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  1. I would DEFINITELY jump at the chance to get a Premium home if that's what was on offer. Add me to the queue now!
  2. I don't know what message people receive when they get a bite request these days, but an inexperienced newbie (or even an inexperienced oldbie!) who accepts the bite in a "oh this is fun!" sort of way might not know what the full ramifications of accepting a bite request entails. It might not affect their SL avatar per se, but it may affect on what terms they themselves get to play the vampire game if they chose to do so at some future time. By which I mean, for example, that they might find that their 'soul' is already no longer theirs and is owned by some random stranger they met two years ago. I know I'd be annoyed if, at the point I decided to start playing a game, I then found out that I've actually already unknowingly been playing it for some time already and get told I might have to buy my 'soul' back from the random stranger who took it from me. Note: none of this has ever happened to me and I've never played the game, but I've heard stories along those lines before.
  3. Ah but.. he didn't say it took a full 19 hours. He's only informing us of his success 19 hours later. For all you or I know, he found his sub five minutes after his initial posting, and then was inundated with messages during the night while he slept. Hopefully his capped IMs go to email.
  4. Personally I'd rather hosts did that anyway, whether I have a squiggly name or not - being greeted directly by name the moment I arrive on the sim is on my list of pet peeves. It's even worse when it turns out I'm the only arrival. It feels like an emotional manipulation 'trap' designed to make me feel too uncomfortable to just leave! Really I just wanted to blend into the background and listen to some music, but now I feel like I have to make small talk, discuss the weather where I am and talk about cats and that sort of thing. So I make my excuses and get away as soon as I can "Oops I think I left the oven on. See ya later! Bye!" At least if it's a busy club I can sneak right back out of the back door without anybody really noticing.
  5. Oops. Apologies. I didn't realise there was history and I didn't mean to cause offence. Yes.. my post was meant in jest - a joke in which I was presenting myself with faux ignorance and to be laughed at for suggesting the moles even remotely needed my advice and guidance. I'm fully aware that they don't need it! I wasn't trying to patronise them; rather I myself was meant to be the butt of the joke. I put a smiley at the bottom of my post, but I guess it wasn't enough to set my intended tone. I wasn't aware there was a history of actual mole harassment and that is certainly not something I intended to be dismissive of. Again I apologise. I intended no offence to the moles or anyone.
  6. Uh? What... ?! I'm just trying to be helpful... 🤪
  7. Well... if the moles feel they are getting harassed then they can file an abuse report. If they're not sure how, guidance is available here: 😊
  8. You can't get the builds themselves, but all the textures and sculpty maps for each of the homes on the Premium regions are available at the corresponding info hubs. With those it shouldn't be too difficult to at least build approximations of the houses. The flat-roofed Meadowbrook houses should be a doddle!
  9. I don't know. I thought I'd seen other people refer to them as 'he', but if I'm wrong then my apologies to @Grumpity Linden I can't see anything on their profile to confirm one way or another. Maybe Grumpity prefers gender neutrality.
  10. It's the middle of the night in Linden Land. Grumpity is probably tucked up in bed by now. I'm surprised he posted and responded in this thread when he did - on a Sunday night no less! Now that's commitment!
  11. I'd go one further and say that I doubt very much that it would even matter if it did deliver something to your inventory. There are no rules which prevent users with child avatars having adult products in their inventory. People with child avatars can purchase the dirtiest and most sordid products available on the Marketplace, and it still won't be against the TOS. Rezzing them inworld and using them however would be a different matter. That's assuming of course they are using their child avatar at the time, which they might not be. Because there is no such thing as a child avatar account, only child avatars, and one can switch avatars from one thing to another at a whim. The contents of the inventory belong to the account holder, not the 'child avatar'. Users are under no obligation to have a separate account just to have a child avatar. Besides, how is anybody going to AR someone for what they have in their inventory? Only the account holder knows what is in there.
  12. It's not (as far as I'm aware) in the viewer preferences - it's a 'My Second Life' privacy setting you access from the Second Life website (via the dashboard) at https://my.secondlife.com/settings/privacy You can set it to be viewed by 'Everyone', 'Second Life' or 'Friends'. I looked up the OP using Firestorm 'legacy' profiles, and the Picks tab says 'user has no pics', so either they removed them all or the setting does work on legacy profiles. On web profiles the tab just doesn't exist for those people Picks are hidden from.
  13. I'm curious why you'd want security on your Linden home anyway? Who are you trying to keep out? I'm wondering if you're preempting something that barely ever happens anyway. I've hardly ever seen more than three or four people on premium home regions and most, if not all, of those lived there. Your neighbours are the least likely to come wandering in uninvited. I doubt you really need ban lines (which are ugly), and a security orb is probably an unnecessary expense. It's going to be very rare you get random 'explorers' turning up on on the classic premium home lands wandering into people's houses. Any notion that there are hoards of trolls and griefers wandering those lands to wreak havoc by invading residents' homes is just a myth, and just locking your doors will probably deter most genuine newbies should one show up (although newbies turning up is even less likely). In the very rare event that you DO find someone coming into your home while you are there, ask them politely to leave and if they don't you can eject and ban them. Which is much more satisfying
  14. ...and unless you're a Catholic, and then there is NEVER an age at which you can do it unashamedly .
  15. I think it's a case of saying it's okay to consent to sex at 16, but you have to do it shamefully. Only once you're 18 are you allowed to do it unashamedly.
  16. Interesting. How do they define 'commercial' I wonder? If we were to take that statement at face value, I'm guessing it means all the free porn is unaffected. So it's no help at all.
  17. I could be wrong, but I think one of the options available will be the choice to not change your name if you're happy with the one you've already got. It will probably be free as well!
  18. Probably nothing. They're just not thinking at all. Which is the problem. I'd hazard a guess that some of them do all of their work with their sun position set permanently to midday and remain oblivious to what it looks like at night.
  19. That might be because some creators have a habit of making things 'full bright', without considering if it makes sense to do that.
  20. Sure, but even the default Kemono is not exactly skinny in the hips and thighs area. Plus the problem is compounded by the Kemono's use of a scripted deformer which basically 'squashes' the shoulders (and therefore the arms) closer together. So it's almost guaranteed the hands are going to clip through the sides.
  21. Sounds similar to my approach. I usually wander using region settings so that I get to see a sim the way the owner intended (an apocalyptic sim will often already have a suitable windlight for example). But if it just uses the standard SL daylight settings or I just don't like the choice of windlight, then in those moments I pick a windlight I like better.
  22. I'm not sure what you're saying. What's a 'full' AO? Oracul AOs are also full AOs and cost up to about L$600 for Bento. From 200 to 300 for non-Bento. But still 'full' AOs Tutys are 'full' AOs and cost from around L$450 to L$950 for Bento (and less for non-Bento) Voir AOs cost no more than L$399 for a full, complete Bento AO. Those are all full AOs, often mocap, complete with stands, walks, sits, ground sits and all the rest. You don't have to pay upwards of L$2000 for a decent AO.
  23. Akeyo are good but I suspect they cost quite a lot more than someone who was looking at Oracul AOs would be wanting to pay. I did a quick MP search and Voir AOs - including a Bento shy girl AO for curvy girls - actually cost less than Daiz Papp's Oracul sets (the Bento ones anyway). But if money isn't an issue then I think VISTA also do something.
  24. Possibly. I've noticed that even some of the skinniest shapes are too curvy for some of the Oracul AOs in that regard. Especially on hands on hips/resting behind the back type poses. If you know what you're doing, you could just take the animations which don't suit you out of the AO. Or check out Tutys and Voir - I think they do some AOs better suited to curvy avatars. They cost more than the Oracul AOs, but quite a bit less than some of the other names.
  25. Did you demo it using the same avatar and with the same body shape you're using now? Differences in shape - eg things like arm length, shoulder width and body fat - can make all the difference to how compatible with an AO it is.
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