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  1. My hubby does not play anymore his account is my alt account now but when it comes to food step back a game better not interrupt him from eating or it must be in front of his Xbox.
  2. Funny thing is they were to quick in trying to click again, have to give it some time or what happens you get it right back. They also have a damn good connection to bounce right back in. Happy belated birthday!
  3. Think one was released early this morning but long gone. And since you are being sarcastic @Syliva Tamalyn like always the movie was great things you like to do to people. Now onto my next be back later.
  4. All I can say is LOL! People need to watch Ma and stop being so defensive.
  5. I really not going to keep going on about this but since it was quoted to me, and that is all I was summing up that people play as they want you can't sit and worry about how someone plays there game. We come on here to tell people of releases and when we last saw either a home or houseboat come up for grabs and that is it. Debating on how someone plays the game is pointless and then you start debates like this. Going to watch a few movies so I am done.
  6. I am not being defensive I just saying it is that person's right and like I said I moved onto other things so you continue as you please.
  7. Not addressing to anyone in particular just saying can anyone speak on the vacant homes.There are some older homes I would love to have that have been empty for awhile now. But people are speaking to those of us that release homes for others to obtain because we are not happy with them. There are a few homes in Stross around a lake that have been empty for awhile that I would love to snatch up. Said my if you are not going to use the house I will.
  8. Ok getting it now Sent you the landmark. Funny thing it is the General Manager of Maitreya another person I buy from lol. I was able to speak with her it was custom she ripped a pool apart and did it over some people amaze me with their creative side. Nice little areas over here in Diamondtown and Corinth older areas must be different moles with ideas they have for these areas or themed after. @Shield Markus I saw your message but you logged lol.
  9. Hate to take a pic of the person yard and post it may send you a pic of it in your mail instead so I don't get yelled at hehe.
  10. I said that before to add pics of the home but no one listened.
  11. Haha! Luna bliss I buy your landscape items no wonder keep catching and release and develop some more items to go with all properties hehe. The properties that I can look into I normally cam thru to see what they have and who the creator of certain items are from not to invade the owners privacy. Someone has a zen garden in the back that is amazing but custom would love to get it because it is all on a deck platform so it would replace a lot of empty space.
  12. I kept my second house for a bit just recently released it was fully decorated inside but just did not have enough prims to really decorate the eyesore of a yard I had just was very plain, I tried removing stuff out of the inside to get additional prims for the outside just was not enough. I tried to like it, then keep reading of all the wonderful new areas that would be coming up for release started to explore and say my why was the landscaping in certain areas really thought about and others somewhat thought about only good thing I have to say hehe. So I decided let me just give this up I can't make it work the way I want and saw some other acceptable regions and homes that I tried but failed to get because the yards had a little bit more detailing to them. Little things like nicely placed bushes, flowers, a small fence that I seen on some lands and trees nicely placed just not put in to fill a space. I am a interior designer when it comes to the game but also like the outside to be somewhat landscaped and decorated also. I had to ask multiple people how they were able to decorate so much of the outside, but found that the inside was less decorated but I did find homes that had a good amount of the inside and outside but have not been able to catch up with those individuals to ask because some items are custom. I even tried to go on a shopping spree to fine low prim outside items but most I found reminded me of things when I started the game that was great then but don't look realistic to me anymore boxy 3d images. I lived in nice neighborhoods the people next door were non existent, but the zone itself also started to get very laggy and not sure why. So to wrap this up people can't play the game for someone else and can't understand the reason why they are happy or not happy with something you have the choice to do whatever makes you happy. If you want to play the catch and release game that is your choice, if you are happy with where you obtain a home or houseboat that is your choice at the end of the day you are paying for a service you want to be happy with that service. Can anyone speak on the vacant homes/houseboats that have been empty from day one that no one is using do you complain about them, they can be used by active people, you complain about things that are going back into rotation for others to get and enjoy go figure.
  13. And I can understand about alt accounts and constantly releasing but I release on one account. And the houses that are released most are put right back into the pool for someone else. I could be left without a home for awhile until I am fortunate to get another. Some people have better luck then others and a number of factors can play in why. My husbands account I got him a home we are not planning on releasing it is on the Coast one block from water not like we wanted but still nice. And a friends houseboat that she donated to us because she has not been able to play but we hold onto it for her this also has not been released but I could not even if I wanted too. I am the only one that was not happy with my locations but felt others could enjoy them better then I could. So I feel if I am looking for the perfect spot not holding onto the house I don’t like who is it hurting? I am fighting right along with you to gain another.
  14. Like someone already stated I had homes in older areas and they where not as detailed wow oriented as some of the newer areas. I had one home and you can go back on these posts that was off centered one side of property was elevated the walk entrance was off and rather me keep complaining I released to someone that would actually enjoy it. Next home was abandoned by a fellow poster and the yard only had large trees just placed no bushes or flowers just very blank. In order for me to do much outside I would have to forfeit a lot inside the home. But I held onto it for awhile just recently released to see if I would get a home in the area I wanted no such luck though. I have no joy what so ever in playing the lottery game to gain a house. I truthfully think right now the system to get one in horrible. I need to always take time I really don’t have to monitor when a release happens and not the best thing while I am a work to do or accomplish so miss out and then I am winning someone else’s release which may be nice but sometimes it was a reason it was released in the first place. The hype is going to be there until enough people have obtain a home you are talking about 1000’s of people. And if reading thru other posts and other things they may be planning to do I can tell you the hype will be here for awhile. You choose to read these posts no one forces any one to come on here or even join the in world group. When I don’t agree with something or don’t like something I move on.
  15. Not even going to say anymore what I want maybe I will then actually get what I want lol.
  16. Nope that is not it but still a good home straight down from the lighthouse can see water somewhat from the side.
  17. Problem is having them releasing 3 areas at the same time you have no idea which homes are going to pop up since they go so quickly so you have to just click and pray.
  18. Why does that area sound familiar either I know someone in that zone or I flew thru that area. I need a release button implemented on the website.
  19. That is the property I wanted I am going to sit on the persons lawn lol.
  20. That is what I thought lol can't get on the game to see but from the map pic was sure close to you lol. Hmm might get released though lol. Thank you for the pic and locating it.
  21. Everett was inland area so no water if you want water then may need to wait on Pearlcoast other then that it would have been Auerilla.
  22. @RaeLeeH can you locate my house it is located in everett but close to you if you can snap a pic for me so I can release if I don't like when I get home lol. it is around that bend in the road.
  23. Lights is gone so might as well hold onto your homes lol.
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