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  1. Yep, I swore I read somewhere by Patch or A Mole that these days would be the release days. That is why there is always in influx of homes that pop up can sometimes interfere with the actual release.
  2. Always happens on release day, bad thing is sometimes you don't know if it is a release or just a bunch of abandons.
  3. That would have been mines I released it before walking out the house to go to work. Photo of it was in some previous threads compliments of @RaeLeeH.
  4. Yep nothing at all but a green hill but if it is a start nice has little personal docks that you can sit down and see the grass hill for now but edgar is right next door and they released that and faces the other side also.
  5. Hehe that was not me on the map this is someone else's pic of the map, most of the areas are now named and ready to go. Just can't remember where Limevale was and what that edge part of the island was called I know SSPE232 was the area I felt was nicer then the other side of the island surrounded by all the houseboats.
  6. I can't find the post but I think it was @Patch Linden that said those specific days for releases was Monday,Wed. and Fri. but can always change. Was Limevale at the very end of the island has a few houseboats and like 2-3 homes? need a in-game snapshot of the map lol might be one on here let me check. Ok found one before the regions where named it is the area in SSPE249 you can see the one dock at the edge of this pick that is a small area.
  7. Would take a lot of de-rendering you have trees, docks and then you have no idea what people are going to place when they get there, the way they have the houses setup some are low to the ground, some are on hills, the houses are turned different directions they are blocked by not only the houseboats but trees. I like to not start de-rendering the lovely landscapes if I can avoid it and if it is not causing lag I rather see everything. And so in conclusion they are probably not for me the perfect house. I flew around and stopped and looked from all angles even went to the home that is at
  8. Ok I finally explored some more of the areas last evening found the problem with most of them expect one are that the homes that are close to the water are all obstructed by houseboats. But the good thing for people that want a houseboat plenty are on the way.
  9. Oh! don't do it I always say the same thing and jinx myself out of the property hehe. I don't think a release will happen tomorrow as far as I know it is Monday, Wednesday and Friday for release days but they may switch it up on people you never know.
  10. Yep sorry I figured when people started saying region lines appearing and disappearing, I said someone go on the game and see if they saw Patch and now Derrick I knew the release was about to happen. So we told people to get ready that was on the hunt for a home I am still waiting for another seaside region release and may try again. I just sat and watched today.
  11. No just seen one release a day uselessly multiple regions but only one release. They just might be preparing those other regions for Friday.
  12. Oh I have seen some nice secluded spots in some of the older area there is one house it is almost nestled in the mountains by itself, I mean if you wanted some peace and quiet it was an excellent little spot there is a photo on the forums with it actually had to search to find it.
  13. ? is this a alt account lol Looks like some hilly roads behind the houses and my who got the homes surrounding what looks like a pond or lake that looks nice from the map.
  14. Here you go people start getting your trigger fingers ready and best of luck to those who are trying, I will be watching.
  15. I am starting to wonder what someone said about being in world and trying to claim a home when the region is released that they get the house the want. I can't see why so many people need to be watching a zone if everything is suppose to be done thru the website it is a interesting speculation. 41 people is a lot of folks standing around unless some of those are in zones with active housing already in place.
  16. Start flying around and see if you see patch or the moles, probably can tell which areas are going to release if they want to be seen.
  17. You can continue to refresh on that sorry page a few times I normally try 5 mins if I know it is not a release, sometimes the system will say you got it sometimes it won't.
  18. Oh nice! need pics you know how you are itching to see these areas but I can only see chat not the actually areas until I get home from work and by that time it would be too late to do anything but congratulate the new home owners.
  19. They seem like the winners for the next release then, and sound like Walrus Beach is near the water starting to catch they naming conventions they have for some areas. And you will see a lot of abandons on release day sometimes it is a good thing and bad because if numerous people are releasing and a release actually happens you may get screwed and not get the new area but one of the older ones.
  20. People if you can snap a pic of your home or houseboat before releasing and post it may give people an idea of what they are getting. Alright trying to get into my chat app but acting funny what could be the possible areas that may be released today anyone know?
  21. Lord! my stress level would go up if I swapped that much just the simple fact I can't stand this house retrieval system right now. I try and help others with the frustration on when I see them pop up because I know the struggle is real. I think I released maybe twice and may release the current house I have now still deciding but i guess your done since you got the one in Light of Aurelia.
  22. Keep trying those of us that try to keep people updated on releases and also abandon's as much as we can. I know it can get dishearten you see others getting a home/houseboat but your day will come you will refresh see one pop up say I know I am not going to get it and bam! you got it.
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