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  1. Gachas already have their own top-level category, and there are already other ways of filtering out gachas in your search results (using NOT in your search criteria). What else could be done? How do you define a 'gacha' short of having a category for it and enforcing a 'limited quantity' rule to listings?* It seems most methods would rely on users selecting the correct definitions themselves, which is clearly a problem (or having a category for Gacha would have solved everything already). To me this seems the best method available, because as far as I am aware seller don't have the option to not define their gacha items as limited quantity, and it means the issue has got fixed overnight. All those gachas which are listed as 'limited quantity' no longer list in your search results if you apply the filter. I'd say the problem you are highlighting is not as great as the one it solves. For MOST people most of the time it will probably filter out all those annoying gacha results in their searches. *I concede that I have no store so I have never added a Marketplace listing, so I am just presuming that it is not possible to upload a one-off single item as anything but 'limited quantity'.
  2. Gachas are covered by the "Limited Quantities" filter. I suspect that's the main intention of it being introduced I think. Or put another way - that's probably the best you're going to get!
  3. I agree, and it's the same point I was trying to make - the only people who want the return of last names are those who already have long-standing accounts without a last name. It would be something of a smack in the face to those people if they were then told you have to sign up for a new account to get it - "never mind all the money you spent on your inventory with it's mesh body and mesh head and the skins and the clothes and the AOs, not to mention all the furniture and the vehicles and the pets and the babies. Just abandon all that along with your home and your land and your friends and sign up with for a new account! It will have nothing, but at least you've got a last name now!" (and an extra $40 on top of Premium might not seem so bad to someone who really wants a new name when compared to how much it would cost to replace all of that) However, as I think I said in an earlier post, although this is marketed as the return of last names, primarily I'd say thi is the introduction of a NEW feature which allows you to change your name. Last names is a bonus bolt on to the feature - and as I understand it you still don't have to have a last name at all if you don't want one. So all those oldbie last-namers who are dying to be called something like xgarry63907x will be able to do so 😛
  4. Because a NEW avatar doesn't have an inventory of stuff built up over the many years spent in SL. A NEW avatar doesn't have its friends list. Wanting a last name and/or name change is not comparable to getting or trying out a premium home for a short while on an alt. Premium homes are easily expendable and temporary, as well as being sharable - I can get a new home on an alt, but my 'main' can use it too. The right name is something more important to some people - although they may not have realised that at the time they signed up. They didn't know they'd still be here so many years later and now want something better for their existing account. There are things that are already 'not fair' in regards to what oldbies and newbies have. Oldbies still get a higher stipend for instance. But it's not really for newbies (unless you consider everybody who joined since you a newbie!) - it's an optional service for existing residents who wish they could have a last name since they found out that was a thing - or just for anybody who wants to change the stupid name they signed up with all those moons ago! So what is MORE 'unfair' is that all those people who signed up since last names were no longer a thing would now have to abandon their accounts and their inventory and sign up just for the privilege of getting a last name. And it is THOSE people who WANT last names in the first place - oldbies have them already. And genuine newbies don't care - at least until they have spent some time in world. I also think that any idea that newbies want last names and would pay the extra on top of the price of Premium at the point of sign-up is a falsehood - they know nothing about the concept of last names or the SL history, don't care and are not going to pay extra for it at the point of signup - because why at that point would or should they care?
  5. If MORE money can be made from LESS people than selling to more people for less money, how is that a bad business model? If satisfying the desires of a minority who are prepared to pay a premium price can make LL more money than selling to a majority at a 'low' price (and you can only do one or the other), then it absolutely is a good business model. There is money to be made from satisfying a minority. 250 people paying $40 is more money than 800 people paying $10. What I'm suggesting is that the majority you think LL should be trying to satisfy doesn't exist. If not enough people are prepared to pay even a lower amount because they just don't care that much about changing their name, then LL are set to lose out. And as I already said, bare in mind that for most people a name change is most likely going to be a ONE TIME THING for most people anyway - not every few weeks (that's what display names are for). I think that is more significant than it's perhaps being given credit for - if you sell a service in the knowledge it's going to be a one time purchase for most people, you have to price it accordingly to make it worthwhile offering.
  6. Is it really a bad business model though? Many people in SL probably don't want to spend any money AT ALL, so even making the facility available for, say, $10 is possibly not going to fare much better. Also, most people who DO want to change their name are probably only going to do so ONCE to fix a poor sign-up choice or a name they've long since tired of, so it NEEDS to be priced to make it worthwhile to LL - there's maybe not much profit to be made by providing it for $10 if people are going to do it and then never again, especially if there is more than enough people prepared to pay $40. At a price point of $10, you'd need 1000 people desperate to change their name to make $10,000, but only 250 people prepared to pay $40 to make the same amount - so it's a question of which is most likely. I suspect it's the latter rather than the former. I'd also say this isn't really the 'return of last names' in the way that some have campaigned for - nor do I believe it's intended to be - this is the introduction of the facility to change your username. It just so happens to include a last name option as well to further entice those who have been wanting it.
  7. I don't think so. @Grumpity Linden has already said they are going to look into it. I suspect the intention is that it is supposed to be open to everyone but something has gone a little bit wrong and needs fixing.
  8. What makes you think you can't claim your LEGO build is original and that no one may legally copy your creation? I suspect you can - although I'm sure LEGO would like you to think that you can't.
  9. Yeah, I was wondering that too and asked that question as well at the end of my earlier post. Basically, will those who currently have a last name be able to disown their second name entirely by selecting 'Resident' from a list? I don't know. If they can, the only problem with that will be that their current first name might not actually be available without a second name, as it's likely already taken.
  10. Oh, I'm not bothered about any of that! I don't care what other people may think of my lack of a second name! Nah, I'm not worried, I'm just asking hypothetically really. Just curious about what may or may not be possible (although I do like the idea of just adding a number to the end of my one name and doing the opposite of why others might want a name change :p)
  11. Yes, it was @Grumpity Linden's post I was responding to, which to me didn't seem as clear-cut as it maybe did to you. My reading of "You can chose to change your First Name, your Last Name, or both" sort of presupposes you have both already. Maybe that does include 'Resident' as you say, but it's already been said in this thread by @Adam Spark that 'Resident' is not a true last name, "You only really have one name if your last name is Resident" ('Resident' rarely appears as part of my name inworld and is not needed to log in): But then maybe the 'placeholder' status works for the purposes of selecting something different (and leaving 'as is' if you just want to change your one name) ...which now begs the question: can someone who already has a second name select 'Resident' from the list and become known by one name?! (If their name of choice is available of course!)
  12. So... what if I don't have a last name to begin with? Let's say I only want to change the one name I have got, does that mean I can ignore the second name selection and just come away with a new single-word name? In other words, can I remain 'Resident' if I wanted? For instance, maybe I'm tired of Wesleytron, I want to be Wesleytron7845 instead, with no surname. Or, once the process has begun, am I obligated to pick a second name to go with my new choice of 'first' name?
  13. I don't understand what you mean by a "SL issue". What is it that is different about a thing created for SL compared to a thing created in 'real life'? Surely a SL issue IS a RL issue, and is as 'real' as any RL example. Second Life exists in 'the real world'. It is not separate from it - 'the grid' is not a self-contained reality where the laws of our world do not apply. Real Life laws absolutely apply to anything and everything you do in SL. There is no, "this is a Second Life issue, so real life laws don't apply here", which seems to me on one hand what you are suggesting. And if not, then why call it out as a "SL issue"? As it says in the ToS Intelectual Property Policy: "Real-world laws apply to intellectual property infringement, and nothing about your use of Second Life will shield you if you are infringing on someone else's intellectual property — the rightful owner of the intellectual property can take direct legal action against you in real-world courts of law." I'm sure you know this @Drake1 Nightfire, but your own post seems contradictory in its thinking. So which is it? Real life laws do or do not apply to SL? Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but you seem to be saying one thing then the other. Anyway, there is nothing I can find in the ToS which specifically states that by agreeing to them we agree to follow US law, but there are instances of the opposite in other areas. For instance, your 'right' to play in games of chance or access adult content in SL is based on "the age of legal majority where you reside." Not the laws of the country and state in which LL reside. That will probably be true of most things, and if a copyright claim is taken to court, it will most likely be by a resident of SL against another resident of SL, and will be judged on the laws of the countries where those residents live. And probably be further complicated if those are not the same countries! Is that literally what they said? How can there be 'vast differences' between RL laws and SL laws? What are these 'laws of SL'? There are no 'different' laws just for SL! Second Life has no 'laws', except for the laws of real life. LL has its ToS, but they are not 'the law' and they are not above the law or separate from the law. The law supersedes. In most cases, the ToS are there so LL can 'pass the buck' of legal responsibility back to us - it protects THEM legally against claims of copyright infringement in this instance by making us all agree that WE are responsible if/when we do - and that any legal case will no doubt be between the 'residents' involved. The copyright laws of the countries in which the residents reside will ultimately come into play in any claim I'm sure.
  14. Okay... I'm a little confused about what the problem is and even more confused about Alyona's answer! 😆 What do you mean by 'alpha layer'? Are you referring to the system clothing layer used to hide parts of your body? For instance so that you can wear the boots without the feet and parts of the legs showing through? When you're adding the skirt and the top, are these mesh items or 'classic' clothing layers? As far as I am aware, there are no limits to how many alpha layers you can wear (it used to be 5 of each type of clothing layer, which included alpha layers), although I think there is a maximum amount of clothing layers you can wear in total. However, to wear more than one alpha layer, then you have to use 'Add'. If you select 'Wear' then this will replace any layer of the same type. Adding or even 'wearing' any other system clothing layer that isn't an alpha layer (eg pants, shirt, jacket etc) shouldn't be removing any alpha layers. On the otherhand, if the top and skirt are mesh items, and you are added them to your avatar by 'wearing', and not 'adding', the folder they are contained in, then that will apply any alpha layers contained in the folder and replace any other alpha layer you were wearing. In a nutshell - "Add" don't "Wear"... unless your problem is something completely different that has gone over my head!
  15. From an individual's point of view, there is no 'fulfilling' - only 'fulfilled' or 'not fulfilled'. They have either 'got' or 'not got'. There is not transitory period. Arguably the promise should be fulfilled at the point of purchase, or no money taken until the promise can be fulfilled. Not keeping up with the high demand is LL's problem. It should not be the customer's problem. It shouldn't be a lottery at all. And if you signed up for quarterly - a three month period - and three months later you still can't get one of the new homes, then effectively you DIDN'T get one at all!
  16. Surely the issue is that it shouldn't be a lottery. People are not buying lottery tickets. They are not paying money to LL to enter a competition in the hope that they win a home. They expected to just get one. Is it an unreasonable expectation? "Sign-up for Premium and with any luck you might get one of the new homes we've rolled out" is not how it was 'sold' at the time. People were signing up for Premium and paying money to Linden Lab on the basis of getting a new 1024 plot and a home. That's how it was promoted to them. "Are you ready for your new life on the Bellisseria continent? Now may be the perfect time to upgrade to Premium! Your new home is waiting for you!" is how it was stated on the original announcement - no suggestion of waiting times and pot luck! It was available now and waiting for you! Just pay your money. (Although in fairness the blog post has since at least been updated to say they are all sold out!) So if someone has signed up for a quarterly account on the back of being able to get one of the new homes and three months later still haven't been able to simply and easily get the home they were promised, it's understandable that they're naturally going to feel aggrieved and feel that they've wasted their money - should they then renew their membership having already not been able to access what they thought they'd paid for already? With that in mind, are members entitled to a refund if the service they signed up for cannot be delivered in full? Or is there a proviso in the TOS when you sign up which states that the new homes are 'subject to availability'? If not maybe there should be!
  17. The first sentence states "We are updating the PayPal agreements listed below for all PayPal users in Canada" So it's possibly something unique to Canadian customers. Outside Canada we won't get the email.
  18. Well... if you teleported onto exactly the same spot as them so that both of you were existing in the same space at the same time, then the universe would probably implode or something. So it's best all round that you land on their head.
  19. More seriously... it's possible somebody was around at the moment you logged in. It sounds to me like what you may have seen was somebody's attachments 'floating' around before they had fully rezzed for you, like a set or bracelets or rings. Sometimes these attachments can be huge before they finally settle down in their correct positions on the avatar. They possibly teleported away before you got the chance to look around on your radar.
  20. wesleytron

    Help Please

    You can't. It's not currently possible to change your username. There are however plans to introduce it as a feature, but that is still in development and isn't showing any signs of becoming available any time soon.
  21. I think he's presenting a hypothetical/roleplay situation, one in which 'you' could be that girl that succumbs to his charms and is excited about building a serious relationship with. At least that's how I interpreted it anyway.
  22. People whose only contribution to local chat is to comment on how nobody is talking in local chat.
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