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  1. Well... the Saga comes to an end thank you all for your inputs I got my new home come and visit me when you get time if you desire in sl ty again and Bye
  2. Now what does this mean "Everyday I am Going to get this message We're Sorry try again after 24 hours" this really sucks
  3. I have tried like same time I started my search yesterday after 24 hours :((((((( but stil I get the boat and name the land but then I get this message.... We're Sorry... Yo We're Sorry... You have reached the maximum number of Linden Homes ownership attempts. Please try again in 24 hours.
  4. wow awesome so you can like house styles change boat types ... but not location :(( I swear I only let go because of shape of the parcel they were all rectangle I wanted square I feel cramped up in long rectangular shape
  5. :)) tried it all I cant get it to display time only a part of it
  6. Ok my viewer wont let me stretch the timestampfull out but I guess its 1:30 AM slt ... roughly https://gyazo.com/413e47a96c8d26386f779fc33308048f I am using firestorm I dont know how to stretch those windows fully
  7. Now I did not make note of what time I got locked out. So 24 hours from there onwards I don't know. If I made another attempt before I will probably get flaged again extending another 24 hours and this could go on.there is no specific guidance that you can try tomorrow xx:xx:xx hrs slt
  8. Actually I can find houseboats and name the land but when its taking you to the houseboat screen pops up that you have mede too many attempts and come back after 24 hours. I stoppe and tried after few hours it tells me I cannot be allocated the land as I had made too many attempts ... scratches her head....
  9. I didnt know there was an attempt limit for trying to choose a home :((( now I been told try 24 hours later... as if Mr. Linden got tired of showing me different homes
  10. Does anyone also know if these houseboats are in Lindens sail able sea areas
  11. I hit the refresh limit 🤪
  12. Any tips what will it appear under Belliseria , meadow tahoe elderglen or something didfferent
  13. Will I ever get a houseboat home ever I mean now or it will be 2021 its not like there is not enough Linden Land :))😏
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