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    Click Avatar. or. ME. At top of viewer, then click Account. With any regular browser or smartphone. Go to. Secondlife.com. And log in
  2. I don’t feel complexity is as much an issue while inflight, as are an avi’s script load. I’ve always do try to keep my complexity below 100k, but things like AO’s and other things (hair can be heavily scripted) are of more a problem at sim crossings. Inflight I always remove (not just turn off) my ao. Of course no HUDs, etc.... body and other things. The least of ALL is definitely better for smooth flights... especially if SCREAMING thru sims at high high speeds. (Disclaimer... I’m no expert, just speaking from my experiences) BTW there’s FS setting to ‘pause’ viewer at crossings, rather than calculating. I don’t mind the pauses at all.
  3. I seen a notice on SL Drivers group about an hour prior to drive event. They said SL was “having problems” gridwide and event was in question. I had RL keeping me away, don’t know if event went or not.
  4. I had a problem awhile ago, with a Linden Home... the support person came, as a fairy... and fixed things. It was something minor like front door wouldn’t open. Bet your lil fairy is a linden support rep that’s gone afk!!!
  5. Yes... I did sort of assume demand on servers... especially for what little it is. The data is just a region 'status' at moment, called by me and given to me. Wanted to keep coding and loads LITE on all... (especially ME!). This morning I have it working with Touch, and that's FINE. Wearing it as a HUD helps.. don't need to cam in order to touch it. Thanks ALL!! for comments and advice!! I was so at a mental block there yesterday when digging thru libraries of avial. scripts.
  6. OK.. I'm a beginner here.. tho do know enough to be 'dangerous' with scripting. I've search library for what I'm seeking but didn't find anything. I THINK it's a simple addition to my overall project. I want a script to 'listen' to Nearby Chat for a specific 4 letter word. When word is entered, then I want to 'continue' to do next task... then reset to idle listening again. 1.. Listen for WORD 2. WORD is entered... so continue 3. Do next thing (got script for this... basically.. Get Data and OwnerSay) 4. Return to Listen for that WORD again. May be heading into the tutorials if I can't find anything, which is what I should do.. but I thought I'd ask here first! Thanks for any comment/help!!
  7. I got a small one that's amphibious (I'll put down on water often.. just to hang out!) It's the AW R-22m really small but I like it. I know of Shergood's.. and may continue shopping, never know what I'll stuff in inventory NEXT!! I'm a RL pilot too, tho fixed wing... and flight physics do loosely translate into SL. (I'd say SL is much more 'forgiving' than RL flight!) I can regularly 'score' SL fixed wing landings in the 90% ranges. I LUV those new 'landing score' runways!! Further I have the 3dconnexion mouse... haven't tried it with flight yet.. that's coming UP soon! I tried to use it for avatar walking.. but seems too sensitive for that. It's GREAT for 'fly-cam' shopping tho!!
  8. There's FS preferences to view your HUD's and interfaces while in Mouselook. Can't click on anything... must exit Mouselook to operate/click things... but viewer will so them. Example is that I view World Map/Mini-Radar... in mouselook as I'm fly my helicopter, Works GREAT (except for changing anything).
  9. My trouble with VR Headsets is that IRL I don't have two good eyes to perceive images. Lazy Eye since birth... than had surgery on it recently. I only keep it 'around' so I look 'normal' for others!! So basically I live RL with 'flat vision' with very little/if any side view vision.... so don't need costs for VR headset. Have sort'a been looking for a RL game room somewhere... or store to demo something, but really doubt it's going to do much for my virtual life.
  10. I just bought my first GOOD mesh helicopter.. and I'm REALLY enjoying it! Tho to be on topic here... am now flying Quite often in MouseLook mode, it's GREAT to be flying 'low & slow' in Mouselook. Who needs that bulky headset.. GEEZ!! (I don't… and DON'T want it)
  11. I didn't was to say anything like they might seem to be Sneaky or nothin'! An ad for SL... promoting Sansar?! At least there's sompthin' up IRL... not noticed much before. I couldn't believe my eye's when I seen it flash across my screen!! LL's must be fishin' for the masses to join up.
  12. Checkout what I just seen on my BING page (not that I'm a fan of Bing... )
  13. An annual premium membership (US$72) works out to, after return of L$300 per week stipend, approximately US$1 per month. Then in that you get rights to free 512sqm Linden Home and right to ‘buy’ another 512sqm lot without ANY further costs. (It’s a mix/match deal... however you choose to setup) . All while ‘living’ on the stipends). Tho yes... you will be ‘spending ‘ US$72/year on SL.... still I don’t think it’s such a bad deal for getting started inworld. US$6 per month or US$1.38 per week. Should that not be affordable, learn to live as Basic, for free... is surely possible, even tho you may need to be sharp and work at it!
  14. If it sent you Home it was most likely an Orb. I’ve only ever gotten stuck in bam line, and sometimes you can Edit yourselves out of them. I need to check FS mini map a little closer. Do have property lines on but not ban lines
  15. Check out Pathfinder Pro in MP. I’ve not tried it but have put in my fav’s for the moment. At L$250 it doesn’t seem too expensive if it works. sorry I don’t have a link to post here
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