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  1. So.... to rez a coalesced object containing Linden plants I understood there was a very limited number of locations. One I found, and have used before, was a region called HERE.... a Torley place. I hear it's now gone... POOF! Is there ANY other region/location(s) that this can be accomplished?
  2. You FORGOT about Rosie!!! Serving dinner.... Social Distancing ya know!
  3. That's correct! I have both a camper and a mainland 512sqm parcel... with no tier due, ever. I used to trade mainland parcels often although been hanging onto one I have currently.
  4. Here in Ohio... I can get TP at a drive-thru window!! Wish I had a picture to post.. may get one soon. US$1 per roll (min. 2 rolls)!
  5. LL usually seems to 'channel' most to Social Media outlets that are MUCH less expensive. (and certainly find greater returns/results than from mass media) Since most that are active there already have 'needed' hardware.
  6. I had heard of military organization/battle RP located around the north tip of Jeoget Continent, mouth of bay nearer West side. But what I understand they are a VERY close knit organization and hard to find.
  7. Have you checked out the Search & Rescue group? Not military, but all well equiped and seemingly fairly active. Sorry I don't have link to their group but should be easy to find with search. You may want to check out SL Aviation group, some planes are armed with weapons/scripts. Also Drivers of SL, another active group. There is a grid-wide 'game' HUD called GTFO! (Get the freight out!). It can be enjoyable... And certainly active. Their related music stream is MTFB.... Music to Fly By, should be easy to find in search, as well.
  8. And north to Sanara and even to Hectocera continents (via channel). On that refresh thing... It's some number of refreshes within 10 minutes. (I think its 10 refreshes in 10 minutes) . So, as mentioned, casually refresh, and minimize window to come back and try a time or two. Could close that window too.. just make sure! They don't seem to count repeatedly page hits, just refreshes. Yeah hate that 24 hour thing! Houseboat will come up as a choice when available, they do appear! Those are 1024sqm.. so you need you full tier available to lock it in.
  9. You should be able to create a Widget thing to put on other websites. I'd say, call Phone Support.. on inworld Live Chat Support.. shouldn't be that difficult. I just glanced thru Knowledge Base (here in forums) and didn't see anything (again.. quick browse).
  10. I'll need to check again, but I recall classified tab in profile seemed to be 'greyed out' if no mainland owned.. or in a Linden Home region (old or Bellisseria) Or it may let you go thru creating a Classified.. but at end it say NOPE! Pretty sure one definitely needs payment info on file.. to pay the fee's with. Again, I'll have to check all
  11. No discounts for Individuals.... but BASIC is FREE... can't discount that much!! See blog's for discounts to large companies, educational groups, and non-profits who are coming in BIG TIME with lots of land to use up.. and with LOT's of members coming along too, of course. Dunno what those individual members of those groups would be offered.. but again... FREE get's them inworld and participating.
  12. I'd ask WHY PAY for something... if it's FREE to start with. Yes, L$1000 and vehicle sounds 'nice'... BUT with a FREE Basic Account... and finding freebie vehicles (there's ALL KINDS.. just search). The L$1000 is worth about US$4 dollars... if Amazon Pack costs much more than that... is a RIP!!
  13. Well there are several 'rules' and costs associated with 'advertising'. First if you have a Premium Membership and live in a Linden Home.... NO Advertising (all is to be residential ONLY). You can arrange for a community event at the Fairgrounds.. dunno procedure/rules for that except that anyone/everyone has to be 'welcome' to attend. If you own mainland.. with premium membership required... you can create a 'classified'. That's done in your profile and there's a weekly cost for it. Otherwise check Knowledge Base.. where event posting is done thru your Account Dashboard.
  14. Generally.. in RL with social distancing the jobs that are GONE are in the 'Services industry'. That's how the restaurant/bar/clubs/casino are shown. Also LARGE conventions and activity around them.. including travel (airlines/cruises/etc.) Most all that has definitely shut down and most likely to be drastically altered as world recovers.
  15. Well.... I'm no expert by any stretch of imagination (and we know that often stretches beyond belief in SL!) BUT... as appears below the L$ market (and Labs) are doing just fine last couple of weeks.... off the chart tops!
  16. Is that slices.... or square cuts? Guess it would depend on the Fashion Statement one would be going for... at the moment!
  17. Best to just use Search to find stuff... but I've found it's not always up-to-date. Otherwise just poking around Forum here is good too to catch thangs happin'in. Overall: In SL.... the ONLY Constant, is CHANGE!! I know my pixels get scrambled occasstionally!! 🤪
  18. I think just good ol' Chicken Noodle soup is best choice.... Social Distancing here folks! And besides.. is Mom's remedy for flu symptoms. Then... what ta'he**, Really NOW! KFC Fried Chicken at a sandbox CAN'T be a good combination for fine dining!
  19. Today I went looking for that one nasty Orb, couldn't find it. When flying along at 40-60 mps and you get popped outta plane and dropped to bottom of sea.. it's difficult to identify which parcel caused it... only the prompts that state you've been booted. Of today's little search I found 6 parcels with security 'set': LH - Security System // V2.3.1: You are in a restricted area. Please leave within 15 seconds. LH - Security System // V2.3.1: You are in a restricted area. Please leave within 15 seconds. Mint Premium Security Orb V1.9.0: Hey Ðavy Lee Kηeωlz, WARNING! You are not allowed in this area You have 15s to leave. LH - Security System // V2.3.1: You are in a restricted area. Please leave within 15 seconds. LH - Security System // V2.3.1: You are in a restricted area. Please leave within 30 seconds. LH - Security System // V2.3.1: You are in a restricted area. Please leave within 15 seconds. These are friendly-er settings, standard, was able to keep moving. I"m assuming it was that third one and they got the 'settings' adjusted. No reason to really report these. Orbs, in general secure a smaller area... I believe. NOT everything up to 4000m up.... as do the LH & old Ban Lines did. I may have been flying a bit higher today... as I didn't want my copter noise to disturb others! I do often tree-top buzz!! but try to avoid that... Roof-top buzzing is inconsiderate and I try to avoid that (easy to do with houseboats tho!)
  20. Well.. I just took a flight... hunting for Ban Lines. I found them, so you are correct. Actually I found another security orb too that booted within 1 second, tho it was over newer houseboat region.
  21. There is still 'security' systems in Bellisseria, tho it operates differently. Am unsure about the Log Home regions, but I'd imagine it's same of original Bellisseria regions. I've not found any Ban Lines over Log Homes and have done many flights watching it come together (and landing on the different lakes). The difference is.. it's no longer 'Ban Lines... that absolutely BLOCK other out (to 4000m high). Instead it prompts a warning to LEAVE within 20 seconds.. than encroaching person is booted out. I've received MANY of these prompts... nearly every flight of any distance. This is done to 'allow' easier flights over/thru an owner's secure parcel. So if I'm flying over.. as long as I KEEP MOVING.. I can be out/beyond it before the 20 second limit. As opposed to me, and my aircraft, being STUCK beyond use.. and nearly requiring a re-log.
  22. You can try Belle's Coffee Shop... tho again as Matty mentioned.. you need to hit the events to find 'busy' activity. They seem to have regular events tho. Sorry I don't have LM.. but it should come up with search. I think region is Beau Belle I have visited Barrow Coffee and found same and don't think they had any events when I was checking them out. Side question for Matty... does Shelter still have the Money Tree? Just curious, guess I should go check myself!
  23. I'd say so... is sort'a way Lab was heading with it. BUT it would be more for the VR crowd with their headsets. Especially as being on Steam.
  24. Ok everyone following this.... How would you describe "Second Live Residents" to RL non-residents? How about something like: A race above and beyond imaginations. Those that have mastered a virtual platform to create and display a mind's horizon.
  25. Yep... hanging out with 'Old Wives'!! LOL! (yes.. I DO certainly mean plural on dat!). Giving away my age here.. I was around BEFORE the internet... even B4 computers... the BC Years. Tho.. we're drifting from OP's original post of NOW inviting current RL friends to join SL. Someone commented that RL friends that was aware of SL but only those sexual aspects. We NEED to formulate a proper/good agreement for those that feel that way and object to returning to SL.
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