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  1. Would be nice if they released them for all time zones and not when some people are at work, others may be sleeping or just not watching the computer every hour on the hour. Like stated if they listed a time on when these homes will go up for grabs and yes I mean grabs (that is literally what is happening) it would make people a little happier but not by much.
  2. Saw a total of 4 homes and 1 houseboat anytime I tried to get one it was gone in less then a second. Not liking that if you have the choice to pick it it should be locked only to you and not you competing with lord knows how many other people. Who can ever say exactly when it showed up for that first person before it showed up for you.
  3. Lol makes me laugh people type things then expect that everyone is going to be ok with what they say.
  4. Sad to say but nothing is going to change on how they are going to distribute these houses and how quickly more are going to be released. I am also frustrated in there process of releasing these new homes and the advertisement that they are offered with a premium subscription is false advertisement right now.. Lucky if they get new players they will probably not realize the advantages of these new homes compared to the old junky ones. I feel that since they are allowing older players to extend there old pricing for awhile they feel this is a benefit. I have a gripe with that also so
  5. Sweetheart God always Blesses Me could not say the same for you.
  6. Give your attitude a try also hun. Because you can justify someone taking your money.
  7. Obviously, you cant read and will not continue debating with you because a year ago you had everything they had to offer you for your subscription, when they want to implement this increase I am not getting all the features why extend something that eventually is going to increase regardless but not get a answer when I will get what I am paying for. Example: Like freely giving the cable company extra money for channels you no longer get but they want to raise your monthly price and what do people do get rid of cable.
  8. I can justify anything when it comes to my hard earned money and what I am paying for, I would have felt better months ago of a pay increase because I would be getting my full money worth of the game. I would rather pay $2.25 to know I am getting this feature then the extra $80 I pay now to someone else. Other gaming companies have spread themselves thin when they are not able to back up promises they lay down for the community and those games are now gone because they think everything is a ok. I never liked the linden homes prior to this so I paid extra for land because they where overcrowd
  9. Then why wait to increase now should have been done it before so they can say what ever to smooth things over for you and make you feel better.
  10. Exactly I would have felt better if a increase was done before you released a much bigger feature this just makes me now feel I am paying for something I am unable to get for lord knows how long that should be included in my subscription. Like anything if you are paying for features I expect all the features not just some. I normally don't even come on here to speak about anything but this took the cake when I am working and get home and you tell me oh sorry sold out now wait until when ever we release more homes while I increase your cost for a feature I can't have. I rather them have waited
  11. And that is why I said they are increasing prices for a limited feature I have been a long time premium member, any other features they have released over the years they never increased prices you add these new linden homes that you state anyone with premium should have access to and it is limited? but still l handing out these old 512 homes, I don't mind you increasing my price if I have the same benefit as the next person. Like you are telling me let me upgrade half the premium playing community the other half continue to either play the old way we will give you a slight discount on land tha
  12. I am sorry you should not increase prices for a feature that is limited and that is mainly why they are change the premium cost, if I am not able to take advantage of these new features I should not be paying the increased price when I have exactly what I had before. Land price reductions are laughable and not a huge savings so what is the incentive?
  13. Looking for someone to create two breedable business signs for me IM me inworld tootsiepop1 I can pay but we can discuss that inworld~ Thank you
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