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  1. It appears similar to a remodeled or modified airplane hanger/garage. There are many hangers for sale.... But still would need additional window, doors and interior walls installed. Sorry I don't have any links available, but try searching for Hanger.
  2. I'd suggest everyone check backyards for mounds o' Mole hole dirt.
  3. I would have to feel that the one stipulation of the formal Linden Home covenant where 'no commercial activity is allow' is going to remain rigidly in place and enforced. It's already been pointed out somewhere here in other forum threads. Someone was posting about where decortive items could be purchased, and just that form of discussion was frowned upon. So definitely no selling... Further not any kinds of advertising either in Linden Homes.
  4. You can ride bikes and sail NOW! I visited neighborhood and looked around a bit. I think all is very nicely well done and look forward to when enough becomes available for us all. I didn't enter any residences, just wandered streets and boardwalk.... As I do in many areas in SL. I'm wondering now if there are any "Models" to just look at, for us poorly forsaken soles that missed out. But, by all means, Xia, go take a look and a bike ride, there are rez zones for boats/planes and other stuff. Heck... One of the Lucky Few may have an open barbeque soon! ( Btw.. medium well on that burger,. THANKS!)
  5. ** Right now I'm fine on an old LL Home parcel ** AND just last night... I picked up a 512sqm mainland parcel (for the other half of my available 1024sqm)… for ONLY L$10 !!!. Seems to have been a Fire Sale!! Nice Flat Grass... pretty good neighborhood too... nothing unsightly about all.
  6. I believe the check box, as it's closer to my RL credit card! I don't get to the incorrect covenant until after arriving inside our virtual world! Of course we all know that everything inworld is truely a Fantasy!!
  7. On General rated lands some Adult Personal objects are scripted as to Not Allow rezzing, at all, or automatically be hidden from view (even from yourself). Btw that G rating extends all way up to max height... 4000m or so. That's one major difference between G and M rated parcels. If you don't use/need adult items.. it makes no difference. (Some of us guys prefer to have ability to appear normal, rather than as Ken's brother!). 😁
  8. With the "new" system I hear that Resident to Resident auction is now available. Dunno much more than that about it all, have not tried it. I think that it's accomplished via the PLACES pages, if you've seen those. That's where you can put up a panaramic photo of your parcel, too
  9. I did read the covenant.... The old one that also states there are only 117 prims allowed. So it's wrong on that fact too! Now is 175 prims. Terms that are presented at point of obtaining a (new) old Linden Home (old style) now says 'no skyboxes below 2000m. With a check box to Agree to it And I'm up there... With a few other neighbors that are utilizing that ability
  10. I took it as YES! I only had to click Agree where it by says we can!
  11. I'm going to wait till there's enough to meet demands. Have tried refreshing but gets old quickly. Right now I'm fine on an old LL Home parcel with (what I think is) a policy change. Noticed that skyboxes above 2000m are now allowed, don't think they were at all, before. 512sqm/175 prims is good for me ATM. Besides the old places are MUCH less crowded!! I'll definitely get a new model at some point, when available... Tho after reading about various issues here in forums, I'm no longer that anxious to get into any. (Outside of that 1024sqm factor)
  12. HEX Folks!! Gotta be a hex number (divisible BY 8). ' tis a digital world here, you know? I seems to think that if Mr. Mole asks for exact or "correct" number...... HE means it, to getta' Mole type PRIZE! 😁
  13. TechDave


    Click Avatar. or. ME. At top of viewer, then click Account. With any regular browser or smartphone. Go to. Secondlife.com. And log in
  14. I don’t feel complexity is as much an issue while inflight, as are an avi’s script load. I’ve always do try to keep my complexity below 100k, but things like AO’s and other things (hair can be heavily scripted) are of more a problem at sim crossings. Inflight I always remove (not just turn off) my ao. Of course no HUDs, etc.... body and other things. The least of ALL is definitely better for smooth flights... especially if SCREAMING thru sims at high high speeds. (Disclaimer... I’m no expert, just speaking from my experiences) BTW there’s FS setting to ‘pause’ viewer at crossings, rather than calculating. I don’t mind the pauses at all.
  15. I seen a notice on SL Drivers group about an hour prior to drive event. They said SL was “having problems” gridwide and event was in question. I had RL keeping me away, don’t know if event went or not.
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