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  1. Lol Shield if I was able to give you my account to search for a home I would. My did I miss something read further up and saw this blowing up.
  2. People get prepared that are looking may be your early warning and good luck.
  3. Ah yep there is water like a large inlet that goes out to the ocean and then another region sits across the way.
  4. That is not true at all my hubby has a home in Jamesborough that is one block over from the water so is not inland and the neighbor in front of us is right on the water bank. Every area that is near water going to have a few homes close to the waters edge of course the rest are going to be inland because every house can't sit near the water as much as we would like.
  5. Why I said I wish people would stop releasing so much on a release day if you know one is going to happen release the house early and then wait until some type of warning is given that a release could be happening in which you know there will be. People start just releasing an abundant amount of homes and either gets others confused if it is actually a release or not, then if a real release happens you get stuck with maybe a older home you did not really want and really have to be fast on the trigger to release it and get back into the pool for the newly released region before they are go
  6. Not bad the houseboats I could do without obstructing the view but nice seeing the lighthouse from the distance, I wonder if you remove the houseboats does it also remove the lighthouse.
  7. Was it sand and water or just sand lol. Wish I could actually see what was not a easy decision :).
  8. Well that could be numerous things that went well with railroads, now based on the location of the railroad you could have apartments/condos or duplexes if it is more city setting. If you go with more rural areas you could have farm type homesteads or other types of homes similar to the traditional's. Cabins I would see them doing but really does not go well with railroads they should be in a more secluded area only see a railroad stating we getting dropped off for a trip.
  9. Funny thing is I got the same walls and had a terrible time placing them in the Winchester also lol. I would get one side positioned correctly and then turned around and was not fitting right on the wall either behind me or the sides to a point I just gave up figured it had to do with the positioning of the house not every house is placed the same some are slightly turned or may be the issue she was having not leveled.
  10. Bah! you could not wait until I got home to release this lol.
  11. Can't really make it out but is that a house behind it and what is it facing sometimes the placement of these homes are interesting lol.
  12. Nope I have not tried since Limevale to claim any new homes been some areas I wanted to try for but they released them all over the place time wise and days that I just said the heck with it. I cant sit and watch the screen every second of the day at work can get on here post a little then if you notice I edit my posts because I was not done typing because I had to step away and come back lol. So I am always missing a majority of the releases because they go smack in the middle of the working day. Which look they just released Proud Mary and was only 2pm here.
  13. Never hurts to try if I was still attempting for the dream home I would test out the theory but I have no patience anymore nor being disappointed when I get something that I really don't want. I am not a fan of playing the catch and release game because I just want to get that one home that I am satisfied with and be done with it. I can then actually really plan out how I want to decorate and not leave a empty vacant home. I rather leave those homes for other new home seekers that will be happy with them.
  14. I have a funny feeling that somehow the parcel that you release is still registering in the system and will be reassign to you if you quickly release and try to claim again within a certain time frame it will automatically assign the home back to you it is almost like a fail safe system saying oh maybe they did not really want to release. Sounds like you are not giving enough time between when you are releasing and then going back into auto refreshing and then claiming another home again. Because I know if you wait long enough someone else will have claimed it if it goes back into the poo
  15. So you are seeing stuff just not capping confused? You have multiple posts saying you see stuff just not trying. You probably will start seeing houses be released if people feel a release is about to happen so just keep watching.
  16. I would love for something that has a water view it does not have to be a oceanfront view could be a nice lake or pond. I also am picky when it comes to the landscape I don't want any obstructions blocking that view (don't want to start derendering things), I want well placed trees, rocks, bushes and flowers which need to be placed nicely so that I don't have to use so many prims to make the yard look decent when I would like to use those for inside the home. Would also like little sitting area or spots laid around the region some areas have them others do not. Some of the camper areas close t
  17. Would me nice to see a witch parade on Halloween multiple people flying around all areas of bellisseria. Would also be cute when Christmas comes to have someone dress up like santa and fly around on their sleigh just giving that holiday cheer for those that celebrate.
  18. Nice view you got water for days lol, I was planning on putting that pergola outside my hubby's house since it has all beach terrain also may still do it, I like the look and feel it gives in your pic even though he does not have a water view lol.
  19. Congrats! on the final home glad someone released something worth while that you truly loved.
  20. Hmm! that is cute too bad you can't rez a dog and have it playing and running around would really take this game to a new second life hehe. Just sad all these years they could not implement a better virtual login system to the game would love to do some exploring during my lunch break, by the time I get home have so much to do in the house I forget to logon to the game if it is not staring me in the face.
  21. It could not saying it will avoid some of the people from releasing the same home over and over again. Most that are getting the same house again are not giving enough time for it to go back into the pool of homes to be taken by someone else they are too trigger happy and get the same home again and again lol, most of the time when I release a home I wait a good 30min to an hour before trying again. If I give up a home on a release day I do it way ahead of time and then wait until I start hearing zone restart warnings to attempt the refresh madness, I just can't stand when people start ab
  22. Yep said for people that do post on here and tag and release homes to post pics so people can see what is being thrown back into the pool of homes. Those poor homes that have been released so many times may get avoided and actually go to someone that really wants it.
  23. Nah! you do what you feel like responding too, there are too many people that put people down on here and prevent them from saying things when they don't agree. My very first home I got was a release and someone did it on the weekend that basically helped me because I thought I would never get one even though it really was not too my liking. Second home was abandon by @RaeLeeH lol stayed there for a bit can't remember if that was on off hours or not. Third home I got was not for me but my hubby and that was a release also but on the beach and one block over from the water which funny thi
  24. Not many people have time to watch the screen and constantly click on f5 all day long I was only fortunate to cap the ones I did while at work and not an easy feat when you looking out for management , it is a very frustrating system and is all basically luck of the draw right now. It may not be a competition but can feel like one when trying to get that ultimate screen that you have a new home.
  25. That will happen because either the spot is undesirable or people know that this was abandon multiple times or was expecting it to be a release happening and trying to get something in the new area. Some people also I have the feeling are playing the catch and release game and not really after anything in particular so they may be just getting the home and then releasing quickly after they obtain it. I gave up the en devours of trying to snag that perfect home just was not happening and tired of going back and forth trying to race with auto refreshing, clicking to accept the home before s
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