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    problem with my shoe

    well.. don't buy it...ask advice/read advice before you purchase something, but don't forget you won't have a star avatar for 75 L$ unless you spend a lot of time for searching the things you like for free. as side note...please stop using that huge font, unless you have some medical reason for it.
  2. Ethan Paslong

    Do old items ever come back?

    quickest way to ask is contact the creator. It can happen some other users clean up their inventory and put it on MP or yardsales, but that's not something you can rely on.
  3. Ethan Paslong

    Catznip 12.1 (+Animesh)

    i don't use this "brand" .. but why would you need the source code?
  4. Ethan Paslong

    Market Place issues Gifting

    according to the grid statuspage it's still not solved, but it's not broken for all residents ( i tried it several times with different shops on my alts, and all arrived as intended)
  5. Ethan Paslong

    What is the Knowlwdge Base for?

    can you teach me how to be that?... ( would be less bad than some see me now )
  6. Not founded on real emperical figures, but what i mostly see in their profiles is that most are active as escort or work at adult "clubs". Just a guess there's a lack of clients, to many girls in the same type of job. A more or less steady income aside of the job is welcome.
  7. Ethan Paslong

    If someone has me blocked can I still buy stuff from them on marketplace

    let us hope you won't get banned from sl for false reviews and harrassing this shop owner You cán ask for a demo, but not for a full product without to pay for it... she's more than right not doing that.
  8. Ethan Paslong

    i cant get inside mt acount it stuck - why?

    if you look to contact support you'r not on the right place, you'll find that here: https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/31000131009-contact-support you can log in here, so your pw and username are working.
  9. Ethan Paslong

    How long before you can cash out for US$?

    i should have said it a bit nicer, instead of noobs i'd better use "accounts that step on the financial market for the first time" (but thats so long to type ) When feeling the wealth with your first 1000 lindens is dangerous, you dont feel the bill untill the Credit Card or Paypal takes it from your rl accounts.
  10. Ethan Paslong

    How long before you can cash out for US$?

    nonsens, it are protective steps to prevent money laundering, and also preventing noobs to spend thousends on their first days and decide after a week...oh it's nothing for me here... can have my money out/refund? ... the answer on that is "no". The process credit delay in special for the first one... one day old account taking thousends of dollars out is a little bit strange and would have a little fishy smell around it.
  11. Ethan Paslong

    Weird things with transaction info

    it's no new issue, it's connected, or the same, as is happening on MP since a while with the failing gifting. There are already many posts about that, also as open issue at the Grid status reports. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/mg2b5ryhhzp3
  12. nope... i call it something totally different not suited for the general section of the forums. My word isn't meant to be denigrating, patronizing or whatever to get it down, but lets be honest... we don't talk about the carmechanic as if he's a professor either... while both have a quite important job. Sugar Baby is a quite nice way to point to this one.
  13. Ethan Paslong

    What is the Knowlwdge Base for?

    minor"problem" .. nah too big word for it... minor "thing" is... When you just refer to the KB you'r taken as rude and not helpfull. AND .. not to step on toes, quite some answerers take over and start answerering the question again ... with no reference at all to the KB. Answering because of the answering is kind off issue anyway, when adding info it's no problem, but quite some times there are posts added what say exactly the same as previous answers already did.
  14. Ethan Paslong

    sell fee

    i don't need things to move.. let's raise it bit more
  15. Ethan Paslong

    Semblance is looking for fashion male bloggers

    just curious what now exactly the product is you need the bloggers for .. ( ps don't spam every forumsection you, only Wanted or Employment is suitable for your search, all others are discussion sections.)
  16. Ethan Paslong

    Web search positions

    it's a well established sim, known by many of their target groups, they are not new, just asked about search results.
  17. Ethan Paslong

    Dashboard Friends List color of name

    the green ones enabled "mapping" you can tp directly from your dashboard or friendslist to their current position.
  18. Ethan Paslong

    Animesh and LI sky rocketing

    yes, but it's still a bit strange way to say it imo. And i think it's quite fair you trade a bit more LI for a higher use of sim resources. If your neighbouris going to load your, for example, 512 sqm parcel with 20 animesh objects you'd be better off with a full 1024 textured club nextdoor.
  19. Ethan Paslong

    Animesh and LI sky rocketing

    where?.... or i am reading that line wrong or you take the word LI cost wrong ... it's added to the LI not to cost for the land.
  20. Ethan Paslong

    Animesh and LI sky rocketing

    what is charged to the creators?
  21. Ethan Paslong

    Lag Sl

    you would get the everlasting gratitude from LL if you could... but for now you should post your specs to get some real advice viewer/help/about and copy paste the info from there in your post please.
  22. Ethan Paslong

    Agent Limit (Number of Avatars Permitted Per Region)

    think about 99 % of the mainland owners are aware.. since the start of mainland 16 yrs ago. I know it sounds a bit old, but this is how SL works, we'll have to deal with it. And it's a pain to see a store or club rise next to you, but most clubs and stores won't really get a sim full of agents unless they fill it with bots, and LL can act on that. I think it's very rare that residential use of a mainland sim is that high in the same timespam that it's to justify to tie the visitor amount to the landsize. It's btw exactly the same on estate lands .. agent limit is a set amount, no difference if it's on a parcel or whole sim.
  23. Ethan Paslong

    🌹 When two souls fall in love, 🌹

    /me waits for the zillionst "he cheated on me" thread in the next few days ...
  24. Ethan Paslong

    Web search positions

    nothing explaining it here?