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  1. I think the more we reveal of our real selves to others, the more self-conscious and embarrassed we can become of the things we say and do. They know that you know, and so will always feel that whatever they do as women, they will be judged as men playing the part. Just continuing to call them 'she' will make no difference to that.
  2. There used to be (and may still be) a 'voice verified' group where the only criteria for being a member was payment of the group fee.
  3. Did you at least try clearing your inventory cache as I suggested above? You should maybe give that a go before chasing up LL, as I'm sure it's the first thing they'll tell you to do anyway. If you do it now and it doesn't work, you can at least say to them "Yeah, tried that already and stuff is still missing"! 😊
  4. It's always been free as far as I am aware - and not just on the Marketplace as some have pointed out. I often used to see it available from various newbie support regions. Selling it for any price and expecting people to pay to opt out of a game they don't want to be part of would be unreasonable I think - especially when the newbies most likely to be pestered by 'spampires' might not have any Lindens yet. I'll add though - it has been a loooong time since I encountered a spampire, and very rare for me to (knowingly) encounter anyone playing Bloodlines, to the point where I thought it was no longer a thing! I did however add the Fangs object to my block list some time ago, so maybe that's why, although I would have thought it would have been updated to a newer version long before now (which wouldn't be on my block list). It's also a long time since I travelled SL as a newbie - maybe my experience would be different again if I did!
  5. If you buy and wear any of the HUDS - including the human one - you have registered with the Bloodlines game database so yes, they ARE part of the game.
  6. And that's free yeah? No-one has to pay for it and when I use it my soul is 'mine' again to give to whoever I choose, as simple as that? If I can't and it's not and I have to pay just to get my virtual soul back then that means I don't get to play the game on my terms. Why should anybody have to pick up from when they accepted some random bite? Yes I can. I just buy the HUD I want surely. The point is it should be opt-in, not opt-out. Nobody should have to use a tool of the game to not play the game.
  7. So if as a newbie I accepted a bite not really knowing what it was all about, and then two years later decide I want to play Bloodlines, I assume I can just easily get my "soul" back and start afresh playing the game on my terms right?
  8. Clearing your inventory cache may be all you need to do to recover your lost inventory items. If you logged out of SL while your inventory was in the process of updating, it is possible that your inventory cache has become corrupted. If you are lucky and that is the case, you can fix it and recover your lost items by logging into SL and clearing your inventory cache. Log out after selecting clear inventory cache, then log back in to a quiet, empty sim (under water ones are good) and wait without doing much until your inventory is repopulated. With any luck, your stuff will be back. Some instructions and advice on how to clear your inventory cache here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Inventory_loss Some more specific instructions for Firestorm users: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_missing_inventory If that doesn't work, then hopefully LL can get back in touch and have a means to roll back your inventory.
  9. Check that you are logged in on the same account on both the Marketplace and the main SL website. If you are not, the MP will prevent you from making your purchase. ETA: which is basically what @Gregorian Chant just said, although the main SL site and the MP pay no attention which account you are logged in on for the forum - the forum seems to be treated totally independently.
  10. I possibly wasn't clear enough - I'm specifically referring to listings like the 'Chompy tail gacha' you linked to (and sorry, I credited finding the link to Alwin, not yourself). https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Tardfish-Chompy-Tail-Gacha-V2-1-Play/18628355?id=18628355&slug=Tardfish-Chompy-Tail-Gacha-V2-1-Play That's a gacha machine (or playable gacha as another listing calls it), so it is NOT a limited item like gacha items. In fact, you can probably purchase from it an infinite amount of times, like inworld gacha machines. I'm saying those are not a problem as far as our search results go. It shows up just the once. The filter is designed to get rid of all the individual resale gacha items because THOSE are the annoying ones, not listings like this one. If we're wanting the filter to get rid of these type of listings as well, then we are are losing sight of what the point of the filter is in the first place. However, if there are resellers selling individual resale gacha items and bypassing listing them as Limited Quantity, then I agree that's an abuse of the system and a problem, but it's a different issue.
  11. I think this is making an issue out of something that isn't an issue - the Limited Quantities filter is to filter out all those MULTIPLES of individual resale gacha items which pollute our search results (with emphasis on resale). It's all those multiples of items polluting our search results that is the problem, not gacha items per se. On the other hand, the random purchase marketplace gachas you pointed out to us DO NOT list multiples of times - they are not limited items sold by resellers, so there is only one listing per gacha. It only shows up ONCE, so they are NOT polluting our search results any more than any other type of item - in fact probably considerably less than a shirt available in twenty different colours - so basically their presence is a non issue. There is a difference between gacha items and gacha machines. Gacha items are the obnoxious listings on the MP we want to filter out. Gacha machines on the MP are not the problem saturating our search results.
  12. Is it the error message that goes "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered"? I get that from time to time as I'm sure many other people do. It means your graphics card reached a moment where it just couldn't cope with something. I'd say it's totally unrelated to the problems you're having with your vanishing hair bangs - that's a bug in SL that many people experience from time to time regardless of which viewer they are using. To minimise the chances of crashing and getting the error message you could try lowering some of your Firestorm graphics settings and not have a lot of other software applications open at the same time in the background. Also make sure your graphics card driver is up to date. That sounds like it could be a connection issue. Sometimes that just happens and there's not much you can do about, but it might be worth checking your bandwidth settings on Firestorm are suitable for your connection to lower the chances of it happening: Some advice about how to do that on the Firestorm wiki: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_speedtest
  13. Lol. Okay no worries. Makes more sense now! ... and I thought you'd just moved on to a more general response when you got the Firestorm stuff. So now I wrote out that response for nothing! Oh well... 😊
  14. I second this. I found that a bit irritating too.
  15. To give a little bit more detail about the problem the OP was experiencing. To point out that it has been around for some time now. To point out that it's specific to unrigged mesh attachments and to point out that it's not the same issue as attachments becoming detached like at sim crossings, which this thread started quickly talking about. You know, to maybe try and offer a bit of clarity on what the problem is and is not - that way we can all be sure we're talking about the same issue. I made no suggestion one way or another on what I thought about LL's bug-fixing priorities or lack thereof, which for some reason it seems you're implying I'm supposed to be making a point about. Quick reminder of what the OP asked: "I been noticing the Bangs disappearing during after teleporting somewhere. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue," You want a 'point' to my post? The point was to respond by saying "yes, I and other people have been experiencing this for many years now. It's not just you".
  16. I know - but how do you define "Gacha"? How can the marketplace know that the limited quantity, once used item a person wants to put on the MP for resale is from a gacha? And why should so-called gacha items and not other things be specifically singled out for this kind of treatment? Like I say - Gachas don't technically exist on the MP (gachas are the machine, not the item) - the giraffe plushy bought inworld from a virtual gacha machine is just a giraffe plushy once it's for resale on the marketplace. Perhaps an alternative filter would be one where you can show only limited quantity items that are (or originally were) limited to two or above.
  17. If I understand @PatricaC's issue correctly, I think this is a long-standing issue specifically with UNRIGGED attachments (of which the add-on hair bangs most likely are), and is totally different to the loss of attachments that can often be experienced at sim crossings. Basically the unrigged attachment just becomes invisible after a teleport. Right clicking on the item or zooming out and back in again usually fixes it. Or it just pops back in later of its own accord. No need to relog usually. It's an issue that's been around for at least as long as I've been in SL. Generally it's only happening in your own viewer - you look fine to anyone else (or rather if you don't look fine to other people, it's probably in a different way and for different reasons! 😄 )
  18. Yeah. I've given up flagging creators for keyword spam. Life is too short! Especially when it rarely seems to have any effect anyway. I wish there was a way to explain in the flagging report exactly what keywords you are reporting and why, because I'm sure in some cases the member of staff doesn't know SL and that some of the words are names of specific mesh bodies. Either that or I've reported so many at once that they think I'm a rival spitefully trying to get their stuff taken down!
  19. I'd say most people aren't looking for those limited editions though. For the majority of people who are tired of getting page after page of gachas in their new releases searches, filtering out limited quantity items clears your marketplace searches of those results overnight - just by picking one radio button. So the benefits outweigh the disadvantages of any edge cases. Aside from adding a category for Gacha, which LL have already done, I don't see what much else they can do. How do you distinguish between what is a gacha item and what isn't a gacha other than using a category? The thing is - there is no such thing as gacha on the marketplace. Gacha isn't an object type that can be separated out from everything else by the MP. "Gacha" is just a buzzword, which can only be selected by the reseller if they choose to. As far as the MP is concerned it is indistinguishable from any other kind of resealable object/used item. How do you isolate them? Also, on the marketplace, the randomisation aspect of the purchase is removed - so technically they are no longer 'gachas' anyway. They are just 'used items', capable of being resold like most other used items. So why should there be specific 'discrimination' against something called a gacha compared to any other type of content?
  20. Which is a reason why I think the 'last names' thing is just the current 'hook' and marketing used by the announcement. But this isn't the re-introduction of last names per-see (although a last name with be available for those ho want one) - the bigger part of the feature is the introduction of the facility to change your name. Including - if I've understood it all correctly - the choice to not have a last name at all, even if you have one already. It's for two demographics, of which I suspect the latter is going to be the bigger appeal for many: 1. Those who desire a last name 2. Those who want to just change their name
  21. This is going forward. Having the option to change our usernames will be a totally a new feature which has never been offered before.
  22. You can absolutely 'be', or rp, a babygirl without having to enter into a relationship with anybody. If you want, your 'daddy' can just be a fictional character, a figment of your imagination who nobody ever meets. This is Second Life after all - "Your world, your imagination' as the tagline goes. "Be what you want to be" was another.
  23. Some creators create 'limited edition' products that could be anything from just one available or, say, 500 copies and then they are gone - and @Selene Gregoire is right when she says that the 'Limited Quantity' option will filter out those items as well. Some full-perm products also get offered in limited quantities (ETA: As @steeljane42 just said).
  24. Tick boxes rely on sellers ticking them! Which is arguably why we have some of the issues we have now... Also, what is 'non-mesh'? Prims and its derivatives? Classic clothing layers? Textures? Do we need to divide 'non-mesh' into a big list of further tick boxes?! Besides, if you mean 'made from prims' then many non-mesh items are old. How do you retrospectively apply such a categorisation to those items without the seller updating each thing individually?
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