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  1. Would have nuked the zone personally kicking is not good enough for that avi.
  2. Lol I needed to run out and find water but back. I already have my houseboat and currently three homes to work with one may be released but waiting for some other areas to be released then these current ones.
  3. What areas are people predicting today will be released. I am just on here right now going to get myself ready for the hurricane that may be coming have to go and get a few more things.
  4. I am very happy for you, you stuck with it and the outcome was you got yourself a houseboat which seems to be even harder to get compared to the homes as less have been released during the course of the last few weeks. I am happy for all that got what they were searching for it is a struggle, tempers flair, you get frustrated and just want to give up but you have to stick with it. The process to me seems like it will not get any better or even change for that matter but stick with it for all those that are still on the journey to a new home, that special place is waiting for you. Because
  5. See I told ya you would get one just have to keep fighting the good fight for one Congrats!
  6. You will get one just keep trying people came on here saying the same thing and eventually they got one. Keep going .
  7. Very nice Congrats! yes Limevale had some nice little spots in it you can also go down to the little strip of water and sit on the personal docks.
  8. Well if that was the case people would be doing that now and it would really not be leverage because you would not be guaranteed if I did have one or the other not like we could swap.
  9. Campers are probably going to be announced when they release that is not something I think Patch and who ever else would just release without any notice. It is just strange (and this part is not to anyone in particular) they released Limevale as part of that zone stretches to something that is unreleased. But who can figure out what there logic is behind any of this I guess they have a deadline to release a certain amount of these homes.
  10. I said the same thing and someone said if you stick around the area you have a good chance in getting one, have no idea if that logic is true or not. Funny thing is that I explored San Alejandro the day before for awhile and funny thing got that area.
  11. That would be probably all those people that have been waiting on a houseboat to be released these will have a big chunk of houseboats released in awhile.
  12. lol I have seen it done someone actually somehow deleted the entire home and all that was left was the decorations 😃. Others not sure if it was a linden issue or the home but people have had sunken or tilted homes that the moles had to come and fix.
  13. It may be blocked from us viewing what is happening across that strip of water, like someone stated may be trailers that are being built in that area so they may have it set so that you are unable to view or see anything. But what ever it is a portion of it is in the Limevale region so have no idea how and if they will release that anytime soon even though the small portion I have seen is nice.
  14. Even though I really going to wait until some additional areas are released other then what is coming up not so impressed with them and rather they go to someone that will enjoy them. I wish all the best of luck today, I cant keep you posted on and abandon's or releases today since I did not get rid of the current home I have.
  15. Alright don't be frustrated in about another 3hrs I may be releasing the one I got I can't get in game to take a look at it. And was not really a strategy I saw the window pop up was not sure if someone was doing the abandon game but I said this is around the time they normally release and people started posting restart of the regions so I just clicked got the famous sold out window but refreshed and bam! there ya go had the home , but it may just go back into the pool again.
  16. Checked last night Limevale is not ready from the red box it extends to the undeveloped island so still in the works. San Alejandro is about the only area right now that I liked some of the homes. I tried and tried to find something good about the homes in Walrus Beach but they are just placed so strangely maybe because this is a hilly part of the region so some are on hills others are low to the ground others seem to be placed close to the house next to it or they are tilted to the positioning of the road. I tried but just could not find anything I was truly happy with.
  17. I wonder the same thing that is a nice spot but I guess people have there reasons. Some of the houseboats in Walrus Beach I can tell you wont have such a nice view some of them are not very spaced out between them. I will try at some point and time to show my inherited houseboat I like because I am right near a beach and I call it a cabana.
  18. The chime has a delay the pop up window for me is much better and that is only because I am at work and remote into a machine at home if I have other windows open I can see that come up quickly.
  19. They go so fast it is rather a hit or miss on if you see them pop up or not, basically everyone is refreshing at different points so it may never pop up for you or you could be the first person it will pop up for. I sometimes don't see every single home/houseboat that comes up.
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