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  1. Well... there's always...…………….. WHOPPER No one's mentioned that yet. WHOPPER Supreme... maybe?
  2. Hey.... Just tryin' to "Give you ALL I've got... Cap'n!! or however that quote goes!
  3. Adam is first mesh I got into. Nearly several years ago now. Just checked MP and don't recall paying this current price back then. Couldnt find my purchase history, but am sure it was more in L$1500 area, without head (now near L$2500). Used him for long time with classic head, but not much recently. I felt body was a good mesh primer for me, didn't really expect to stay with him. May have to revisit with BoM, he is Omega, am sure. Doing most of my body work on Geralt/Victor combo currently.
  4. Yeoper's! And certainly Prowd of my performances!! Can put on a Load of demos to do it all too! (Attracts attentions!). 🙃
  5. I think heads came out earlier this year. I've not demo'd or checked out at all. Have a Victor on my Geralt, broke bank on that purchase. On Adam body I just went with beta Adam head. It is ok... At L$850. Can't expect much at that price. Is all works well enough. Signature just released Alice other week,btw
  6. I have an Adam, I like him for most part. He's a good at price point, but lacking some when compared to top line bodies. Outfit availability is getting better but has room to expand. I gotta work alpha cuts often, especially if dancing or animations. All about him, including skin matching seems to go OK as well. NOW tho I did happen to get Geralt on impulse buy... A glorious Sale just after release. I couldn't pass up. He's excellent for me, and still improving all along. I just LUV the Auto-alpha. Can flip thru complete outfits while on dancefloor!
  7. Well... Any group Must have a minimum of two members. If not it gets wiped out
  8. There are those life sizes chess boards around. Dunno where anymore but I have run across them. Then I have a GOOD billiards table, it works great in SL.. amazingly. There was one out at the Forum Cartel sim/club.
  9. I guess, before you Eject all members in good standing. Send each one an Invite to your new group too.
  10. If YOU remain as an owner of group, or even have the rights..... Send a Group Announcement that group is closing due to inactive owner, give them guidance to join a New group that you had formed. Then Eject everyone except missing co-owner. Then finally you leave the defunked group, leaving ONLY that missing owner as the sole member. That defunked group will then evaporate after a week or so due to not having the minimum of two members. 😁
  11. I don't, prefer arrow keys as I chat ALOT. Geez, I walk chat and chew gum at same time! 😄 Had a 3d mouse hooked up for awhile, found it wasn't good for walking or standing around, like I had hope. 3d mouse is great for flying or fly cam tho!!
  12. I'm sure there is MUCH in 'Cloud' now (with AWS), but that's hardly more than a guess. Linden's/Moles have done EXCELLENT work in developing 'new' Linden Homes... security system takes MUCH of EVERYONE's consideration into mind and they have implemented it well. There are more to these 'homes' than meets a virtual eye. Seems a major effort is in 'connecting' continents and such if you are familiar with SL/World Map. The 'hardware' and RL real estate behind this Virtual World/Grid is RL mind boggling, to say the least. I believe most Mainlands will remain in-house at Linden Lab. There are factors with 'Cloud' based land as being private islands that make it more a candidate. Really there may be more 'private islands' inworld than amount of Mainland, anyhow.
  13. Most likely you've visited Mainland sims very often... and just didn't realize it. Some stores, and many clubs are within mainland sims/regions. Of course… I doubt that you'd be a type that would Hang-out at Truck Stops and Airports! The marina's can be very nice tho. All these type of builds require interconnected regions to provide mobility. Some things are 'skybox' builds that can't be traveled to/from. With those you must find ground level or sea bottom. SL is a very Vertical World, as well.
  14. I enjoy mainland as I'm an inworld traveler.... car(Jeep)/trucks/boats/airplane & helicopters. It took much to learn to navigate (without TPing), I enjoy that method immensely. Mainland is generally the only sims where regions are 'connected'... now sim crossings remain troublesome. Although there are view settings and other ways to minimize crossing troubles. BEST way to 'tour' Mainlands is search LAND SALES... and TP around to see what's there. You get all the info, and can glance at World Map as you TP aimlessly.
  15. Should I Really like even mention it?!!!! GAME
  16. It appears similar to a remodeled or modified airplane hanger/garage. There are many hangers for sale.... But still would need additional window, doors and interior walls installed. Sorry I don't have any links available, but try searching for Hanger.
  17. I'd suggest everyone check backyards for mounds o' Mole hole dirt.
  18. I would have to feel that the one stipulation of the formal Linden Home covenant where 'no commercial activity is allow' is going to remain rigidly in place and enforced. It's already been pointed out somewhere here in other forum threads. Someone was posting about where decortive items could be purchased, and just that form of discussion was frowned upon. So definitely no selling... Further not any kinds of advertising either in Linden Homes.
  19. You can ride bikes and sail NOW! I visited neighborhood and looked around a bit. I think all is very nicely well done and look forward to when enough becomes available for us all. I didn't enter any residences, just wandered streets and boardwalk.... As I do in many areas in SL. I'm wondering now if there are any "Models" to just look at, for us poorly forsaken soles that missed out. But, by all means, Xia, go take a look and a bike ride, there are rez zones for boats/planes and other stuff. Heck... One of the Lucky Few may have an open barbeque soon! ( Btw.. medium well on that burger,. THANKS!)
  20. ** Right now I'm fine on an old LL Home parcel ** AND just last night... I picked up a 512sqm mainland parcel (for the other half of my available 1024sqm)… for ONLY L$10 !!!. Seems to have been a Fire Sale!! Nice Flat Grass... pretty good neighborhood too... nothing unsightly about all.
  21. I believe the check box, as it's closer to my RL credit card! I don't get to the incorrect covenant until after arriving inside our virtual world! Of course we all know that everything inworld is truely a Fantasy!!
  22. On General rated lands some Adult Personal objects are scripted as to Not Allow rezzing, at all, or automatically be hidden from view (even from yourself). Btw that G rating extends all way up to max height... 4000m or so. That's one major difference between G and M rated parcels. If you don't use/need adult items.. it makes no difference. (Some of us guys prefer to have ability to appear normal, rather than as Ken's brother!). 😁
  23. With the "new" system I hear that Resident to Resident auction is now available. Dunno much more than that about it all, have not tried it. I think that it's accomplished via the PLACES pages, if you've seen those. That's where you can put up a panaramic photo of your parcel, too
  24. I did read the covenant.... The old one that also states there are only 117 prims allowed. So it's wrong on that fact too! Now is 175 prims. Terms that are presented at point of obtaining a (new) old Linden Home (old style) now says 'no skyboxes below 2000m. With a check box to Agree to it And I'm up there... With a few other neighbors that are utilizing that ability
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