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  1. 1 - 3 weeks ago I saw this "bake button" appear on the texture tab ... can someone please enlighten me how long it has been there?
  2. I can add it to my AO, but that doesn't solve the problem of placing the avatar in a perfect position. With a poseball I can edit and drag in all directions
  3. I just can't seem to figure this out. Is there a way to use a poseball without having right to rezz it? I want to make photos like on roof tops or elsewhere and I cant get avatar in right position, how is it done? Thx in advance
  4. Was wondering if anyone can help me ..... I make mesh eyes and now I would also like to make them for Lelutka. I have the dev kit but unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it working. I do other appliers with no problem. Maybe someone out there that does Lelutka Eyes and can tell me how to use teh scripts properly? I also googled and searched the web page of the creator but cannot find anything about eye appliers. Help highly appreciated I am not asking how to make the HUD, I just need to know what script goes where and how I get to actually add the texture
  5. Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to make a HUD to nudge mesh eyes into correct position, like up, down, left, right, bring forward, put back, that sort of thing? Help highly appreciated
  6. PNG I used teh same size again and tried 600 DPI and its already much sharper ... never ever had to use 600 DPI before lol, anyway, will give it another few tries, thank you all
  7. No, other say: Nice picture but a bit unsharp .... so yes, they see the same way as I do
  8. Yes, I have, both show the same problem I have noticed this problem for ages now so it must be me as there has been a new installment and new PC in the meantime I did get that right, it MUST be power of 2 right? I mean I cant have like 617 x 439 px?
  9. I am totally baffled with this problem. For my vendors, I am taking shots inworld at a size of 3000 x 1556 px. I then scale them into a 1024 x 512 px image frame I preapred in photoshop. Every time I look at the picture inword, its kind of blurry. When I look at other vendors of people's inworld store, I can zoom into the moon and still see a razor sharp image ..... for the love of me ..... what am I doing wrong? P.S. I am very aware of the power of 2 rule
  10. In "Advanced" limit select distance was checked ..... I unchecked, all good now Ty
  11. Firestorm, latest version
  12. xIITaylorIIx

    Derender OffSim

    How is it possible that a friend can de-render an offsim where he lives but I cannot do the same thing. He can even de-render the offsim on my land. Does it have something to do with settings? Help appreciated
  13. I started off with Catwa Catya and then bought Lelutka's Chloe, which I wore for ages on end. I sell shapes and know that I should go out of the box to accommodate everyone's taste but I have to be honest in saying that I just love "the girl next door" type of shape. Cute, sexy, sophisticated and pretty. I am not into heavy makeups myself unless I am making something really "dark" ... so today I got the 4 new Lelutka heads and have been sliding for hours now but not really a happy chappy here. None of my former Lelutka lipsticks fit any of the lips ... bit of a perfectionist here .... and the
  14. 1/4 Homesteads - Beautifully shaped! Prims: 1250 Area: 16384 SqM Price: L$ 1750/W Residential Light Commercial on Skybox only Stand Alone Sim Terraforming Support Multilingual: E/D/F/I/TR (GMT+1) Skyboxes allowed Pebble Isle (South East) Pebble Isle (North West) For all rentals, please visit: http://www.fatcat.ch
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