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  1. That is very cute like the mini haunted house on the lawn. Other then seeing the many costumes and kids going out to trick or treat Halloween is not a holiday I really go all out for but do enjoy looking at others that do and what they come up with. But I did something simple to my hubby's house in the front going to add a trick or treat bowl so people can stop by and get some candy :).
  2. Very nice decorating while you had it subtle and elegant.
  3. lol! that made my day Marianne. There are a few things I would like to see in the pack that they use for decorating but I know some of the things can be very high on prims.
  4. But the question is did you stop on your own terms at 2 homes or did you want more that was your choice also. As my comment stands.
  5. I have caught four homes (first one went back extremely fast as the home was positioned and I am sorry terribly pic somewhere on here) on how many releases so you do the math and then stopped. If you consider that a lot good luck on your math compared to others people have beaten me twice that number.
  6. And this is the big issue I have they skip over other regions that should have been released first and go for the highly sort after regions to release, so you are forced "if you can" sit and play the refresh game because you are never too positive what is going to be released This causes the inevitable abandon homes game because people want to try and get that prized spot in another region so it is either flip or flop. As many of the same people I watch get a home in almost every single release and then picking up a large amount of abandons, I am very surprised at this point that the
  7. You have people that have all the time in the world to sit and watch releases/abandons they most likely don't work or go to school or on a time that does not affect either of the two things when these releases happen.
  8. Here we go again with these off hour releases I am really done not even going to worry myself anymore glad I did not release anything on my alt account was looking at a few homes in Goodbury only to see it was released at another unacceptable time. People don't guess when the moles are planning to release something because like stated before they have a agenda that is not set around your agenda, I am sorry to say wishing for a particular home sadly to say I would not get your hopes up high. But like stated before I think people are just playing catch and release games and I am think
  9. I feel your pain you may have a concept on how you want to decorate and then little things like that hinder you in accomplishing that. I had one home I tried everything I could before releasing it to figure away to improve the outside it was very plain had no landscaping other then large trees placed around the home. Another home was surrounded by large bushes not even the low ones and the home was off centered from the street and sidewalk and then was on a slope elevation on one side was not a very pleasing property for me and quickly let it go so someone else could enjoy.
  10. Not so much afraid just tired of not getting something close to what I am looking for. I saw three unreleased regions that would be perfect but I know if I get my hopes up high I probably won't get any of the homes I have my eyes set on. It is just difficult to watch when a release is going to happen when you are sitting at work and really have no time to monitor the forums or play the refresh game on company equipment. The releases are never focused towards every time zone some are during work hours or others are sleeping. Wish they did more then one release in a day giving each ti
  11. Lol, I have to agree with you people if you plan on camming into other people properties deal with what you find that is inside their home not yours I say it is only a problem when it is sitting outside for view by all. This is why I turn on as much privacy settings as I can when in my home, I restrict sounds and voice also because I know things can be annoying to others you may enjoy a certain sound but may irritate someone else.
  12. Hmm ok guess I will go back to looking at the regions again, unable to get a clear picture of what you are all seeing from just the map.
  13. What does that region look like I stopped exploring awhile back. Is this houseboats or homes?
  14. Might be because they are obstructed by houseboats and not a clear view of the water may be how the homes are placed on the region who knows. People have there own preferences of what makes a great home for them that you can never be too sure. It looks like you could de-render them and not lose anything else around as it is a straight shot and all water after that. I too probably would prefer a lake view though over this particular water view I have seen other lovely spots that are a bit more secluded and not surrounded by other things.
  15. This might be a good post to see how many places are thrown back into the pool, sad thing is really can't see what it looks like from the map just the location.
  16. That is exactly why I stopped even trying for a specific region or home because this is what happens you anticipate and know that a region you really want is going to be releasing, you keep your eyes peeled and prepare yourself. And what happens either for a hot second you walk away or do something else and they switch up on you the release times and bam! the region is released and gone in a blink of the eye. Or you catch the time the release happens but someone abandons a home around the same time and most likely get the abandon and not the new release.
  17. That would have been a cute region for me to be in lol with my game name.
  18. Yep that was my case my body by a certain time says ok time to head to bed and was already tired from work so I crashed early yesterday after doing a few things around the house.
  19. No one abandon anything near the water until 6pm EST lol. Be kind to little me :).
  20. Oh why people release these when I am at home or awake lol.
  21. Ah ok now from the map I know where it is thank you. Always a good thing to find that home you can actually settle down in and stop the mad dash.
  22. I don't think yet but may be getting close as people are seeing Patch Linden appearing in chat. I am not after anything so you don't have to worry about me. Is that a new area Fofita? meaning was this released previously or just a few minutes ago.
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