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  1. Storm Clarence wrote: PS Michael Jackson looked so much different as a child. It makes me wonder if he has ever had Cosmetic 'plastic' surgery. I always just assumed they had replaced him with a completely different human being.
  2. I also doubt that there will be many people searching these forums desperately trying to find a model because, you know, there's a real shortage of those.
  3. Innula Zenovka wrote: So if you don't cash out, or even if you do cash out, but not very much, you shouldn't be asked to provide any of this documentation. Okay thank you for that. So I can continue to splurge obscene amounts of money on things that don't exist to my heart's content, without having to ever worry about it (at least not for this reason anyway). Thank you
  4. There is something in this I'm not clear on. What are 'Process Credit Requests'? Who does this affect? Is it just those who are making money in SL, or can it affect those of us who are only spending money in SL? ie if I spend 'too much' can I expect to get this request for information?
  5. I've never quite confused the two, but my SL shopping and home-building has certainly inspired me to think differently about my home decor and furnishing choices in RL. I do however catch myself imitating moments from my AO from time-to-time...
  6. Porky Gorky wrote: In actual fact I knew exactly who her dad was and love a lot of the movies he has appeared in, He is even cool in Vindaloo. Just to put the Vindaloo video into some kind of 'cultural' context, it was of course a homage to/parody of the Verve's 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' video:
  7. I'm in the 20 - 25 age bracket! And I have been for more years than I care to remember...
  8. My first guess is that it is part of a poorly designed alpha layer, the one I suspect that is being used for the skirt you are wearing. Try removing the alpha (or any other alpha layer you are wearing, one-by-one of course) to see if that fixes it. However, there seems to be a slight hint of shading along one ege, very finely gradiating into your skin. As alpha's don't support gradients, my second guess is that it's actually a poorly designed skin - I suspect the back texture of the skin on that side isn't quite 'filling' that part of the texture and leaving a transparent gap. It'll probably be there no matter how much you adjust your shape. Try a different skin and see if it's still there. (In each case, you're seeing the rug through it because A) avatars have no internal texture and so are invisible when viewed from the iside and B) similalry the mesh skirt probably doesn't have an 'internal' (inside face) texture either)
  9. I'm certainly not a rocket scientist that's for sure, and I don't know how to manage the intricacy's of Linux, set up web servers, and connect two computers miles away. But I can find a sandbox in Second Life, rez a box and unpack it to my inventory without too many problems... I don't think the 'compressed' box itself though is what the OP has an issue with. The issue is perhaps why does it have to be dragged in-world to be unpacked? Essentially, it's like a zip file. It has seemed unusual to me at times that we can't just right-click on it while it's in our inventory and 'unpack' it there. It would certainly be easier. It almost seems like the need to rez it in-world was deliberately built-in. ... and maybe it is. As has already been stated; SL is not necessarily a game as such (or maybe not 'just' a game/is 'more than' a game) - it's a virtual fantasy world, and the process of unpacking a box is perhaps meant to be analogous to the "real world". We go shopping and buy something and bring it home - or we order something online and wait for it to be delivered - and then we eagerly rip open the packaging to check out and try out the wares inside we've wasted spent our money on. It's meant to be fun and all part of a Second Life lifestyle.
  10. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Seeing as she had a biological son who passed away in 1996, i highly doubt she was born male. You're saying men can't have biological sons? So what do paternity tests prove?
  11. How well would this system (as compared to the mesh deformer) work for making and applying to mesh avatars? Which would be better at adjusting, say, the shape of female human mesh avatar using the standard sliders?
  12. Medhue Simoni wrote: Breast and butt physics wouldn't even be needed anymore, as the animators would add them in. So what you're saying is remvove a feature that I can control and adapt myself and replace it with one where those choices have been taken away from me in favour of what a designer of mesh clothing thinks I should do?
  13. Cathy Foil wrote: I don't know if RedPolly got the idea from this post or rediscovered it on their own. It is clear that LL tested it and rejected it seven month before RedPolly's video came out. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Need-some-samples-of-a-rig-weighted-to-the-collision-volumes/td-p/1142973 I don't see in that thread where it is clear that they rejected it
  14. If it's 'rigged' mesh - which it sounds like it is if it's defaulting to one position regardless of the attachment point you're trying to add it to - then the simple answer is you can't. You cannot edit or reposition rigged mesh. If an item is not rigged mesh, then you can edit it and reposition just as you can prim attachments. However, it will also be noticeably in a different position if you attach it to a different attachment point. If it's not doing that, then it is rigged mesh. Which is what you have. As an aside - some designers are now providing non-rigged versions of their products when relevant. A belt is perhaps an obvious example. Shoes are another. Check your folder the item is in - as well as any different sizes for the rigged version, there might be a non-rigged version in there as well that you can resize and reposition.
  15. I'm currently stuck on level 6. Has anybody got any cheat codes?
  16. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Not for nothing, but you should have RLV turned off if you are anything but an adult av. You're assuming RLV is only and can only be used for one thing. But it isn't and it doesn't have to be. ... like putting badly behaved todder on the naughty step maybe. (I've no idea if that exists - I doubt it does - but just saying..) When you think about it, using RLV with child avis makes sense in that sort of context. It can potentially give a 'parent' some kind of control over a 'child'.
  17. BadEddy wrote: Also, does mesh avatar makes it more difficult to fit clothing to it? There's no simple single answer to that I'm afraid - a lot depends on the shape of the mesh avatar and and the type of clothing you're trying to fit to it. If the mesh avatar has been built to one of the so-called 'standard' sizes, then it's possible some of the available rigged mesh clothing will fit it - but you CAN'T add standard alpha layers to a mesh avatar, so if any of the mesh clothing clips (and long dresses/skirts will, almost without fail), then there's not much you can do unless the avatar has some built-in alpha regions. So it's probably a bit hit and miss if mesh clothing will fit. You also won't be able to add ANY System Layer clothing to a mesh avatar (thos with the little T-shirt/pants/undies icons etc in your inventory) - the only exception might be if you have access to the original textures (which in most cases you won't unless you made it yourself); I believe SOME mesh avatars have been designed so that they can have standard LL skin textures applied to them, so in theory you can add any clothing textures into the mix too - you'll have to blend these together offline yourself though. With this in mind, there may however be mesh avatars out there that let you apply standard alpha textures (NOT the system layer) to them, which would help with the fitting of mesh clothing currently available. Any un-rigged mesh and prim/flexi-prim attachments should be okay though if you can resize them. Basiaclly though, when you buy a mesh avatar, you're buying into a propriertry product, where often the only clothing that fits it is the clothing made by the designer of the avatar (or clothing by anybody else designing for it of course).
  18. CalebJenks wrote: yeah, the title says it all. I roleplay a teenager, and I met a girl today. I was almost positive from the moment I met her that she was younger. Eventually, I asked her how old she was in real life... I personally don’t quite understand why, having presumably found and gone to the teen RP sim you were hoping to find (as stated in your other two previous posts in these forums), while roleplaying.. say... a 15 year old, you meet another person playing a 15 year old – and when this person acts like.... well... lo and behold… a 15 year old, you feel you need to ask them what their real age is? Why? They were roleplaying a 15 year old. How did you expect them to behave? Look at it from their point of view: A new person arrives in her little corner of SL where she likes to immerse herself as a teenager on a RP sim, free from the obnoxiousness of the “how old u? Have you got RL pic? Do you do voice?” mentality to be experienced in other areas of SL. Then a new guy shows up and, within 5 minutes, he's asking her for her RL age. Her mistake was to probably just not say that her RL age is nobody's business.
  19. barmer71 wrote: Just signed up for a Second Life account and I have found out that I can't play with basic shaders enabled without most things rendering a flat pink surface. ATI display adapter It's a problem mainly caused by users with certain ATI graphics cards, but there is a well documented solution too and apart from the switch off basic shaders solution, which can be ugly, there is a better solution. The first thing to do of course is make sure your graphics card driver is definitely up-to-date as this can fix it. Firstly, enable the 'Advanced' menu if you haven't already by opening 'Preferences', finding the 'Advanced' tab and checking 'Show Advanced Menu'. Then, go to: 'Advanced' > 'Show Debug Settings'. In there find "RenderMaxTextureIndex" (start typing it and it should refine the list) and set it to zero. This has been known to fix it, although I believe it's also been reported that it does have some performance impact in other areas. You can of course switch your basic shaders back on! If it still doesn't work, then try a third part viewer like Firestorm as others as suggested. More about the pink problem, its causes and and its workarounds here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SH-2908?page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels%3Acomment-tabpanel&focusedCommentId=309904 http://jira.phoenixviewer.com/browse/FIRE-4945
  20. mikka Luik wrote:. So - will this go to your real life FB account? Or to the Avatar page people have made? I would imagine it goes to whichever Facebook account you set it up to go to.
  21. jwenting wrote: you can't call it lego or anything closely resembling it, and they might be able to successfully sue you if you make it to the exact same dimensions so it can be used in combination with lego blocks (which is why alternatives use different sizes). Not the case. Firstly, some alternatives on the market DON'T use different sized bricks and are in-fact compatible with Lego. Mega Bloks and Hasbro's Cre-o are examples of just this. Both are compatible with Lego. Secondly, Lego have indeed tried to sue in the past and have failed. But even then only by trying to claim that the design of the brick itself was a trademark. Courts ruled that they couldn't do that. "In 2010, the European Court of Justice ruled that the eight-peg design of the original Lego brick "merely performs a technical function [and] cannot be registered as a trademark." On occasions where Lego HAVE successfully sued, it was because the packaging of the product too closely resembled Lego packaging or the marketing was designed to confuse people into thinking it was Lego, and NOT because the bricks were the same. However, as we both stated, they still own the trademark to the Lego name, which cannot be infringed. You can make "Automatic Binding Bricks" that look identical to Lego and work with Lego. But you can't call it Lego! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lego_Group#Trademark_and_patents http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lego_clone
  22. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Not that I know of. Unless Lego officially sanctioned it , it would be illegal under the TOS and IP laws. Just curious.... how do you roleplay a lego? I'm guessing he uses his imagination... The Lego name itself may be trademarked, but its patents ran out in 1989. In theory anyone can manufacture lego-like bricks (so long as they don't call it and market it as Lego). Presumably the same is true of any user-built sim in Second Life. It can be like Lego in everything but name (which might make it a bit harder to find in search of course).
  23. Perrie Juran wrote: That really is my basic attitude also. SL should be, at least in my opinion, fun. It shouldn't be about sweating over "do I look perfect." The above reads somewhat like a non sequitur to me. Making and presenting an avatar that looks "perfect" is what some of us consider to be fun.
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