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  1. This took a fair amount of digging to find. What we've got are a combination of prefixes and suffixes. The prefixes are what has been listed by the user. List of prefixes: PG M Mature AO Adult Only The suffixes are what is being returned by the search application and are contextual to the prefixes. List of suffixes: NOT Doesn't contain anything naughty. AO Contains naughty keywords that are allowed if the resident is identified. BET Contains betting keywords. When we do searches, those two things are put together as me
  2. Hello! A couple of updates, and all good news. Thank you very much for the JIRA! With your help, we believe we have identified the third issue and have a fix on the way. We could not have done that without you, and we absolutely appreciate it. Thank you again, and please keep them coming. I'll let you all know here when we have the fix in place. Second, the fixes for the caching problem with updates not refreshing and the problem with listings having blank fields in some languages have both been deployed (just now!). I know I had promised earlier in the week, but
  3. Hey, all! Thank you for all the extra reports! We've been tracking this issue and have a fix in the works as we speak. We expect the fix to be live early next week. I know we'd all prefer not to go into the weekend the way things are, but we want to make sure we're being thorough and not just putting a band-aid on this, but a true fix. I appreciate your patience!
  4. In case you missed it, check out the new filters on the marketplace for demo and limited quantity items, as well as the new redelivery options. Finally, if you have any questions, feedback, or just want to hear about what's coming next for our web properties, come on out to the web user group meeting later today!
  5. Good catch, everyone! Check out the blog post here: And stop by the web user group later today if you have any questions, feedback, or just want to hear what's coming next. Cheers!
  6. If your argument is that we should have had better tools in place to determine the scope of the impact our changes would make, then I absolutely agree with you! It's almost like you're reading my mind. The good news is that we're making those tools RIGHT NOW so that the next time we need to do something like this, we can, in fact, take the very reasonable steps you're suggesting beforehand.
  7. Hey, Nik! I'm sorry to hear that you are still having trouble relisting your items. This was very much not our intention when updating our filters. What happened was that we updated our filters to take into account some copyright and trademark protected words and phrases, and the filter was a bit too aggressive in blocking words that were "similar enough" to trip the flag in a way that we were not expecting prior to updating the list. What we're seeing here is the result, and for that I personally apologize. We are working hard to reduce the impact of this sort of thing in the futu
  8. You can absolutely go ahead and unlist the unwanted ones. We may have gotten a little overzealous in our attempt to help.
  9. Hey, Elvina! I'm so sorry to hear that you had so many items unlisted. Obviously, that's not something we want. I suspect that was probably as a result of a change I made, so I've checked into it, and I believe you should be able to relist your items now with the original wording intact. Please give it a try and if it's still not working for you, please contact our support agents for further assistance.
  10. Happy August, Everyone! This is a reminder that we are scheduled to host a Web User Group today at 14:00 SLT. We intend to be there! Hope to see you as well. It's been a couple of months with lots of excitement, so we're looking forward to seeing you all again in our more normal setting. Cheers!
  11. Happy Wednesday, Everyone! On account of the US Holiday week, we are postponing the Web User Group meeting that was scheduled for today to a later date (probably next week, stay tuned) when we can get all the right people around to answer your questions and announce all the things. See you all soon!
  12. Happy Wednesday! Just a reminder that we’ll have our Web User Group today at 14:00 SLT. Agenda for today is to talk about ongoing work, including Store Managers, Premium Prepay, and Auctions. We may also have a new project to announce if all goes well with a special guest appearance!
  13. Thanks for the feedback, Fallacy. We'll give those suggestions a good think.
  14. Hey, all! Just wanted to open up some feedback for the new feature we deployed today: Store managers! See the blog post here, play around with the feature, and let us know if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!
  15. Happy Wednesday! Just a reminder that we’ll have our Web User Group today at 14:00 SLT. Agenda for today is to talk about ongoing work, including Premium Join, Linden Homes, Auctions, and Profiles. We also just might have a new feature announcement for the Marketplace! Hope to see you there!
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