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  1. Not even going to say anymore what I want maybe I will then actually get what I want lol.
  2. Nope that is not it but still a good home straight down from the lighthouse can see water somewhat from the side.
  3. Problem is having them releasing 3 areas at the same time you have no idea which homes are going to pop up since they go so quickly so you have to just click and pray.
  4. Why does that area sound familiar either I know someone in that zone or I flew thru that area. I need a release button implemented on the website.
  5. That is the property I wanted I am going to sit on the persons lawn lol.
  6. That is what I thought lol can't get on the game to see but from the map pic was sure close to you lol. Hmm might get released though lol. Thank you for the pic and locating it.
  7. Everett was inland area so no water if you want water then may need to wait on Pearlcoast other then that it would have been Auerilla.
  8. @RaeLeeH can you locate my house it is located in everett but close to you if you can snap a pic for me so I can release if I don't like when I get home lol. it is around that bend in the road.
  9. Lights is gone so might as well hold onto your homes lol.
  10. Knew I would not get Light of Aurelia. That is funny and I am close to @RaeLeeH
  11. Yep looks like it Everett since it was multiple homes.
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