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  1. Okay... I'm a little confused about what the problem is and even more confused about Alyona's answer! 😆 What do you mean by 'alpha layer'? Are you referring to the system clothing layer used to hide parts of your body? For instance so that you can wear the boots without the feet and parts of the legs showing through? When you're adding the skirt and the top, are these mesh items or 'classic' clothing layers? As far as I am aware, there are no limits to how many alpha layers you can wear (it used to be 5 of each type of clothing layer, which included alpha layers), although I think there is a maximum amount of clothing layers you can wear in total. However, to wear more than one alpha layer, then you have to use 'Add'. If you select 'Wear' then this will replace any layer of the same type. Adding or even 'wearing' any other system clothing layer that isn't an alpha layer (eg pants, shirt, jacket etc) shouldn't be removing any alpha layers. On the otherhand, if the top and skirt are mesh items, and you are added them to your avatar by 'wearing', and not 'adding', the folder they are contained in, then that will apply any alpha layers contained in the folder and replace any other alpha layer you were wearing. In a nutshell - "Add" don't "Wear"... unless your problem is something completely different that has gone over my head!
  2. From an individual's point of view, there is no 'fulfilling' - only 'fulfilled' or 'not fulfilled'. They have either 'got' or 'not got'. There is not transitory period. Arguably the promise should be fulfilled at the point of purchase, or no money taken until the promise can be fulfilled. Not keeping up with the high demand is LL's problem. It should not be the customer's problem. It shouldn't be a lottery at all. And if you signed up for quarterly - a three month period - and three months later you still can't get one of the new homes, then effectively you DIDN'T get one at all!
  3. Surely the issue is that it shouldn't be a lottery. People are not buying lottery tickets. They are not paying money to LL to enter a competition in the hope that they win a home. They expected to just get one. Is it an unreasonable expectation? "Sign-up for Premium and with any luck you might get one of the new homes we've rolled out" is not how it was 'sold' at the time. People were signing up for Premium and paying money to Linden Lab on the basis of getting a new 1024 plot and a home. That's how it was promoted to them. "Are you ready for your new life on the Bellisseria continent? Now may be the perfect time to upgrade to Premium! Your new home is waiting for you!" is how it was stated on the original announcement - no suggestion of waiting times and pot luck! It was available now and waiting for you! Just pay your money. (Although in fairness the blog post has since at least been updated to say they are all sold out!) So if someone has signed up for a quarterly account on the back of being able to get one of the new homes and three months later still haven't been able to simply and easily get the home they were promised, it's understandable that they're naturally going to feel aggrieved and feel that they've wasted their money - should they then renew their membership having already not been able to access what they thought they'd paid for already? With that in mind, are members entitled to a refund if the service they signed up for cannot be delivered in full? Or is there a proviso in the TOS when you sign up which states that the new homes are 'subject to availability'? If not maybe there should be!
  4. The first sentence states "We are updating the PayPal agreements listed below for all PayPal users in Canada" So it's possibly something unique to Canadian customers. Outside Canada we won't get the email.
  5. Well... if you teleported onto exactly the same spot as them so that both of you were existing in the same space at the same time, then the universe would probably implode or something. So it's best all round that you land on their head.
  6. More seriously... it's possible somebody was around at the moment you logged in. It sounds to me like what you may have seen was somebody's attachments 'floating' around before they had fully rezzed for you, like a set or bracelets or rings. Sometimes these attachments can be huge before they finally settle down in their correct positions on the avatar. They possibly teleported away before you got the chance to look around on your radar.
  7. wesleytron

    Help Please

    You can't. It's not currently possible to change your username. There are however plans to introduce it as a feature, but that is still in development and isn't showing any signs of becoming available any time soon.
  8. I think he's presenting a hypothetical/roleplay situation, one in which 'you' could be that girl that succumbs to his charms and is excited about building a serious relationship with. At least that's how I interpreted it anyway.
  9. People whose only contribution to local chat is to comment on how nobody is talking in local chat.
  10. I would DEFINITELY jump at the chance to get a Premium home if that's what was on offer. Add me to the queue now!
  11. I don't know what message people receive when they get a bite request these days, but an inexperienced newbie (or even an inexperienced oldbie!) who accepts the bite in a "oh this is fun!" sort of way might not know what the full ramifications of accepting a bite request entails. It might not affect their SL avatar per se, but it may affect on what terms they themselves get to play the vampire game if they chose to do so at some future time. By which I mean, for example, that they might find that their 'soul' is already no longer theirs and is owned by some random stranger they met two years ago. I know I'd be annoyed if, at the point I decided to start playing a game, I then found out that I've actually already unknowingly been playing it for some time already and get told I might have to buy my 'soul' back from the random stranger who took it from me. Note: none of this has ever happened to me and I've never played the game, but I've heard stories along those lines before.
  12. Ah but.. he didn't say it took a full 19 hours. He's only informing us of his success 19 hours later. For all you or I know, he found his sub five minutes after his initial posting, and then was inundated with messages during the night while he slept. Hopefully his capped IMs go to email.
  13. Personally I'd rather hosts did that anyway, whether I have a squiggly name or not - being greeted directly by name the moment I arrive on the sim is on my list of pet peeves. It's even worse when it turns out I'm the only arrival. It feels like an emotional manipulation 'trap' designed to make me feel too uncomfortable to just leave! Really I just wanted to blend into the background and listen to some music, but now I feel like I have to make small talk, discuss the weather where I am and talk about cats and that sort of thing. So I make my excuses and get away as soon as I can "Oops I think I left the oven on. See ya later! Bye!" At least if it's a busy club I can sneak right back out of the back door without anybody really noticing.
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