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  1. These days I tend to wander the world of SL with my viewer set to region setting. If not, then I use something from the windlight settings (in Firestorm). But hardly ever the default midday (mad dogs and English men and all that...). I sometimes work late, which means on the following day I might be having breakfast when most people in my timezone are starting to think about lunch. On those occasions I might choose a nice sunrise from the windlight list so that I can at least feel like I've seen something of the morning.
  2. I think I may have run one or two people over while out driving on the Lindens roads, and then just continued on my way without checking to see if they were okay.
  3. I would assume that, being moderators, they have the power to post in a thread even after it's been locked. No need to unlock it. I'm guessing also that they needed a bit of a "moderators' meeting" before agreeing on the final post, as well as needing a bit of time to tidy-up the thread of the most offensive nastyness. Hence the delay from thread lock to final word on the matter. So lock first, discuss way forward and response, tidy up the thread and then add final post.
  4. You mean because you said "List the results by traffic and look around"? That doesn't tell you how many people are currently on a sim though. The OP is asking for recommendations. Not advice on how to search.
  5. The OP isn't saying they don't know how to search for G rated sims. It's finding ones with other people there that they are struggling with.
  6. Surely it's the best kind of necro thread though. Somebody in search of a solution found it in an ancient thread and then posted to thank people for it
  7. There already is. In particular, the 'Face Shear' slider - along with 'Eye Pop', 'Shift Mouth' and 'Crooked Nose' sliders - allows for the creation of a more asymmetrical face. Overused they will look a bit crazy, but small and careful use of all of those sliders can create a much more subtlety natural and unique looking face. Unfortunately 'Eye Pop' isn't supported in the Bento specification, so you can't use it to make those slightly different sized eyes Tari mentioned on mesh heads, although some face animation huds may allow for a partly closed eye-lid and you can always resize an individual unrigged mesh eyeball.
  8. The only person who can file an Abuse Report is the person being harassed. You cannot abuse report on somebody else's behalf.
  9. Maybe that's not the point. It kind of assumes the announcement is part of some drive to encourage users to sign up. But really it's just a blog post announcing something they've added to premium accounts for people who have got premium accounts. Would people rather they didn't announce it?
  10. Also bear in mind that the 'profile card' as shown above is from the third party Firestorm viewer and is not available to users of the default Second Life viewer. To change your display name in the standard Second Life viewer, follow these instructions (from the Second Life Knowledge Base): Setting or changing your display name You can change your display name once every seven days, but you can Reset it at any time, which makes it appear as your "classic" Second Life first name and last name, or your username. To set or change your display name: Log into Second Life. In the Second Life Viewer, click Me > Profile... or in the toolbar. Click Edit Profile. Click Display Name. Type the desired display name in the field under New Display Name. Type the name again to confirm. Click Save.
  11. Maybe truer than you think. I'm guessing LL feel they've had more than their fair share of false take-down notices, and want to make it harder for that to happen.
  12. May 2015: New Mesh Avatars Now Available in Second Life November 2015: New Classic Avatars are Now Available in Second Life! July 2017: More New & Improved Starter Avatars are Here!
  13. Then you haven't been paying attention! Both the latest batch of Bento avatars and the previous batch of so-called 'classic' starter avatars have used the standard avatar base and skin, but with mesh clothing and accessories. You're thinking of the batch of 'mesh avatars' prior to those, which came out about three years ago in May 2014. Keep up!
  14. Even based on just looking at that picture, I can see that most of that land is not for sale. If you go back to your map and zoom in a little closer, it becomes even more evident how much of that land is not for sale. Zooming in will show you the little yellow patches which are a truer indication of the areas that are for sale. Comparatively speaking, it's not much at all.
  15. I'm somewhat curious as to why you put your "most important" file into trash in the first place . It's not the best place really... As it seems to be something you say you only recently bought (how important can something you just bought be?), chances are there is a re-delivery system as Alwin said. Or failing that, just do it the old fashioned way and contact the store owner and ask them nicely if they'll resend it.
  16. Not sure where you people have been looking because it's always been there, is still there, easy to find and pretty unambiguous to boot. No 'careful' reading needed at all: "4. ACCOUNT REGISTRATION AND BILLING "...You may not sell, transfer or assign your Account or its contractual rights, licenses and obligations, to any third party (including, for the avoidance of doubt, permitting another individual to access your Account) without the prior written consent of Linden Lab. " https://www.lindenlab.com/tos
  17. Pamela Galli wrote:...do no employees even understand what SL and how it works? I think you know the answer...
  18. Artorius Constantine wrote: Premiums get deleted when they lapse No they don't. They become free accounts.
  19. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: You can't wear traditional mesh clothing because it goes under your mesh body onto the underlying legacy avatar. I may be wrong, but when she says "traditional mesh clothing" I suspect she was referring to "rigged mesh" as opposed to "fitted mesh". In which case, when wearing "rigged mesh" clothing, it is possible to wear it on a fitted mesh body and then adjust the shape of the breasts to fit the clothing better and reduce the need for the alpha hud.
  20. MommysPrincessRuby wrote: Outside of the maker having to change the whole alpha table is there something I can do to wear these clothes? And I suppose since I'm here, with a mesh body, can I wear "classic" mesh clothing or just the fitted mesh?? Yes, there IS something you can do to help you fit into mesh clothing better. When you say "classic" mesh I assume you mean "rigged" mesh that comes in the standard sizes (eg XS, S, M, L, XL). (I think Jetaime thought you meant the classic system layer clothing, which cannot be worn on any mesh body). When using a fitted mesh body that doesn't have clothing specifically designed for it, your best option is to probably try wearing mesh clothing that comes in the 'standard sizes'. Pick the size which most closely matches yours, and then try adjusting your breast shape. You've got three sliders to work with to alter the size, lift and cleavage (or size, gravity and join as it's called on the appearance editor). Adjust your breast shape and in many cases, when wearing "classic" standard clothing, you can probably fit them into the clothing without needed the alpha at all, although just hiding the nipples might help you fit more snuggly. Detach your physics though if you wear any! Or your breasts will bounce and clip through your clothing when you move. Fitted mesh on the otherhand maybe harder - unlike rigged mesh, fitted mesh adjusts to your breast size when you use those sliders, which in theory means that if doesn't fit then it never will. However, it can sometimes still make a difference as the clothing may stretch differnetly to the way the body breasts do, so is still worth trying. It's also worth trying the clothing made for the other mesh bodies. Sometimes they can fit other mesh bodies reasonable well (with a little help from your alpha hud if needed). But as always - try DEMOS first! ETA: If adjusting your body this way to fit clothing, save your shape as a new version and keep it with the outfit so that you've still got your original shape to go back to.
  21. If you look in the same folder the head is in then there are some instructions in there on how to deal with hair... I'm going to assume for now that the hair is RIGGED mesh. If so, you can alter the size (and therefore the fit) of the hair by going into 'edit appearance' and making your default avatar head larger. Doing this WON'T affect the M3 head - you are basically enlarging the standard LL avatar head, which in this case should be invisible if you are wearing the alpha layer provided, and so you should only see an effect on the hair. On the other hand, if the hair is UNRIGGED then you can just adjust the position and - if it's mod - resize it until it fits by right-clicking on it and selecting 'edit' (alternatively it may contain a script to let you resize it via a menu). ...
  22. Prokofy Neva wrote: Each one is more gruesome than the next. Surely that rather depends on which order you view them. If you go through them in the opposite order you did, then I dare say each one is less gruesome than the last. Try that.
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