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  1. Alright I'll do that. Thanks
  2. Hi So there really is no way around it and the only thing to do is to store it in a folder and never ever move it away from that specific folder?
  3. I hope one day SL allow us to sent the priority not only for the second owner but also for the third owner. So one could buy a full perm animation or mesh or whatever and would not have to turn down the permission to Copy, Mod, No Trans for example.... it would be that way at purchase.
  4. Hello, I figured how to make seams, unwrap, export my UV map, play in photoshop and then use my photoshopped image on my mesh in blender. Now the thing is it still look on my computer for the texture so if I deleted It from my desktop it's gone in blender to. How can I keep it in blender even tho I delete it from my computer?
  5. Thank you for your replies. I'll sit down and read those links. And actually, I guess I'm more at the UV unwrapping stage right now. I have my mesh model and this is where I am pretty much.
  6. So I'm glad to realize I'm now able to make basic objects that actully look good. That's a big step I'd say. Today I try to make shadow maps I can use in SL and I'm struggling with that quite a bit. I can assign faces to my items and that's it. Does anyone know a good step by step guide that can walk me through this process?
  7. To see the physic shape helped a lot! I tried to reproduce each of your examples, Drongle. To see the physic helped a lot and I could figure out a few things so that's great . How you did the last one is unclear to me tho and I couldn't do that one. How do you know the physic weight of each of them after upload?
  8. wow you two are awesome. Tomorrow, first hour in the morning I am trying all that and I give you updates. Thanks lot!
  9. Hi and thanks for your help I'm still working on this and I must admit I didn't see much progress. I'm trying again with something even more simple: 6 cubes. I also have another cube I use for my physic shape. Once in the mesh upload window I do the following: Under Level of Detail: I chose high. Under Physics: At setp 1 I chose "From File" and I then chose my simple cube I want to use as physic. At step 2 I chose solid and I analyze At step 3 I chose "Retain%", I then chose the retain 100 for retain 1 and I click on simplif
  10. As a practice I uploaded a simple mesh item: A cube with 2 missing faces so I can walk in. I want the faces to be solid but to be able to walk in it. Right now the best I get is a phantom like object I can walk through. anyone know what I could do to achieve what I want instead?
  11. Hello, I'm having a hard time searching MP today. I'm looking for full perm mesh shoe made for deco rather than made to wear. Shoes made to wear are usually high prim and I just can't have that to make a nice display in a store. Does anyone know of full perm mesh shoe on MP that are near the 1-2 prims? Or shoe made to wear but that also come with a low prim display version?
  12. Just a quick note for club & public place owners to let them know Bad Eddy's Sex Furnitures is currently looking at adding a few names to the list of places we sponsor. So if you think you can use a new sponsor for your events, just IM Badeddy for more information. Cheer
  13. Some people see particles rope very well without breaking and for others, the same rope keeps breaking. Besside max particle count, what can affect the way we see those particle ropes and chains?
  14. On the banner of my store and in the description of most of my item you can read: Leave a review and get a 250L gift card. Since my items are pretty much all 1000L and up and since you can only use 1 of them per purchase, I can't risk much here. Doing this I got way more review over the last 6 months than I got in the last 2 years. On and as a bonus, people return to my shop to spend the gift card.
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