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  1. As the real world continues to grow in numbers with the virus, most of us arent employed. Yes, every single aspect of life is being affected in this, including Second Life. Not to take away from all the happenings in real life, but what is Linden Labs doing to aid Residents who have experienced job loss? Because as we know, this is taking a big toll on Second Life also. We have homes we rent, shops, stores etc...No RL work = No uploading to SL... Does LL have any special plans in place ? Ive seen stores lower prices, stores have freebies, but not hearing much about rental lan
  2. My avitar has a "gash" in her body. It goes thru her skin and clothes, and you can see thru her when you look at it. Ive tried everything to fix this...doing the "noob" folder, changing skin/shape/clothes, hairbase, making sure no aplha was on, reinstalling, trying a different viewer, (which helped a little bit to fix, then Id go back to normal viewer and it was fine for a few days) graphics driver updates, setting in SL itself, clearing cache....I have an alt which this doesnt happen too. I thought I was the only one to see it so Ive been walking around SL..Until someone
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