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  1. It's been 8 yeas now. Just want to say thank you to everyone who gave me tips and encouragement at the start
  2. Will you guys ever consider looking into improving Groups features? And have any of you heard of Place Pages?
  3. My love for SL will quickly diminish if i'm forced to use the windows operating system for one application after 25 years of using MacOS. As much as i love SL and the community i don't think i could change my computing habits to Windows just to keep in it. After all SL is 15 years old, it's not cutting edge technology anymore, maybe the OpenGL Apocalypse will push me towards newer things. In Second Life over the years I've learnt a lot about creating 3D content and scripting and creating stories and fun experiences. Instead of struggling to stay connected to SL, maybe i should look to new horizons when the time eventually comes.
  4. Not true, i’m a Mac user and have a Vive headset and have created VR experiences natively for MacOS using Unity which supports metal along with SteamVR for MacOS. There just is’nt much content yet to consume for macVR since being a Mac VR enthusiast is being a minority of a minority in a minority. If i remember right, back during Lab Chats on Sansar, LL said Sansar would use OpenGL and that a mac version was ‘down the road’. I’d assume then that an openGL port of sansar to mac is definitly off the cards now. The most common response i hear from others about creating a native Mac Viewer for second life is ‘Mac users are like only 5%, there is no point waisting resources’. But it’s not like resources hav’nt been waisted before and im pretty sure that 5% will use that new viewer longer than users of Project Skylight, the SL Basic Viewer, SLchat App, Patterns or Creatorverse.
  5. Yeahy i was waiting for someone to post this response... now we can move on.
  6. I'm not going to panic just yet but you are not helping Fizzle :-p They're having similar discussions over at Blender https://blenderartists.org/t/macos-is-deprecating-opengl/1113803/8
  7. Apple has declared that they are deprecating OpenGL in this years MacOS update. This means they will not be actively supporting OpenGL anymore and will probably remove support all together after a couple of years. Will this mean the end of the MacOS viewer in SecondLife? OpenGL, OpenCL deprecated in favor of Metal 2 in macOS 10.14 Mojave - APPLE INSIDER
  8. The whole idea of wearing system clothes in order to pop on a tattoo is a great idea, but in practice may be limiting. By switching the mesh face to 'Bake Mode' the Texture/diffuse is ignored in preference to the bakes texture thats created by the combination of system clothes currently worn. This includes the original texture that was on mesh to start with. When i wore a system shirt with a dirt tattoo, i discovered that the baked texture applied to my arms was combined with the System Skin and not the texture already on my mesh avatar. So I had to create a new system skin but with the textures of my mesh avatar so they would bake. This throws up a problem in that my mesh avatar uses 4 textures, Head, Arms, Torso and Legs, which is one texture more than Base Skin files allow so i'll never be able to bake the whole mesh body due to how i made it. Unless i'm still missing something in the process?
  9. Here for your enjoyment is the highlights from this years New Babbage Burning Barrel Race, and event almost as old as Second Life itself. At the event contestants must push physical barrels through he steampunk streets of New Babbage.
  10. I wrote my own thoughts on the Sansar thing on my blog "Sansar: The Phantom Menace of virtual worlds?"
  11. A lot of the time with Avastar problems arrive because something i did and then UNDID causing future problems. I started my animation again a fresh and the problem did not occur so i'm assuming i must have made keys for every joint then removed them but they somehow still registered in the animation. Avastar is a fickle monster, but so helpful. :-P
  12. From what i understand the MacOS version of the SL viewer is stuck because the viewer code is so complex and old that to re-write it for the modern MacOS would simply be to much. So while the windows Viewers progress up with the latest OpenGL the MacOS viewer is stuck on a Legacy 'Compatibility' profile of OpenGL2.1 never to improve. I could be wrong as i am neither a coder or developer. In the end i accept that no matter how powerful and up to speed my Mac is, it'll struggle to run Second Life with bells and whistles. As for current compatibility, i do find the current official Mac viewer has a terrible UI pause when opening windows and logging in that i have moaned about for half a year. I changed to firestorms 64bit viewer as that seems to work very well on MacOS, and now the Official Project viewer Alex Ivy 64bit also fixes the awful performance of the default viewer.
  13. Yes i came here because i had the same issue, thanks to Whirly i found you have to set 'loop settings' OUT from zero to 1. If you want it to loop, i had to set OUT to the same frame length as the animation for the whole animation to play. I have not yet been able to stop the ANIM from forcing my avatar into a T pose. It is not ignoring the other bones, makes me wonder if Avastar is exporting all bone positions, very confusing. Need to find more documentation.
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