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  1. Lol that made me laugh because that would be some real life situation were a neighbor just put up so much hideous decorations it becomes a eyesore they not only do it for Halloween but Christmas also but I can for some reason tolerate the Christmas decorations don't know why. You can decorate but there is away of it be pleasing to look at compared to a horrible mess. I need to go into my inventory and start pulling out a few Halloween decorations for the hubby's home and the houseboat need to pick up a few prims to add and hoping what I have are not heavy on the prim side (sigh!).
  2. All based on how many items are in the area some of the regions are smooth and have no lag other have bad lag and can account to yes what people have out in the region.
  3. There is a parade of homes in which you can go around and view homes/houseboats and maybe campers not sure on them as they are fairly new releases. The hud can be received at the Welcome Center in Bellisseria.
  4. I am not to sure where you getting "You can keep a basic subscription and rent land, subject to other people's covenants and restrictions about what you can rez, leading to a homogenized feel environmentally" but that is not the case for all rented land. You are going to be subject to that with linden homes also. It is all based on your preferences, and like stated Japanese style homes will only be available right now via the older model homes but another idea you may want to think of I have seen a few of the new model homes (yes the outside may not be Japanese styled) interior/exter
  5. See our property is exactly positioned the same way yet we see no water at all I am thinking it has to be something that is obstructing the view have to really get on the game and check. Funny thing is we have the same little beach fence in the front just nice that your balcony faces the way of the water where ours does not that may be another reason we cant see the water also.
  6. Hehe! no biggie we all get tongue tired on here we may have one thought we are trying to get across something interrupts that and then we go off on a different rant. Question the homes in badger beach that are across the street from the homes near the water can you see the water? It is strange that one of my homes that my hubby holds that is basically setup similar to this area we are unable to see the water yet we are only a block over from it, I need to check if it is my draw distance of maybe it is the elevation of the home being on flat beach sand.
  7. Never seen anything released at all on the weekend would be nice for those that work but doubt strongly that will happen.
  8. It has a nice little view not sure what the plot of land looks like other then the rocks and part of a little bridge I can see in the pic.
  9. What is the deck or pool you are using around the water? Sorry to say if I can purchase I may have to take that concept to my houseboat lol just like the seating areas around it.
  10. I may have to contact you Marianne I have an idea that I have been trying to figure out how to accomplish without using alot of prims for a deck patio I want to place in the back of my husband's linden home but parts I am putting together seem to be going over 30 prims tried cutting corners but can't get it down to what I like to have without losing my design concept.
  11. I will have to venture over to the campers area and see what they look like have been away on a business conference all weekend so have not been able to play or login to the game. They seem to be very nice for a small little home (tiny home) what are the parcel sizes on these campers? But also like you stated seems that they put even more landscaping thought into the campers from pics I have seen they have lovely trees, flowers, rock formations and then most seem to be around a body of water (I think may be wrong).
  12. Very nice little location have a waterfall and lake also little bridges connecting you to the neighbor. And looks as though you may be somewhat secluded on the other side no neighbor just a hill. Need a home to be like that would be great. These reminds me of little in the woods camping retreats need a campfire and some marshmallows while someone tells someone spooky stories.
  13. Told ya they would release Deer Pass today never fails.
  14. Very nice watch this be released when you least expect it probably will be today mark my words anytime it is a nice area and a lot of people may what to gain a property in that region they become very sneaky on when it is released like River Run/Light of Auerlia (ok back to finish my post lol at a conference for work and on an off) people expected to be release on a certain date and they released on another.
  15. Thank you for the information love the want to be moderators and blunt rudeness of some people. People are not on the game 24/7 nor on these forums 24/7 so to tell me it has been going on for a week now and available 24 hours I wanted to know further details. I will be away for work and wanted to know if the first stage/hunt will be done on Oct 1 just to get clarification if I am only missing one item or multiple and if I need to have my husband maybe play on my account so I am not missing something good hehe. Will this be different hunts or just a continuation of the same one for the nex
  16. Sigh is this going to be ongoing for people that are currently at work and can't get onto the game or only going to be available for a certain time frame. Or will the first hunt clue be available until Oct 1 a bit confused by your post above.
  17. Sometimes people post when they see multiple of them pop up because it could be a release happening and warning people to be prepared. Main topic of this post is what "When did you last see a Bellessarian home available?" so people are doing that.
  18. Very nice pictures you took of the area the reflection on the water made it look so real hehe.
  19. Hmm interesting I did not even have my auto refresh on when I got home from work saw people saying the campers had released on here went onto the home screen and refreshed the camper came up, I continued to manually refresh because my friend was at my house and she released the home she got in Capitol Springs or what ever the region name was (the lag was terrible in that area) the campers just kept popping up no matter what I did, finally a house popped up along with a camper in which we where able to snag not sure if she is going to keep or not.
  20. Campers where available all last evening not sure why people had an issue getting one anytime I refreshed the screen they where available, was tempted to take one and abandon it just to see the different versions which I think are 8 different campers but just left them available for people that actually wanted one hopefully people will post pics of the various ones. Bah maybe I should get one for the overly high prim count Accessories and Textures pack. Always like to have more decorations just a habit.
  21. Yes she said it was terrible she could not do anything at all.
  22. My friend stated that she will be releasing the home she got yesterday in Capitol Springs she logged into the game this morning before she left for work but did not release because of rolling restarts and lag. I tried to have her send me a screenshot of the property so people are aware of what it looks like but she was unable to get one so it will go back in the pool around 6pm EST when she is at home. Funny when you have a fellow co-worker that plays the game with you it was nice to see her frustration at the whole process like I did.
  23. Yep I feel the pain, and same I will visit the camper area not going to get one myself I went back to renting from other SL players as I got tired of the process right now with these homes and actually got back my ocean view and prims. Eww friend said she thinks she got a throw back in Capitol Springs I am not even sure where that is at and like me she can't do anything about it until see gets home it is funny.
  24. Told ya love (being sarcastic) that they have these things in the middle of working hours for the East Coast people it is so sad you can't even participate and probably will be done when I get home.
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