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  1. Knew I would not get Light of Aurelia. That is funny and I am close to @RaeLeeH
  2. Yep looks like it Everett since it was multiple homes.
  3. I already have plenty of things from other trick or treat events that give you random candy items by a single click I would just lay it out on my porch for everyone to enjoy I could also maybe do a haunted house but since prim counts have to be managed might be hard to do hehe.
  4. Watch this release happen when I am on my way home from work they did that to me before lol.
  5. Ah ok was wondering lol people always say the zone I say how do they know that.
  6. I am usually not in world when the releases happen I hear from word of mouth and people that are in the game/chat I can log in to my app to see. So not sure if the red box just disappears right when they release or before.
  7. Can they please evict people off my land stop eyeing my property lol I am just joking. I know because I want it I am not going to get anything in Light of Aurelia.
  8. That would be a cute idea everyone decorate the outside of the homes and you have either a run on stops to do trick or treat.
  9. I have no idea when I went over a ban line and what area I was in once I moved from Light of Aurelia I stayed at that corner house for a bit looking at the views. I went further to the right and I saw @RaeLeeH home on the other side I said hey this area looks familiar seen it before somewhere so realized I was in another area then I flew back towards the houseboats so I was in multiple areas these are very small areas and you don't realize it until you are actually there.
  10. Yep very nice area went there last night when I got off work to view the areas everyone talked about yesterday that may be released. And I must say any of those houses would be a catch just because how they are laid out in that small area you see the water from any point. The one that is right at the end of the road in the pic up above is great you have a view of water from the front and even the side. I even went to the homes a street over just to see if you can still see the water and you can which maybe Pearlcoast I cant remember hehe. People will even love the houseboats because they are snugged very nice in a mixture of homes.
  11. Oh @Patch Linden can you reserve 4 houses in Light of Aurelia for me and a few friends on here lol I am just joking.
  12. Hi! welcome to the madness most of us here already have had a home or houseboat and have just released it for something better we just like keeping people up to date on releases and maybe a abandon house or houseboat.
  13. Ok I will share we can take the two in the middle over on the beach unless you are looking for one of those houseboats on the otherside . Hmm there is a canal over there also that looks like a cabana on the beach.to the right.
  14. Have no idea what all of that was houseboats and a few homes went by not sure if it was just the same one being abandoned.
  15. Houseboat just went by if someone was looking for one.
  16. If you are referring to what we are talking about this is what could possibly be the next release.
  17. Alright so I have to now pray to the linden gods to get a home in Light of Aurelia I wish I could see Pearlcoast but at work ah well. But thanks to everyone that went in game to check.
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