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  1. Will it auto-refund after each teleport fail?
  2. I just mean don't worry about it anymore, and don't worry about what might happen next or what the motives of the reviewer were. And don't let one bad review put you off Second Life!
  3. You're not being very clear about what your current issue is. Or you're over thinking it. You've reported the inappropriate review, the best thing now is to just move on.
  4. Then you've done everything you need to do. Just wait now and if LL agree that it's not an appropriate review then it will be removed and you don't have to worry.
  5. Oh I see. Basically somebody gave you a bad review. If the review is not appropriate to the product, then just use the channels available to report it to Linden Lab to have it removed. Edit: and you just posted to say that's what you've done.
  6. @KennyChidorieAre you basically trying to find out if someone else has been logging in on your account? If you're worried they have, the first thing you should do is change your password before they do. There isn't, at least as far as I am aware, any specific feature which lists all log-ins to your account. I think the nearest we have to such a thing is the files in our chat logs. Those should be date stamped with the last time you logged in, but they might be of no help at all if the other person is logging in on a different computer. Those chat logs and files will be saved on their
  7. I thought most of the existing bodies were already doing this one way or the other.
  8. Is it different in the way that Google+ was like, totally different to Facebook? Google+ had "circles" while Facebook has "friends" Or in the way McDowell's is nothing like McDonald's? McDonald’s has the golden arches, McDowell’s has the golden arcs. McDonald’s has the Big Mac, but McDowell’s has the Big Mick. Totally different.
  9. As a topic aside: on a personal note I'd rather pay L$5000 for a product fewer people might have than L$1 for something everybody is going to have. I want to try and look less like everybody else, not like a clone of everybody else.
  10. Possibly. I think the lowest default on Firestorm is a LOD of 2.0, which could make all the difference, although you might find your avatar is still noticeably naked from a few metres away, just not quite so few.
  11. That sounds more like bad LOD. To test it, set your LOD to 1.125 (the default) and zoom out three metres. If your clothes disappear, my unsolicited advice is to make a note of the creator and don't buy from them again! It's bad design, not a glitch.
  12. Yeah but the original scripts are not canon...
  13. Introducing more stringent measures probably wouldn't change that.
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