  8. I realy don't have a set style. When I first started in SL 13 ish years ago my wardrobe was heavy on the rockabilly/retro goth/punk look and mainly shopped at Ivalde, Sn@Tch, Artilleri, Thimble , Deviant Kitties , Silent Sparrow, schadenfraude, Black Maria, Exile with Seven's Wings being my main accessory. Although there was variation in that it was pretty much it. And then I've had alts Iv'e dressed differently. I also used to rip apart oufits when it was system layers and add on parts- take a top from one thing, take the skirt from a dress and create something new. With fitted mesht he way we have now it's not possible. Currently there is no set style, I don't really do more formal looks (not even formal but things like business wear type stuff) and range anywhere from futuristic or fantasy looks to kawaii, punk or casual. I don't wear a lot of accessories and want to change that and add more in. And I tend toward fantasy skins (mostly Lumae & now Ritual) and mix those with different things. I also have kemono, furry , Tiny, and Dinkie avatars although I don't break them out as much and they tend to be the same kind of way I dress. I don't have a clothing or hair store I am devoted to like I was with Sn@Tch (seriously I owned about 80% of her inventory at one time) but I primarily wear Lumae and Ritual skins. And I change my appearance a lot, not just my clothes but I have done full change of hair/skin/make up/clothes etc and so on multiple times a day...or I'll wear the same thing like 4 days in a row so it depends. And sometims I like to look more androgynous
  9. It was in the featured destinations so I assumed it was open. It finally worked and I walked around some and I'll have to check later . I didn't mean to wander in when it wasn't open to the public.n
  10. I am really excited about this but I keep getting a message that I am not allowed to teleport into the regions. I've tired various thigns and various fixes and I'm not reinstalling Firestorm in hopes that this helps but it seems other people are having the same problem.
  11. You look great! I was playing around with the new body as well and the BOM add ons help reduce the painted on look for clothes so that will help with appliers.
  12. If you are using appliers for LAQ then there are several slots available for eyeshadow on the LAQ hud. I think there are 4 (I am going off memory). To wear more than one applier you click the number check box you want the applier to go and then apply it. So you can out eyeshadow on 1 and then click 2 and put eyeliner. However layering appliers like this can cause flickering this is a problem with doing any kind of applier layers. If you are using BOM you just add the layers from your inventory. But you may need to play around with the order you add them so one layer doesn't hide the other.
  13. I can't figure out of materials is working like it's supposed to or not. I keep trying different appliers but I don't see anything at all (where as before I would see things but only white) so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  14. I don't really dress like this in SL so I don't want to invest my SL resources into a blog. Otherwise it would be a blog or me wearing demo clothes or skins. If people are looking for a more mature skin LAQ is a good place. They have the mesh head that is specifically made to be older....like 60s. But there are some of their older system skins that would work for those who don't do mesh or want to try the skins as BOM with their own mesh head. One that is the same age range and another that looks 40s or 50s. Izzie's has a skin more suited for elderly, I would peg it as 70s or 80s. It is pre mesh body but also comes with a shape. Izzie's also has appliers for several heads for wrinkles and to make eyebrows grey etc so that someone can vary how old their avatar looks. Sb@tch is known for club and goth wear but there are some pieces there that have long skirts or is more covered you have to hunt around. At Fameshed this round Tres Blah has a midi skirt. I think they may have some longer skirts and more every day not low cut clothes. Alaskmetro recently redid her skins and they look maybe not 40s but more mature than others. She also has a small selection of clothes like a longer pencil skirt.
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