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  1. Can I have my age reduced as well please? Thank you.
  2. And for some us, we live in an area where there is no mobile/cellphone reception, so it's not an option.
  3. All those people logging in to make their last-minute gacha purchases must have overloaded the whole system.
  4. Scripts have their own permissions. You can put a no-mod script in a mod item and the script will still be no-mod. The item itself will still remain mod, which means I can delete that script if I want (or even put my own in!), but I won't be able to open the script itself in a way that will show me the contents.
  5. They are, but not because the purchase of Kinder eggs is considered gambling. It's because confectionery cannot contain “non-nutritive objects” under US regulations.
  6. If you haven't got a transaction history in your viewer, I suspect it just means you've always acknowledged every payment as and when you have received it.
  7. To be clear - I'm talking about the transaction history in the viewer (and specifically in Firestorm - other viewers may do the same, but I can't verify), not the one available via the account dashboard. I think payments only become part of the viewer's transaction history if you do NOT click on the 'OK' pop-up for each payment. It stores them until you acknowledge/delete them.
  8. Unless it's a different issue, there is a 'normal' thing where un-deleted payments in the viewer transaction history keep getting added to IMs. So along the lines of what @Karly Kiyori said, check your 'Transactions History' tab in the viewer. If it's what I think, the list you showed is NOT actually payments from over the years - it's probably just the SAME single recent payment (or collection of payments) repeating in the chat each time you open it, making it look like a lot more. While ever the transactions history tab shows any transactions, it will keep repeating them in any IM chat you open with the person who paid them to you. So even if it's just ONE payment listed, it will keep adding it to your chat each new session. Delete it (or any others) from your transaction history, and they will stop repeatedly getting added to the IM chat window.
  9. Hmmm! I don't think I'd heard of that before now. Maybe kind of like Tiny Empires I suppose? Only less specifically medieval! Although I more imagine 'Third Life' to be just like Second Life. It's what my avatar 'plays' in - not me! 😛 But I'm up for layers of metaverses within metaverses!
  10. Surely 'Third Life' would be the virtual world in which our avatars play?
  11. For some clubs they do it in the hope you might feel the urge to do some shopping and spend your Lindens in the various stores on the looooong walk there.
  12. I just do both anyway, regardless of what they say (unless they specifically say NOT to do a thing). Write the IM about my issue, add a reference in my IM that I've sent a notecard, copy it all into the notecard (minus the bit about referring to me also sending a notecard because that would be silly), post the IM, and then send the notecard as well.
  13. Hey! I never said it was MY unpopular opinion! I just wondered if it was the OP's.
  14. As a guide it's a BIG fail I think for simply not including the Tonic mesh bodies, which are as well supported if not more so than some of the ones they have chosen to include. But somehow SKING is on there? I can't see how anybody can put together a guide to Second Life mesh bodies and not include them (there are other omissions of course, but Tonic is a major one)
  15. I see. I figure those opinions must include more than you like pineapple on pizza and they don't.
  16. And that's happening in your REAL life is it? Not in Second Life? You're being ostracised by the people where you're from because of where you are from?
  17. You say you did understand, but this to me reads like you don't. I don't think anybody is is talking about not sharing these aspects of themselves with people they have a trusting relationship with (which they can do in a virtual world without having to share important details about their real lives), they're talking about people they know in real life finding these things out who they don't have that trusting relationship with. Which is what they are saying could happen if they give out too much information to some stranger in SL they only just met who asks for it. Like real name, social media accounts etc. Let's say for the sake of argument you love nothing more than acting out long-held fantasies of golden showers and incest in this virtual space. Are you suggesting you'd be fine with your mother, your father, your sister, your friends, your boss and your work colleagues all finding that out about you? You wouldn't be concerned about how THEY might judge you? It doesn't have to be just about kinks and fetishes though. How about, just hypothetically speaking, you're homosexual or transgendered in a part of the world where you might be ostracised, punished or even fear for your life if people knew? Surely you would not want all the people around you in real life knowing that?
  18. I think maybe you're misunderstanding the context. We're talking about not wanting the people we know in REAL LIFE finding out about things we may do or the ways we may choose express ourselves in Second Life. It's our secret, to be shared only with those ALSO in SL we choose to share them with. But if we start sharing our RL information with those in-world 'friends', then there is a risk that THEY might then use that to share what they know about us with the people we know in real life. Which is the point I think @Sapphire Dakota was originally making.
  19. Because the type of things someone might be happy to share and indulge in openly within an online environment might not be the type of things they would want to share with their family, friends and work colleagues - so they definitely don't want to risk somebody else sharing it on their behalf.
  20. Will it auto-refund after each teleport fail?
  21. I just mean don't worry about it anymore, and don't worry about what might happen next or what the motives of the reviewer were. And don't let one bad review put you off Second Life!
  22. You're not being very clear about what your current issue is. Or you're over thinking it. You've reported the inappropriate review, the best thing now is to just move on.
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