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  1. Try to select default materials under HD eyelids tab (two pictures at the bottom there). If it's not that, then repair materials (under the settings tab) and see if it helps.
  2. My wording in the other thread was probably not the best. Nothing is wrong with AWS itself, it's just some line from a major backbone has (Had? Seems to be quite normal for a couple of hours now.) an issue that affects traffic going to us-west2 cluster of AWS (but not just there, probably) for a bunch of people (myself included), for the rest whose traffic is routed through other lines it's fine.
  3. There're no issues with Oregon's AWS cluster today as far as I know, so it should be fine for everyone whose traffic is not routed through the line(s) that are having issues. My other ISP routes traffic through Telia lines and there're no issues whatsoever, while the main ISP routes it through GTT and currently it's still quite unstable (it was fine for an hour earlier, then broke again).
  4. Most likely related to some issues I'm seeing with GTT. Possibly some physical or a software issue somewhere on their lines. Seems to only affect Oregon's cluster of AWS where SL is located (as far as AWS is concerned). Based on what I see it stops and starts again randomly every few minutes and doesn't always affects the same IP blocks as before (that's why some regions were possible to log in and some weren't). It"seems" to be better right now, but in case if happens again those of you who also have issues can check here (no special tools or skills needed). http://ec2-reachability.amazonaws.com/ Refresh the page every 30 seconds or so and see if some us-west2 (Oregon) blocks time out, if they do - it's just an issue somewhere on the line between you and AWS, and not much you can do about it, but wait or use a VPN (like Nick did) to re-route the traffic through other backbones that don't experience issues at the moment.
  5. Depends on your definition of "flat" I suppose. Although chest part I agree with, it's somewhat close to Legacy in how it reacts to sliders there, just a bit different shape. Butt, though, is quite large. Not Kupra levels, but even at butt size slider 0 and reduced hip width/length+saddle bags it's significantly bigger than Legacy's with some sliders added. Far bigger than I'd ever put on my avatar. Deformers can help, but those don't play well with some clothes, so I never liked those. So I'm going to pass on that one, even if it's a rather decent body. Some people I know who demoed it after seeing it all over flickr mostly came to the same conclusion (to be fair most of them use Maitreya as their main body, and I don't think that the typical Maitreya user will find it appealing). I will also agree with you about its niche. It's something like Freya-plus or Kupra-minus, and definitely has better/more realistic proportions than Kupra, while still being rather curvy.
  6. You might see what you're getting, but what the chances someone gonna leave machine on a rare/ultra-rare? Close to none, aside of technical issues. So assuming it's the rare (or perhaps a certain common, like a black/white color of something) you want, then to get a chance for it to appear you'll buy a useless common first. Obviously don't like = don't buy rule applies, but it did apply before as well. If anything, you're almost guaranteed to buy that useless common/bad color now vs a chance to get what you want in one try before. Also no one, but a creator has any idea how the script works (just like before). In that sense it's just as scammy, because unless you want it all and hoping for a rare to appear eventually.. well, it might not appear at all, ever. I don't personally care for any kind of gambling, so I never did care for gachas. However quite a few stores I like a lot decided to drop gachas completely when the change in policy happened and repacked some of their gachas to fatpacks (older ones were just retired). In my opinion it was a good move. And some other stores decided to convert to that conveyor/miepon system instead, some now use a weird tier systems where you need to buy "commons" first to even get to the "rares". Their choice and since it's within LL/SL ToS it's perfectly fine, but my choice is to just not support such creators at all, so I don't.
  7. If you're wearing provided rigged eyes named / EYES / lel Evo 3.1 , then you can't make them smaller since they are rigged. It looks like an issue with your shape. Eye opening, eye bags and puffy eyelids sliders under eye tab in your shape will affect this, especially the eye bags below 15-20 value. You can try to wear a default lelutka shape to see if an issue is still there, or just edit yours.
  8. The skin OP bought was made for Origins heads in 2018 anyway, so it wouldn't look correct/good on Evo heads even if it did work. Hopefully it was discounted as outdated content, but in either case it's relatively inexpensive lesson to always demo things before buying a full version.
  9. That applier won't work on any Lelutka Evolution heads because aside of HD layers (brows, lipstick and eyeshadows) and eyelashes they don't support any appliers, only BoM. Demo things next time to make sure something you want to buy works. If you like Glam Affair skins, then go to their main store (not satellite store, that one has rather old things in there) and pick up demos made for EvolutionX (or EvoX) there. If you are comfortable with using Discord, then they have official and active group there, join through the link in group's description and they'll help you with any questions you have in real time.
  10. It will have its niche if it will remain the only moddable mainstream body, however it already had its niche anyway. When clothing support became less and less and there were no updates on sight for BoM (without 3rd party hud), or for pretty much every new mainstream mesh head released after early 2020 (because all of them use new universal neck seam, which belleza didn't had until this update), some people kept using it. I would guess most of them will use it now, too, and might get a bit more vocal about asking for having freya sizes (again) for some clothing. However with majority of mainstream clothing being no-mod by itself I doubt the vocal minority will make a large impact on that or would even be interested too much given the no-mod nature of said clothing.
  11. Most people only care about how it looks like, if it works properly without too obvious issues, and most importantly - clothing support. Unless there will be a major comeback in new clothes from good creators (not terrible retextured fp templates that have all sizes up to original TMP bodies, and sometimes even ancient "standard sizes"), then they won't recover a thing. Kupra is a good example, it's way too heavy especially considering it has no onion layers, but look how popular it is now. Same goes for all those popular hair makers with their styles of over 350-500k triangles at times. Look at how crowded their stores are every time they release a new style and how many people use those compared to a few niche brands that actually make a somewhat optimized hair (raven bell for example). And, well, very much everything in SL. Forum crowd is a very small minority "that cares about such stuff".
  12. Didn't thought it would happen. I don't care too much, never liked belleza's breast shape (nor do I like their butt shape either and no amount of sliders makes it better without breaking other things). Deformers are there to mitigate some of that, but those are clunky and just far too much work to use a body. And freya is far too curvy for my tastes anyway, while both Venus and Isis weren't supported by vast majority of stores I'm shopping at with a few odd exceptions for Isis here and there. But I'm glad it finally happened, although perhaps a little too late. If it was 2020 as the planned to, then I don't think as many people and creators would ditch freya for kupra. But they did. Even a few stores I know that kept making freya only stuff for years (nsfw toys and accessories mostly, so no links) swapped to kupra for their last year's releases. We'll see if some creators would swap back now, but I think most won't (I hope I'm wrong, because I'll take freya over kupra on others any time). It's too much work already with usual maitreya+petite and legacy+perky releases, which is what most have now, plus kupra on many too, which in some cases requires not just different rigging, but extra work on textures so they won't look distorted with such sizes. Mesh nipples addon it comes with still don't fit too well, though. Probably not the most important for most people, but they have usual "3rd party" fit, that is only good from the front and looks awful from the side. The rest looks/seems about the same, at least for those 20m I've spent checking it.
  13. Check more carefully. Dragon vendors and bear ones both do use new conveyor system. You get what is displayed on the picture, next roll is random. And it does lock vendor to the user for 30s to avoid sniping rare items.
  14. Maitreya doesn't support butt physics, but there are "ao addons' for that. Mostly from this store from what I've seen, but there could be others. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/57814 I imagine how good/bad it'll look will depend on the shape, but I only tried a couple demos I've seen on some shopping events myself, so don't have any other experience with that.
  15. They've been saying the same thing since forever. And considering they are still selling it and there's some level of support left, they can't really say anything different. Telling people "nope, no more updates, ever" would kill whatever remaining income and support they have left. That said I'd rather have it being updated, than not. I might not care for either, but I've seen people making freya body "work", while kupras are... ugh, regardless of their shapes. For my tastes at least, everyone entitled to their own opinion, of course. --- Edit: As for the cheap bodies - as already mentioned - maitreya. Saving on clothes, shoes, accessories will be far more than whatever is possible to save on the body itself.
  16. I'm not a fan of Legacy by any means, but regarding of all those triangles and complexity. Until people will stop making and using 750k triangles hair and 1.5m triangles clothing it's all pretty irrelevant. From the recent example: there's a certain creator that makes all sizes combined into one object (can change them through the HUD). The result is "wonderful" 1.4m triangles fishnets that were up on the recent event. And another one that made non less wonderful fur coat with 1.8m (or so, it was released early this year) triangles. I won't name those creators because of the forum rules, but not like that stuff is difficult to find anyway. Bodies are the lesser of evils compared to all the rest, and that's just wearables. Also Kupra body is ~450k triangles, despite being full BoM and not even having alpha cuts.
  17. It doesn't always help. When I was still renting parcels there were (more often than I'd like to) a lot of people would constantly re-rezz things. One evening I'd derender the whole ground build, because it was a mess of prim trees with terrible rocks and flowers from 2008, and next one it all would be mostly back again, because why move things around when you can just re-rezz them? /s And it would go day to day until they'd just move out somewhere else. ---- Now my not so recent peeve, for those forums specially. I don't have too much free time to post or even read it all lately, but I still do check around every now and then. And there's still plenty of people who insist on giving tech advices clearly not understanding anything about the "issue". And some "white knights" are still around. Those keep defending rather questionable decisions and solutions by LL. I'm sure they'd defend LL even if region prices went to 1k$ and MP L$ buying fees would go to like 10$ per transaction. Now we all here, or almost all, love SL and want it to be around for as long as possible, but some are really willing to accept anything and everything and even bother to tell others how "wrong" they are. So... peeve: people.
  18. If your pictures are "safe", then they can be viewed without having to login. And even if they are moderate/restricted, then setting up another account takes roughly a minute. So it would be absolutely useless addition as far as privacy is concerned. And it's not even a problem with flickr, but with the system/people in general. Even take SL as an example. Either you check "only friends/groups can call or IM me" or you deal with unwanted kind of IMs at times. There's no middle ground, and blocking avatar does not stop them from being able to check your profile/feed/etc, nor does it help with their alts if they have them
  19. Because not everyone buy things for the same reason? I don't care about cars functionality myself, especially region crossing one as I don't explore mainland in any way. But I bought a few cars I did like a lot (mostly unique builds, not from those overused FP meshes and with terrible ACS scripts) for decor purposes for my region, and rare fun evening with friends on the track I rezz in the skies for that. Some of them are no mod. But as much as I like to mod stuff, and how I would never buy a no-mod furniture or landscape things, those cars do what I need from them as they are.
  20. Raven Bell makes/sells mod hair, at least ones I have from there (not that many, but plenty) are all mod. https://www.flickr.com/photos/71086839@N02/
  21. My region just got rolled onto 556847. I don't see any difference in scripts run % whatsoever. Right after the first restart it was ~75%, after another manual restart 85%. if it would be "30-50%" more it would be 99%, but nope.
  22. Then it's even more weird they never released the nails appliers kit for the Legacy. You're not forced to use rigged nails, body comes with 5 types/shapes (I think?) of nails as is. But you're stuck with whatever nail polish options they have. Which are plenty for some people, from natural colors to usual red/black etc. Or, like Rowan said - you can use old TMP styles if you had them before. But yeah, all those fancy or fun designs like Dark Passions and similar creators make are not available. And Legacy X is going to be a free update to current owners of legacy, then sold separately to future customers after it's released, first planned is the female (not perky) one. And from what it sounds like it's going to be same body rigging wise, but with HD stuff just like new Lelutka heads are.
  23. They never released the nails kit, that's why there are only mesh nails that are rigged to their bodies and exactly zero texture appliers available. Latest 1.4 update had some note about new dev kit coming soon, which is given the recent announcement of Legacy X will probably be around the time it's out. So maybe then, but who really knows, not releasing something as simple for 2 years is pretty puzzling.
  24. I'm not sure how useful that checking might be because scripts run % and a few other stats are also affected by the physical server and what regions are on the same server as well. It's been the case for years and didn't become any better after migration to AWS. For example my region. Regular 20k island, no adjacent regions, no breedables or other taxing stuff, little less than 4k scripts running. I usually restart (if needed after rolling restarts happen, andd I'm not happy with what I see) it until I see 90%+ for scripts run, if I get "lucky" and end on (apparently) less loaded server it's often is between 97% and 99%, but I saw as low as 55%. In which case I just restart again. I'll see if 556847 makes any difference when it rolls onto the main channel.
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