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  1. Others have already mentioned the Christmas/winter gifts, but there was also Halloween decorating gifts available last September:
  2. I'm here because I took an active interest. I'm not talking about me. I'm not whinging about anything. I'm making an objective point.
  3. If they want to know what? How can they know that they want to know if they don't know about it? Why should they be interested in the first place? Probably most people don't take an ACTIVE interest in all the latest SL developments. And why should they? They just want log in and enjoy their time in SL. However, like many people, they may find they DO take an interest if they PASSIVELY encounter it. "I've got a great new product - but I'm not going to make the effort to promote it to you - I'm just going to rely on you wanting to know about it. Even though you don't know about it." You're asking people to take an active interest in something that they have no reason to take an active interest in.
  4. Sure - IF you go and look for them. But the point in the first place is that people don't do that - and why should they? So the suggestion was that any latest news should be presented in the viewer when you open it - because everybody does that already.
  5. I'm fairly confident that reproduction of song lyrics would technically be an infringement of copyright.
  6. At best I think the only exclusivity one could have to a name is if it's something you have successfully taken out as a trademark. Of course, if you've done that, then you probably shouldn't be submitting it as a suggestion in a contest.
  7. lol. I'm not sure if you're agreeing with my point or not! Or just expanding on what I said. I'm not passing any judgment on the fantasy 'real' lives people create for themselves as part of their Second Life personas, I'm just saying that there is more than just gender where people doing that... and that they may then feel embarrassed/self-conscious or whatever if they were to be found out. Just like guys playing as women might feel once people know the truth. It was a specific response to something @Luna Bliss said.
  8. That's true to a point - obviously it's not possible to convince somebody you really are a non-human creature or some mythical being because everybody knows that can't be true. But rich man? Or bank robber? A doctor? A fireman maybe? Different ethnicity? Disabled? ....Age? These are just a few examples of things other than just the opposite gender that some people might want us to believe is also true about their RL and might 'freak out' or feel uncomfortable if people were to find out the truth. ...and few people ask for verification of those things.
  9. I think the more we reveal of our real selves to others, the more self-conscious and embarrassed we can become of the things we say and do. They know that you know, and so will always feel that whatever they do as women, they will be judged as men playing the part. Just continuing to call them 'she' will make no difference to that.
  10. There used to be (and may still be) a 'voice verified' group where the only criteria for being a member was payment of the group fee.
  11. Did you at least try clearing your inventory cache as I suggested above? You should maybe give that a go before chasing up LL, as I'm sure it's the first thing they'll tell you to do anyway. If you do it now and it doesn't work, you can at least say to them "Yeah, tried that already and stuff is still missing"! 😊
  12. It's always been free as far as I am aware - and not just on the Marketplace as some have pointed out. I often used to see it available from various newbie support regions. Selling it for any price and expecting people to pay to opt out of a game they don't want to be part of would be unreasonable I think - especially when the newbies most likely to be pestered by 'spampires' might not have any Lindens yet. I'll add though - it has been a loooong time since I encountered a spampire, and very rare for me to (knowingly) encounter anyone playing Bloodlines, to the point where I thought it was no longer a thing! I did however add the Fangs object to my block list some time ago, so maybe that's why, although I would have thought it would have been updated to a newer version long before now (which wouldn't be on my block list). It's also a long time since I travelled SL as a newbie - maybe my experience would be different again if I did!
  13. If you buy and wear any of the HUDS - including the human one - you have registered with the Bloodlines game database so yes, they ARE part of the game.
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