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  1. Let's speak about it. And analyse what the heck is true and what is myth about bloodlines. I see even at 2020 people still complain about spampires and trying to stop other people from join a game that a huge majority of sl is part of it. Bloodlines is far from perfect and indeed is not recommended for newbies. First of all its an rp based game. So being solo will not going to be a fun experience. Everything u hear about being expensive and needs lindens is questionable at best. Some people they need to realise that all their hatred is ignorance and freaking delusions. Let's start about souls. It's truly insulting and I truly mean it someone being so dumb to not realise that an avatar soul is just a point on the game. If someone have ur soul is like takin a point in a game. Can't control u neither ur avi dies and becomes unusable. The whole master slave is part of rp and not a real need to obey nobody. Literally the whole fuss is about the term soul cause if it was called blpoint nobody will gave *****. Secondly. All this old sl users experienced a really bad time when this game released. People was spamin bite request and was bit of a mess. They lack to realise through that they complaint about their morral behaviour. Not personal but in general. Nobody had the morals back then to explain or even try to behave and actually that's their issue because they chose to demonise and scapegoat it than try to change it. More or less at this point of time people who join it usually find a clan or a family which most of the time provide the basic to the new come player. From food and some times even hud. It's literally impossible to raise in ranks solo. So the loose vamps or other creatures who spam request are ignorant and they don't even realise to claim a soul need the victim own and wear a hud. Beware through. It's an rp centre game. U obviously need to give something to the family u join! And that's ur personal call where u join and who family u decide to be part of. If are rp slavery don't complain about it. If are based on raising ranks and need active members don't complain if you slacking or not take part. In general avoid bloodlines if u want to be only a vampire. Beter make an avi and stay out of the rp and the system. The whole victimisation of vamps made it worse. Are sims that forbid bl like are a plague or something? Really? If someone in sl is trolling u blame all sl? Or for example maybe ban mesh avatars cause they create lag from sims because the classic ones are lighter? In everything in sl u make the decisions and u make ur own morral rules. Nothing is free and in some way or another u will have to give back for what u get. If you dream souls and armies u won't get them for free. To get souls actually u need to support the people who offer their souls and make them strong. Even if you buy souls it's not going do much since u need have high ranked minions and that mean friends trust and support. Read and meet players of the game before take the decision. Read some manuals before u join something and stop hearing old folks who openly admit that they hated something never took part in it and they complain to this day for something they experienced as outsiders.
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