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  1. My alts camper was still not working this morning at Toad Hollow. Some units weren't allowing access. Kept getting a 'wait for scripts to load' message.
  2. Same thing happened to me before or during the Toad Hollow release. House and Camper pic... got the error over and over, then refreshed 'out'... logged out, back in, got the camper after 3 tries... well, my alt did. :-P Maybe they are prepping the website, which is why we get the error, then at some point it releases. (?) So could be another release coming if that is the case. Just typing out loud. :-)
  3. I found everything about this thread rather fascinating and very educational.
  4. those in charge of locking it up probably haven't gotten through page 2 yet. :-)
  5. Just an observation... I abandoned my houseboat at 12:45pm SLT, announced it here and in the BS groups, then waited for somebody to claim it. It was not seen by those trying to acquire a Linden home for over an hour and a half. (based on group chat) It appears that when Porthole was released, my abandon was included in the selection process, and was taken. :-)
  6. Abandoning this houseboat on Guppy around 12:45pm SLT, Monday 9/2 Faces open water with fairgrounds and new pickle very close.
  7. eyecu2


    Kind of fun to go back and look at the very first post on this thread. Thank you Linden Labs. :-)
  8. https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/tab-auto-refresh/ Opera has a great PC browser with free VPN. 👍
  9. The most useful information to be gleaned out of the group, is an appearance and potential 'clue' from Patch, and that is about it. If and when that actually happens anymore is up in the air. I think his presence in group today, prior to a release, is the first in a long time. Wishing you and your friend 😉 the best of luck Gordon! Hang in there, it will happen.
  10. It appears Raccoon Run released between 7am and 8am SLT today.
  11. Mille Bliss and I call it BS for short. 😉 The vowels were the difficult part for me, and she said "think of e i e i o, but replace the o with a at the end" Get it right every time now. 😅
  12. I recently discovered the group 'Bellisseria Events'. A regular stream of notices regarding..... uhm, well.... Events! :-)
  13. i attempted to count last night, and i landed at around 700, so 695 sounds like a solid number.
  14. Are you able to change the houseboat model, as with the house? The wiki leads me to believe so, but my mind wants to say that seems impractical.
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