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  1. Hi I'm Milly. I've been in Second Life off and on (under different avatars) for about 12 years. Just took a break for SL for RL reasons and now I'm back. I will try and read through all the comments and message people but right now I'm adding my own response. First some technical stuff - I'm American on EST so SLT +3 and I'm mainly on in the evenings. I'm also in my 40s if anyone is looking for friends in a certain age group I like to take pictures, explore sims, find odd things to look at or do random keyword searches and visit stores/sims based on the results. I like playing games like Skippo or U-no although I'm not great at Greedy. I also like to shop although I'm currently broke so mostly just looking and freebie shopping. I also like making new looks and playing with different avatars-- I have Tiny, Dinkie, furry, other odd little things. Message me and I'll say hi
  2. I've never really done RP in world, I attempted it a few times but the setting wasn't right and the paragraph style was intimidating. I am interested and would like to try some family style rp. I'm not sure what kind of character I would like to play but I would like to join the group and learn and hopefully do some RP
  3. The Gentleman's Club wants YOU just the way you are ..come in a costume, come in your demos, come in anything just make sure the naughty bits are covered! We have DJ Joeey will be spinning Dance music and your requests. The Gentleman's Club has a new build and a new look so let us know what you think! Here's the limo that will take you there http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena%20Itaparica/144/184/25
  4. Someone gave me a birthday present from marketplace but in the confusion of the day I don't know who sent it. Is there anyway I can find out via marketplace? I looked through my transactions and it only shows the things I did in world and not the other things i received from marketplace.
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