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  1. This is exactly the problem though. Person A: ''Thats a teen avatar'' Person B: ''Are you blind? I'm a young adult'' You cannot draw the line very clearly between what is a teen avatar and what is not. Since we all don't want to look like 30, 40 or 50+ year old men and women I think people should not make such a big issue about it. So an avatar appears to look in his late teens (17, 18, 19). So what? Age is only a number though and I know many adults who look old but behave like a 10 year old brat.
  2. Wow such a discussion. I didn't expect that one. I realize that a lot of people use the argument that they want to escape from RL and the children there and don't want to deal with them in SL. This is both surprising and slightly shocking to me.. You can't ''pretend'' children don't exist though. Both IRL and ISL you will run into them and are expected to find a way to deal with this apparant big issue. It is also interesting that people understand and accept when you want to play a furry,vampire,cyborn etc but when you want to play a child or teenager in SL it is frowned upon. I can't quite understand the logic behind that. I am furthermore happy to hear that most of the posters agree that there are no pedophiles behind these child avatars. Last but not least I want to pop the question and ask how you all feel about TEENAGE avatars?
  3. I thank those who have contributed so far in a good way. The majority of the posts are constructive and honest. Perhaps I should have been a bit more clear what I mean by the definition of ''child avatar''. To me it means an avatar between the ages of 12 -17. A teenager. I agree that really young avatars (like 5 or younger even) have no place in an adult sim. I also agree that when you visit a RP sim you should dress accordingly, so it fits the theme and you should adjust your speech to your role. If you are a 13 year old girl as your avatar then you should leave that horrible toddler language at home ^^. The thing that disturbs me most is that on almost every RP sim it seems that life begins at 18 years old. People are born 18 years old. Anything below the age of 18 is foreign, and what is foreign we don't understand, what we don't understand we don't like and don't want. It somehow bugs me that on let's say a Western sim (using the example I saw earlier in this topic) won't be allowing children to RP there. It would be weird as children wouldn't exist in that world then. To me it would seem more than acceptable to have children RP there too as long as they play their role correctly. (No toddler language etc) and back then the children would be respectful towards their elders/parents. All I am asking is to step away out of this fear bubble for a second and look at things with more realism. LL has allowed teenagers 16-17 to join our grid. Why don't we allow them to be their RL selves when they visit us? Or even worse, why don't we allow our virtual selves to be 16-17 on our sims when there are people among us that have that RL age? As said before, it might be a cultural thing though. America is the land of possibilities. Everything is allowed, everyone is free. You can own guns, you can play GTA V and torture people to death etc. But allowing a child avatar join a medieval/western/scifi etc sim is forbidden and taboo.
  4. Hey everyone. I wanted to discuss something with other members of SL in the hope I can understand this better. I've beeen playing SL since 2007 without any long breaks. My avatars varied from teenage boys to adult men. I never did any wolf/furry RP or Sci-fi trooper avatars though. Today I only want to discuss about 1 type of avatars, the children one. Evererywhere I go, be it a RP sim or not a RP sim I see a huge fear and hatred to child avatars. As if it is bad luck to have a child avatar on your sim. This mainly applies to RP sims though, as regular sim owners tend not to care toooo much as long as you buy something from them. On RPG sims however the fear of child avatars is incredibly high. It could be a mature-rated sim even and most of the time the 1st rule listed is something like ''No child avatars allowed''. Now I THINK this is an american thing. LL, an american company seems to feed this fear to it's residents by ruling and rumors of simowners banner or having their sim shut down after child avatars RPed there. SO to take away some of this fear I want to clarify something. Players that have a child avatar are /NOT/ pedophiles. They don't get their rocks of staring at their avatar, they don't engage in ageplay, they don't spread porn. Really, they don't. Some of the people that have a child avatar I know turned out to be great people IRL that are now close friends of mine. SO I implore the frightened community to stop being so meek and understand for yourself, experience for yourself that people that play child avatars are also normal, regular player, enjoying the virtual world that's out there. Coming back to the RP sims. I think it is utter nonesense why virtually no RP sim accepts child avatars. I ask sim owners why, and all the time the answer is the same: ''... Affraid of ban... - don't want the sim to shut down.. - .. It will attract ageplay... '' etc. etc. But none of these answers are true or based on a rational explanation. They simply won't allow child avatars because other sim owners don't either and they are afraid to get in trouble, even though they wouldn't. It is frustrating beyond anything for me. I am a sworn RPer, I love to RP in SL. Be it as a teenager or an adult, to me it doesn't matter but I want to be ABLE to do both, everywhere. I understand it's a sim owner's decision whether to allow child avatars or not, but at least let them come up with a REAL reason/motivation. Something I can understand. Now the floor is open to discussion. Do you agree with what I think or do you have a different opinion? As long as you motivate your answer and aren't writing out of the fear I spoke of I am very thankful that you take the time to reply.
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