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  1. Hi! I've been experimenting with a few file formats that can be attached to the SL Community forums. We all know about JPEG and GIF. However, these days, there are a gazillion more (and better!) formats. For instance, this is a file uploaded in Animated PNG (APNG) format, which is allegedly supported on almost every browser except IE (if you just see a static image, it means your browser doesn't support APNG): Naturally enough, there is no documentation about the support of APNG. This is not very surprising: after all, APNG files use the very same .png extension (and graciously fall back to the first frame...). Thus, APNG should work on any website that doesn't resize the image or convert it to an 'internal' format. There are some exceptions, depending on the kind of backend is used. For instance, if phpBB is installed with ImageMagick as the resizing engine, ImageMagick will have no issue with dealing with APNG correctly. Other graphical backends may simply not support anything beyond the first frame (while happily accepting GIFs — others will not even allow that, of course). The trend, however, is not only to resize images (sometimes on the fly, for the benefit of mobile users), but to convert it to a completely different format, thus destroying the original image in the process, and whatever 'special features' it might have included at some point. The reasoning behind this is the fear of hackers surreptitiously exploring some bugs (usually memory buffer allocation) in order to trick the webserver to run some sort of malicious software. While this is harder to accomplish than one might think, the truth is that image resizing and/or format conversion will get rid of any malicious code (possibly trashing the image in the process, but hey, that's what you deserve if you're attempting to crack a system...). Thus, restricting image file formats to just a few, or allowing a few more but ultimately converting everything to a single format (such as plain, old, boring, inefficient JPEG...), is a simple (but reasonably effective) method for virus & malware destruction. Sadly, it also means that the options given to users is limited. JPEG, GIF and even PNG are ancient, obsolete formats. They just have the advantage of being widespread. Nowadays, however, we have far better encoding systems. Just try to convert a WebP or HEIF image to PNG, and watch how much the file size will grow. Reversely, convert an image (even a PNG already minified by TinyPNG) to WebP or HEIF (or even to the venerable JPEG2000 — used internally by Second Life itself!), and you see how much you can save that way — which is a reason why those formats were designed in the first place, namely, to address ever-growing image resolution sizes. And what about vector images? SVG, a standard for over twenty years, is supported by all browsers — but almost no applications. Why? Very early implementations of SVG — which has the ability to run JavaScript or other embedded code) — were deemed 'dangerous' (because, indeed, some people have managed to take over systems by merely uploading a SVG), and so, it's rare to find a software that supports it from scratch (even WordPress doesn't support SVG by default, although there are tricks to allow it to do so). Again, the 'danger' comes from an excess of caution. Because SVG is a text format (more precisely, it's a XML file, conforming to its standards), it can very easily be parsed for any embedded code, which can be stripped out, at absolutely no loss in functionality or quality. SVG is also an animation format: you can do pretty complex animations inside SVG, without the need for anything else, and let the browser render it pixel-perfectly at whatever resolution the user wants — that's the beauty of vector images! But... well, because it was felt to be 'dangerous', this simple, compact, efficient and extremely powerful file format is usually 'banned' from being uploaded to most software out there :-( And what about video? Well, I can imagine that the major problem with video is its size. That's especially true with the most universal of all formats, MPEG4. On sites supporting it — not the case of the SL Community forums! — videos tend to get re-dimensioned during upload, and automatically converted to MPEG4 (this is how YouTube used to work, for example). That's all very nice, but there are far better formats, both in terms of what they can support (e.g. Matroska containers can have several audio and subtitle channels, automatically selected to match the browser's language settings), and in how well they can compress video (such as Theora or WebM), even with lossy quality, but giving much better results than Plain Old MPEG4. LL's limitation on 4.88 MBytes for the file size is not really much for MPEG4, but it goes a long way with the more contemporary formats — you can both get better quality and longer videos on Theora/WebM/H.265, etc.) It's incredibly rare to find video support to anything else besides MPEG4 — if at all — and when it is supported, it just goes into a queue, scheduled for internal conversion to... MPEG4, thus losing all the savings made in the first place! I couldn't figure out how to upload any video file format to the SL Community Forums. I wonder if there is an (undocumented) 'trick' to make it work? AFAICS, the answer is 'no'. An alternative, of course, is to embed a link to YouTube (that works at the cost of not having autoplay...): The same approach apparently also works for Vimeo: ... and possibly a few more popular sites. However, if you wish to embed your own video... there seems to be no simple way to accomplish that, unless you use one of the 'supported' providers. Anyway, this was just a rant... a friend asked me what kids of file formats the SL Community Forums supported. 'Not many', it seems. That's why I seriously suspect that she'll just stick to the plain old (animated) GIF format to upload small-ish 'videos'... Unless anyone could point me to an up-to-date list of supported image and video formats?...
  2. We are seeking individuals that are capable of filming a dancing video. simply dance while recording it. We pay between 200L and 1000L every video depending on how well you work, such as if you add effects. Look at the example of a video below .
  3. Aura NRG is looking for a video-o-grapher for an event on Friday 9/9 3pm to 7pm This would be a video recording for promotional purposes. Interested? Please contact Gleanr Ellsmere aka Wacky Dj Gleanr in world.
  4. Aura NRG is looking for Live mix only Djs. Hardware and/or Software live mix. Virtural Dj, Mixx, Rekordbox, Serato, DjPro, ect. Training and assistance available. Days: Thursday: Latin Fridays: Music Genre - Funk, Soul and R&B Saturdays: EDM - any EDM sub genre. Sunday: "Funday" creative commons and open format so long as it is lighthearted and aimed to make people laugh. Pay: 100% tips Hosts will be on Thursday and Fridays, No hosts for Saturday or Sunday Stream: Must have your own stream at least 100 listeners Club information: VIP count 6/30/22: 1007 AURA NRG Dance Club closed Monday to Wednesday AURA NRG LIVE Monday & Tuesday Available sets - please see the schedule board in world. (1 hour or 2 hour slots available) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paradise Dreams/185/233/3502 Translator may be needed as the club is a mix of Spanish-English speaking. Google Application: See link under the Schedule board inside the club. (SLurl above) Audio and Video stream options available. In-world Contacts: Gleanr Ellsmere aka Wacky Dj Gleanr Diamonis Resident aka The Ethereal One WildPam Resident Jamzee Aeon aka Jackel Aeon Sway Benelli aka Sway Benelli-Lambardi
  5. My second tribute to a great legend in Musical Theatre, Stephen Sondheim, American composer and lyricist.
  6. I've been tinkering with a new scripted version of something I had started years ago, think I pretty much got it, some of the timing is off, but without further ado. @Strawberry Linden Also been told to put a warning up for people. seizure warning, SL eep changing fasts can cause flashes.
  7. I have been helping a friend from Spain to improve his avatar. Although I am fluent in Spanish, some things are difficult to explain. Are there updated video tutorials in Spanish for beginners on the following topics? •Bento •Appliers •BOM •BOM vs. Appliers •System Alphas and how they interact with BOM •The Outfits System In Addition, if there are good written tutorials in Spanish with clear Screen Shots, they would also be welcomed.^^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He estado ayudando a un amigo de España a mejorar su avatar. Aunque hablo español con fluidez, algunas cosas son difíciles de explicar. ¿Hay videos tutoriales actualizados en español para principiantes sobre los siguientes temas? •Bento •Aplicadores •BOM •BOM vs. Aplicadores •Alphas Sistema y cómo interactúan con BOM •El Sistema de Vestimenta (Outfits) Demás, si hay buenos tutoriales escritos en español con capturas de pantalla claras, también serán bienvenidos. ^^
  8. Hello! I will be able to make the trailer or the video of your dreams of your sim on Second Life. With my cinematic smooth effect and my viewer in ultra settings that gives a real professionalism when watching the videos, the success is guaranteed. I have already made several videos of different sims on Second Life that are available on YouTube. Highlights of my work all available on my YouTube portfolio channel: Le Chateau Motel 1980s Commercial Burgundy in Blood (Second Life) Le Chateau Motel & Resort - VHS Ads Cocoon - Second Life Cyberpunk RP - Trailer District 18 a Cyberpunk Roleplay in Second Life - Trailer Paris 1850s a Second Life Role-Play - Trailer -> If you feel interested, don't hesitate to hire me on Fiverr and to contact me in world! ❤
  9. Hi, Using free OpenShot video editor: I made a TikTok SL video using the free opensource OpenShot video editor (https://www.openshot.org/) because it can output to the vertical format HD 1920 height x 1080 length which anyone that wants to do TikTok or Instagram may want. It's a little glitchy. The longer I worked in it (and this is for a one minute short), the more staticy the sound was and the more it seemed to be laggy or stuttery on viewing the video. However when I output it, the sound and video was fine. If you see my video, there are a couple places when the video jumps a little but that is my filming and editing and not the editor as I am still learning to do machinima and editing. OpenShot also seemed to save which was lucky because when it crashed I thought I lost everything but I didn't. It allows a lot of layers which is great if you are layering sounds. I had tried HitFilm Express free version but it won't output to a vertical format. HitFilm let me work in a vertical format because it lets me create a custom size but when it came to exporting that didn't work out as well. It kept defaulting to one of the parameters HitFilm had which are all horizontal. And when I uploaded to TikTok, it got shrunk into the vertical size so became tiny. I'm going to redo that first one in OneShot. I couldn't find anything else free that would export to a vertical format. Don't expect support on OpenShot but there is a forum I think. I really liked how much bigger my video seemed on TikTok when I can work in a vertical format and output to the HD 1920x1080 so while there are issues with OpenShot, I like it better than a couple of the other free ones I tried as they only output to horizontal. My video is one minute. If you have the time, go check it out and let me know what you think. I would appreciate it. Music is by Winter Phoenix, another SL resident. There are a few people doing sl tiktok videos but I think it would be great if there were more of us: https://www.tiktok.com/@kaylakatzz.woodrunner/video/6937317829838408966
  10. Hi all! I created my first video on SL, please give me your opinions. Tips & tricks are also welcome. Oh and if you’re interested in a video like this, send me a notecard in world: zayagabriels - for free of course since I’m still learning
  11. Buenas tardes. Hace ya unos cuantos meses que los zooms no funcionan. No funcionan las vistas frontales y de lado, solamente enfoca el avi de espaldas. En cámera tools me ocurre igual, le pongo el suavizador y no funciona. He hecho la restauración de configuración y sigue sin funcionar. Alguien puede aconsejarme que puedo hacer? Muchas gracias,.
  12. HGMM is looking to hire someone with the skills and interest to create nice videos and posters to help promote our venue, our shows and events! Please contact Dreams Riler in SL. Do not miss the opportunity to be a part of a dedicated, caring team. Here at HGMM we're all family! We are looking forward to hear from you
  13. I've already thought about the subject matter (it's intended to be a comedic video, although it might not be of good taste to everyone.) I just wanted to know if you have any tips when making videos from Second Life. Like what kind of software I should use, editing tricks, and anything else I need to know.
  14. Hey I need someone who can film and edit my music video. I want to star in it with a friend. It's going to be Adam and Eve inspired. Show me your work and tell me your rates. Message me in world or send me a notecard so I can get back to you soon.
  15. My partner and I are working on an in-world media player using media on a prim face (set via the texture tab in Edit). We both see, for example, YouTube videos in world without a problem. However, while live webcam feeds work fine in my home pc browser, in world they work for her but not me. I only see the message "Your browser does not currently recognise any of the video formats available." Example streams: https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/united-kingdom/england/blackpool/blackpool.html https://www.earthcam.com/usa/nevada/lasvegas/fremontstreet/?cam=catsmeow_lv_fremont I don't understand what browser it's using in world or why it works on my pc browser but not in-world. I have set Firestorm to use my own browser, not the built- in one; changed my default browser from Firefox to Microsoft Edge; compared using the official sl viewer; changed my internet connection (between wifi to my own mobile data dongle); and been through the Firestorm wiki guide to media problems, all to no avail. We can’t see any difference in our pc/browser/viewer setups that would explain this failure of shared experience. Has anyone else experienced this issue (and solved it!!)?
  16. Bellis Blues Cafe turns 1 year old July 21st. We'll be hosting a 2 day event at Bellisseria Fairgrounds on Friday, July 24th & Saturday, July 25th with a variety of special Djs and Live Singers for your entertainment! Meanwhile, we'd like to do a video of our exploits with Bellisserian residents, called the "Great Cake Caper". We'd like to give everyone that wishes to participate a chance to be in the film, so we're asking people interested in participating to fill out the enclosed application below. Filming will take place from June 29th - July 15th, 2020, in order to have the video ready for premiere before the celebration at the fairgrounds begins! If you are interested in participating, please fill out the application and return to me (prudenceanton) secondlife:///app/agent/bf09975b-9fcc-470c-96c4-9146a1be3048/about before June 27th, 2020. Application Information: If you'd like to participate in the filming of our Bellis Blues Cafe's "Great Cake Caper" video, please fill out the following information below. Second Life Legacy name: Display name: Days/Times available to be filmed (slt times please): Please note: The best times for us to film are as follows SL times 6 am - 11 am and 6 pm - 11 pm, due to our videographer, Sceneris, living in Singapore, which is SL + 15 hours ahead. If we get a large number of applications for the video, we'll put the names in a random generator and select participants this way to be fair. Thank you for your interest. Prudence, Sceneris and CIan If you are interested in participating, please fill out the application and return to me (prudenceanton) secondlife:///app/agent/bf09975b-9fcc-470c-96c4-9146a1be3048/about before June 27th, 2020.
  17. Hey everyone, I recently tried to watch a video on ESPN but it would not play, saying it couldn't load because the format wasn't supported. I tried on several sites and many of them didn't work except for Youtube. I use a Mac and the Firestorm viewer but I cant watch anything out of Youtube. I tried following the online instructions about tweaking the prefernces but it still doesn't work. Has anyone here run into this problem or know a fix? Thanks in advance,
  18. What I love about Second Life is that, it is what you make it. You choose how to live your SL, and your choices will govern how many other others perceive you. It's like a blank canvas, you decide what you paint. But what I to know from my experience on SL, I realized that this platform can be used as a form of expression in the form of videos, pictures, blogs, vlogs etc. but I don't know how too start. Anyone has any advice on this?
  19. What I love about Second Life is that, it is what you make it. You choose how to live your SL, and your choices will govern how many other others perceive you. It's like a blank canvas, you decide what you paint. But what I to know from my experience on SL, I realized that this platform can be used as a form of expression in the form of videos, pictures, blogs, vlogs etc. but I don't know how too start. Anyone has any advice on this?
  20. hi i am an amusement park designer and i would just like to say that when i first came to sl my dream was to have an amusement park that i could shier with everyone here in sl. and i went a long time before i had that dream come true. but eventually it happened... in fact the first ride i ever got was a dark ride called The Spookhouse by Atom Burma and that was at a bar that was known asTHE GLASS DANCE HOUSE i was djing at. no park with it, but that is where it really all started. and then later on down the line as i got more rides. eventually as i said the dream became to be a virtual reality. like i always wanted. i could'nt then and still Cannot aford to buy or rent land to this day for a park so over the Years i would meet up with people that wanted a park on there land to attract people to their club or store or what ever, but it always would eventually fall through. i would get the park built on their land and the longest it would last is about a week. then the land would get sold without anyone telling me or like the one time a whole group i was apart of got land and said i could put a park there. then all of the sudden after about a week or so. i was building a new ride one day next thing i know i am out of a park. cause the people that were paying stopped without letting me know. over the years i have had about maybe 5 parks all fell through like that. and dynasty's kingdom is the first park that has ever lasted. it went on for about 13 ,14 years some where in there . it started june 12 ,2014. and the land held 182331 prims and land size was 53104 m2 and i just lost it this year 2020 about this passed february. and how dynasty's kingdom got started is i put an ad in sl saying i don't have money to get land to start another park . but i would like to build a park on someones land that needs one. well this real estate owner contacted me saying she wanted me to build my park on her land. and all i would have to do is advertises for her real estate company.. at the park on a billboard or something i agreed and that was the deal. and that is how dynasty's kingdom happened. and it was great. and i told her my stories of trying to get a park going but it always falling thru eventually. and she said that she had been in sl with that land since 2005 and she said that she was not going anywhere. well i beloved that. And for many years she did not go anywhere. and my park never fall on bad times until this year... i thought the park was in trouble awhile back. it turned out i was not going to lose it cause the guy i was talking to was talking about getting the land next door that my land lord lea had. also. and he had seen her store there and thought it was mine and said it had to go. well i misread thought he was talking about the park. but we talked and i found that that was not the case. then everything was fine. until last the one day in february of this year. all of the sudden i logged in and i get this message that kept popping up such and such an object will not rezz cause owner will not allow it and i thought ok i guess i must not have the group to the land activated. so i check and it showed that the group to the land i had it activated had the tag on. but i could not rezz anything and i could not fly. here they were turned off i thought that was strange cause for me they were not supposed to be. tried to contact my landlord by message and note twice still never heard from her. tried to contact her partner about it heard nothing tried everyone in her group hoping someone maybe could help me or at least contact her. i only heard from one person from her group and they said that they did not know her. then i checked the land to see if she still had it. well her name was not on the land anymore her group that i was in was still around . but it was not on the land anymore. and in owner of land it says guy linden instead of Leia Lulu now here is the thing about Guy Linden here is what the profile said... (Hello! I work primarily with the Linden Mainland, abandoned land and auctions. If you have an issue with land, please detail the concern specifically in a support case.) and that is what it said just to give you all an idea where he is coming from. now this guy as you see deals in abandoned land and he is a linden. which means the land that my park sat on at the time was abandoned. and the only way that could be is if lea up and left it without telling me. witch means the lindens are gonna want to take the land back He or should i say THEY were the same ones i talked to earlier on like i mentioned. anyway it meant that my park was doomed.. but the weird thing is even though i could not fly or build. all the rides and everything i put there at dynasty's kingdom was still here at the time. Cause no one returned anything to me. which i was glad at the time. But i find it strange. i didn't know what was going on.. i was scared for the park. but i thought that it was just a matter of time before things start getting returned. and that did of course eventually happen. At the time i did not know when it would happen.. but i thought it would at some point happen. i put a lot of time and effort into that park. and i even in more recent years started bringing rides from rl that were gone.. back to life there at that park like some of the bill Tracy rides like the wacky shack. and the journey to the center of the earth and the coal mine /gold mine that was at dorney park in rl. and i had plans for more of those, i put a lot of time and effort into this park. At the time i could not do anything except invite you all to the park and watch over it and that is pretty much it. cant do much when you cannot rezz things or fly. if a ride malfunctioned i could not fix it. That park brought more traffic to her land witch means it drove the value of her property up. and it could do the same for you too. if you are interested in taking my park in. i had someone interested in doing this. after i lost the land. but then for some reason they changed their mind. they owned a resort. anyway thank you for your time in reading this. and so if you or someone you know or if you could help me let me know I'd appreciate it . if you can find someone who wants a park on their land to draw a crowd to their place for whatever reason i can advertise for you what ever agreement you want to make, someone out there let me know what you can do please i hve links to videos down below so you can see what it looked like. if you find the prim allowance is more then you can give lets talk about it we can work something out. i am will to work with anyone on this matter. it is negotiable.. you can message me here DYNASTY Clip this is links to video's of what Dynasty's Kingdom looked like when it was in world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z15GRMD9R70 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3guQDM2S1w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxGH3zqoNRU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W2y6faZwdY
  21. This week’s “Second Life Destinations” video visits Citta Bhavana, an ashram run by Chraeloos Aristotelous. Citta Bhavana, which in Sanskrit means "cultivating heart/mind," is a peaceful ashram for meditation, yoga, discussion, philosophy, spirituality, music and art. It also showcases teachings from Asia (India, Japan, China, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism) and Africa. It was originally opened in 2014 with the help of Sunshine Szavanna, Rhiannon Dragoone, and Swami Luminos. “We wanted a place where anybody can come together to talk and get to know each other’s philosophies,” says Aristotelous. “People want to be able to learn from everybody - bridging heart and mind. We tend to meditate when we think we need to - but really we should be meditating every day.” Participants come from all over the world and from various different beliefs and backgrounds, but share a common desire: to connect in a respectful and open-hearted manner. The venue offers guided meditations and instruction, yoga sessions, philosophy and science discussions, dances and live music, and poetry and storytelling events. These unifying and calming social experiences are more important now than ever during these difficult times, says Aristotelous. “People are all of the sudden isolated, like a lot of chronically-ill people have been for their whole lives,” she adds. “It’s kind of an awakening in a way for a lot of the general population.” According to Aristotelous, the main focus of the venue is to make discussions and events accessible for people with all forms and abilities. “Second Life offers accessibility. It also offers a community. In Second Life, you can be as embodied in it as you choose to be,” she adds. “The people who find video games to be a separation from themselves can control their avatars in ways that they definitely can’t elsewhere and that adds a level of embodiment to it that is unique.” To learn more, watch the video, visit the ashram’s Facebook page or check it out in Second Life. Citta Bhavana Ashram The Citta Bhavana Ashram is a peaceful ashram for meditation, yoga, discussion, philosophy, spiritual, music, and art. Teachings from Asia (India, Japan, China, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism) and Africa. Please post photos to: flickr.com/groups/2751432@N23 Visit in Second Life VIDEO CREDITS: Production: Draxtor Despres
  22. I made this dance video in 2017 and never shared it on the forums. 😖 Today's episode of "Lab Gab" with guest machinimator, Luca, inspired me to share. I hope to be able to make more videos and help with framing Second Life in a better light to new potential residents. 😊
  23. Since a while i have a problem that i can't watch youtube videos in media players in SL, most of the time it looks like this https://gyazo.com/9c8bce1f017d1aa305ddc3d1186e114c right from the beginning, sometimes it seems to work for maybe 1 hour just fine and then turns green. I can still hear the audio, but can't see the video. I can watch the same videos in my normal browser without problems, so my system is capable of showing these videos. At the same time everyone else in the same room can watch these videos without any problem. My system is a PC with a AMD APU A10-9700, 3.90 GHz, 16 Gbyte RAM, Windows 10 HOME.
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