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  1. Raglan Shire's annual Wootstock festival is coming! July 26-28, performers from all over SL will gather in the Raglan Shire sims to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock ^^ 15+ performers scheduled to perform over the 3 day festival More info to come including concert location ^^
  2. Raglan Shire's 14th annual Artwalk starts May 12th and runs through mid-June. Many artists have come together again this year to show off their talents, with lots of exciting and wonderful pieces to showcase and sell to those that are interested. The main area is on the main sim of Raglan, but there are also areas in some of the surrounding Shire sims with art displays (Heron Shire, Morning Shire and Athen Shire.) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raglan Shire/163/94/56
  3. Oh, I see ^^U thanks! You'd think that after having been on SL for over 10 years, I'd know about that ^^U
  4. Some of my groups under My Groups are colored reddish while others are white. Is there a specific reason for this?
  5. Earlier I put in a trouble ticket over my default avatar. Mainly, it's a problem that first developed back in 2009, when I first joined SL. My body is warped and black, and the face is flat with no nose, and I've never figured out how to repair it, so I've just worn furry avatars over it, but I want to get it fixed. This is response I get: "Our records show that your Second Life account has a Basic (free) membership. Basic members have a variety of Support options open to them (you can file cases about most account issues, billing issues, marketplace issues, and some technical issues), but are not eligible for extended service options. The issue that you are asking about is not one that is supported for Basic members." Really? Even though I've been in SL for nearly 7 years, you people won't help a long-time member of Second Life? (I did have premium membership but had to cancel it in 2011 after losing my job and having financial hardships since) No wonder why a lot of people dislike LL, they have no sense of loyalty to long-time SLers. I mentioned it to them in a reply, and got this as a response: "I understand your frustration, but extended support is available only for our premium members. " Yep, good sense of loyalty, LL.
  6. When you load SL to log in, and the pictures show up, how does one submit a picture for consideration to be added?
  7. I know the feeling. After I created an alt, my "partner" Suzette Swansong left me for a mutual friend (rif Foxclaw) then both and another friend started accusations that I had a third alt (named arty Starship) and was saying bad things towards them, and I asked the third friend for a record of the logs and he refused, saying I might "use them to create new problems" (which doesn't make sense, since if I had been arty, I'd already know what had been said and wouldn't have any use for the logs) and they've all muted me and I recently found out that my ex-partner and the mutual friend got together (despite the "partner's" claiming she 'didn't need another man anymore and her heart was locked up for good') and wedded in-world within like two weeks, which meant she was screwing around behind my back for something that quick.
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