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  1. Depends what do you see as a "quality" yourself. It has awful seams all over the body on high altitudes and a few (way smaller ones, though) that are visible even on the ground level. It's been the case since release 1 year ago and still is. it also is the case with this "new" perky body, too, it has ~90% same seams as the original one. Legs, ankles, chest, butt (especially bad for some reason) and some more. It's not visible on all those pretty blogposts and flickr screenshots, of course, but in real time... ugh. I'm still wondering if those rare few people I see in world with this body don't see it or don't care at all. So while the "look/shape" you can achieve with that might look smooth , the actual quality of this product is the worst by far compared to any other "big" body brand out there. There are rumors it's not really an "original creation", too. While we can only speculate if it's the case, It would explain why this issue is not fixed for so long. For instance 5.0 Maitreya update also had a few of those mesh seams/cracks and 99% of them were fixed within a month.
  2. Yeah, so all those companies that provide servers I mentioned above, are doing it for no profit whatsoever, right? They also have quite a few things that cost money. Electricity, server "farm" space, traffic and other bills, staff to pay, hardware upgrades and replacements, legal expenses, ads/promotions expenses as there is some good competition, DDoS protection, etc. The only difference is LL have some developers and staff to work on viewer and/or server code, but they also do have other sources of income as well, unlike server hosting companies. Other than that's it's just a hardware running a certain type of software (SL), with exactly same expenses for physical maintenace as would any other servers have.
  3. They'll have less income either way. If/when people will start dropping their land or whole regions because they have no spare money for SL. We will have to see the statistics for the next 2-3 months to see actual numbers for regions at least, but considering there was a small drop in regions numbers "as is", it's safe to assume it'll only be larger now. --- I personally think "regions" are very overpriced in SL anyway (even if I still keep one myself), so LL could easily drop price if they wanted to. After all what is a "region"? It's a server's 1 CPU core, some drive space and some RAM, homesteads are even less so, since they share 1 CPU core between 3 of them and have less RAM available. No server with such specs costs 200$ a month to run, not even close. For ~100$ a month you can get a 8 Core Xeon CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM and ~240GB SSD for your server that also has 99.99% uptime and live support (that is not limited to just a few hours like LL one is). However high "land" price is a vital price of SL's economy, so I don't see them dropping it to "actual value" levels, it would simply crash the entire economy. What LL could do - If they had plans to drop prices for land/regions for SL's 17th birthday, like they did for 15th and 16th ones, then it's really good time to do it now instead of waiting for early-mid June. It could help some people to keep their places through those pandemic times, while by June (if tier drop happens), it could already be too late for that. We don't know if LL planned to do another tier drop, though.
  4. And it's entirely up to them. You/we might agree or disagree with their business model, but if it works and customers are happy, then their business model is better than 1-2 releases a month. Pressure part is there as a downside, but it's still up to them to decide what is more important to them, additional income or less pressure. And again, what is right or wrong is very subjective. SL is not the place for "best quality" content, nor vast majority of content creators are even capable of doing this, since it's just a hobby for the most. Introducing severe (and I'd even call them crazy) limits will just hurt already declining SL. Way more than not having a few extra people on ancient netbooks around, that would be possible if SL was the best optimized thing ever. Increase after moving to cloud with (hopefully) better hardware is more likely. We already had one in 2016 when full private regions went from 15k to 20k and homesteads from 3.75k to 5k, as well as ability to add extra 10k prims for private regions for the total of 30k. Next step is 25k/37.5k (upgraded) for the full regions, probably. Unrealistic, based on how popular events remain to this day (except cases where their own management and mistakes of people in charge did hurt their popularity quite a bit), especially during their opening days. It pretty much shows the demand of majority. A few unhappy, but loud people won't make creators do anything. Same for the gachas, sadly. I personally despise them, but I know some people who burn through 70k-100k L$ on every big gacha event. So I can see why creators keep doing those, even ones who don't exactly "need" extra cash. Why sell 1 item in popular color for 250L$ if you can sell same 1 item in same popular color bundled with 10 others for 750L$?
  5. It's mostly big events that give such pressure. And a lot of creators have various reasons why they attend those events. For some it's exposure/promo reasons, some trying to catch up after taking a hiatus to remind their (not so) loyal customers they are back, some see if they can make their brand bigger and more well known. And those events are usually monthly as you know, sometimes they also align with quaterly ones which those creators also want to attend. So in some cases it could be up to 4-5 releases a month, sometimes even more. Now if it's clothes and rigged to at least top 3-4 most popular bodies it's a lot of work and thus pressure. Lots of creators don't care and do it for fun mostly, some are already large enough to not need this, since they did build a large enough fanbase, but the "upcoming" ones do have such pressure for sure. I'll also disagree with you on whole loyal customers thing. Sure, they are some that loyal to brands, be it RL or SL, but vast majority is not. If you (as a creator) don't create, people will buy things at other places especially with such amount of alternative as we have in SL for most things. There are a few exceptions to the rule, like mesh heads/bodies, which do have alternative, but far from hundreds of options, but usually if someone's "favorite" creator didn't create a spring outfit that is available in exact time frame, then that someone just going to grab it from someone else who did create it, thus 1st creator is losing money. Same story with most seasonal stuff. --- Anyway, I do agree with what was already said. SL is not the place where one should even expect content to be the same quality as in AAA games made by professionals developers. And like market shows, it's not needed or desired by most SL users either. It's pretty, it sells, it makes money to people and LL. Of course there always be a few "purists" who can and willing to invest tons of time to make "better" content and then get offended it doesn't sell as well and insist on crazy limitations, because "everyone must play by their rules". To which I'll always say - let market decide. If better looking, but less optimized content sells better than your good optimized one... then perhaps it's the wrong platform for you to create for to begin with. But instead they keep ranting with their "suggestions" here and on some other places (one individual from this thread does it for a while already, so nothing really new).
  6. And it always will be the case, even if content would be better/more optimized. You simply can't compare games made by professional developers with multimillions budgets that went through some (or lots in some cases) QA to stuff people made at their PC for fun after work. And if someone does compare... it's their own problem. You can also expect a budget car to be as good as a business class one would be, but it won't make it true. Besides SL works okay on pretty old systems as long as they are "decent". Before the upgrade my internet/SL machine had Intel 2500k@5.2GHZ (9 years old quad core by now), 16GB DDR3 RAM and GTX1070 for a long time and can't say I had any complaints of how SL works on it. Obviously it was worse than on my main PC, but even at my own region which is pretty loaded with heavy mesh I had >70fps on the ground level without shadows, ~45 with. Restricting creators and (like in your suggestions) viewers/users to adjust setting based on hardware is a terrible idea. If someone with netbook from mid 2010s, that has no dedicated GPU and CPU that is only good enough for videos and web games will connect 4k screen to it and expect it to perform well (in games or SL)... it's also their problem. You can't and shouldn't hold their hand by "restricting" settings. Also, as Coffee already mentioned, LL should rewrite viewer first to actually use modern hardware. Something that modern games do, but SL does not. But yeah, same story as with script hysteria that I did seen in a plenty of places. "Oh noes, you have whole 20 scripts, it's bad for the region!" kind.
  7. Depends on what do you see as purpose. And there's a good chance your meaning of purpose might not be the same as someone else's. I've already seen plenty of people on forums (much less in world) calling such things pathetic, shallow and what not, whenever it comes up, but what those people tend to forget that others might not be in SL for the same reasons. I won't speak for others, but for myself. I do not log to SL to make rl connections, I have zero interest in person behind an avatar and I won't ask (nor share) any rl details, I don't need or want online friends either (acquaintances/RP contacts are fine). For me SL is a playground where I mess around my region building stuff from some other people's creations, shop, dress up my avatar and explore other places from time to time. I might randomly chat to someone if I have time and they IM me when they see me exploring/shopping somewhere, but other than that my form of socializing in SL is RP (yes, the adult kind). From this RP I want two things - a decent looking avatar (no, just "being mesh" won't do. default shapes, especially for one mesh heads brand, are awful, so are their default skins) and decent emoting skills. Obviously everyone has their standards and I'm well aware that some people might find my RP/emoting/English skills below their own standards and not everyone going to like my avatar either. And it's fine. So if those conditions are not met, then I'm not going to engage (or stop it if it already started, in case I find emoting lacking) in RP. It's not to feel superior (and I find anyone who actually does... to be pretty silly), it's because I know what I want from my time in world. And I personally see it no different from having other standards, which most of us do have. Very much like a lot of people avoid talking to gesture spammers or ones who can't be bothered to type and use "u; r" etc. But yeah, outside of RP I don't care what they wear/have or anything, so if a random talk happens and they behave like reasonable human beings, have something to say or ask and I have time for the chat, I'll talk to them. That type of RP is usually not the one you imagine and mostly it's either standing still or sitting on some furniture while typing long-ish emotes.
  8. You "forgot" one important fact, though. Sansar was developed and being kept afloat at the expense of SL. LL is not Google, Amazon, Facebook or Microsoft, they don't have as many resources; both - developers and money. So when someone at LL got the bright idea to move lots of talents from SL's dev team, and to invest tons of money into doa project that Sansar is, it did affect SL directly. It's very obvious of how slow LL are to roll any new features to SL recently. Animesh and bom took forever, name changes even longer, EEP is a big mess and doesn't seems to be even close to release, despite the transition period started a year ago (when they did mess up the stars, which is still the case) and is probably being reworked a lot after they did hire a couple of people to work on it. There were plans to rework some parts of the viewer, too, for example cache system, that I heard about 2 years ago. Not sure it's even started. I'm pretty sure if LL didn't burn millions on Sansar and didn't move some of the talented developers to it, it would be different now. But they did. And what they/we got? A dead world with a few users that probably will never pay for even fraction of its cost. So yeah, we do get it, too. You and some other people like it, but you know what most companies do with their projects that failed to generate enough revenue or just being a plain loss for them? They close them, despite some users actually using it. Services, online worlds, games, shows etc. It's all the same. And I've seen games with a few thousands of concurrent players and literally 1-2 servers (so way less expenses to keep them running) being closed like that, which is way more compared to what Sansar ever had or can hope for. And, again, in case of some giant company like Google, they can easily afford to throw billions of dollars on something failed, like google+ was and then close it without anyone, but their investors noticing it, but LL can't. Quality of their other services/products will suffer and their only other product is SL. And some fees will raise (already did) to make up for their losses on other front, which is Sansar.
  9. In some cases it's very difficult to notice, as the seam can be pixel wide and only appear from the certain angle(s). In other cases they are more obvious, for example check legacy body demo (if they didn't unlist it on MP again to avoid new negative reviews) on 3000m and above, especially lower half of it from behind, it's the "seam city" ever since its release (10 months or so now). But nothing that can't be fixed if creators know what are they doing and someone actually reports it, so it's a good idea to send a report to Maitreya's CSR.
  10. You either overestimate the impact of it adding up or underestimate the impact of what people wear. Clothing, shoes and hairstyles with 500k+ triangles each do exist and are very common, people wear those "pets" and other fancy things all the time, they have their bits on, but hidden; the effect of making it inconvenient for many people and in some cases making it a pain to make clothing made in 5+ years work, is simple nothing compared to possible benefits. Even onion layers, which have more impact I believe, are nothing compared to the rest. I don't like to repeat myself and I already said same thing in similar thread, but think of it as percentages, instead of just "it adds up". Because, yeah, it might add up, but the drop in the ocean, if your scene with mid sized party already has 20m triangles in avis alone (and that's without anyone wearing heavy bodies, like belleza's or legacy). and, then you add the rezzed things, particles, etc. Do you really think you'll get any visible gains performance wise? Assuming you get 60fps and get whole 5% increase by magically removing alpha cuts, which is already unrealistic(I'd bet on 1-2% at most), that's 3 frames. If you're close to having a slideshow with 20fps, then 5% would get you 1 extra frame per second. Do you think you'd actually notice it in SL?
  11. That's a lot and way more than I usually see. But I suppose it does depend on which parts of SL you're around. Absolutely average outfit from my collection, with a few accessories and ~20-25 attachments points used, is around 2.5mb in total, more fancy ones with sci-fi or magical things a little bit over 3mb. With zero manually descripted items and with a few unnecessary things, like a mesh head HUD for expressions and a couple more other huds. And 768kb of that is for AO from one known animations creator, simply because I like its functions and ease of use, would I be fine without some of its functions, it would be even lower. 8mb is more of what I see in some adult/kinky places, but it's other kind of attachments that inflate their numbers, not clothes or bodies/heads. For the sake of testing I did put up a few "generic" outfits that I see everywhere (think latest releases from known clothing/hair creators), again with zero descripted items and a few accessories (also scripted for texture changing), but without my AO and those extra huds and number is around 1.6mb, like expected. It's mostly "adult" stuff that pushes up numbers so high for many people I think (and related HUDs), which people tend to wear all the time for some reason.
  12. Whole body uses 4 scripts now for the grand total of *160 KB allowed memory size limit, 0.003392 ms of CPU time consumed.* at the time of checking. It's a bit higher when it starts or/and after the teleport, like any other script. Now if you are one of those who descript absolutely anything and everything, like clothes, hair, accessories and even mesh head, uses server side AO etc; then sure, that's "whole 4 scripts". But that's really nothing, one piece of adult furniture (with extra scripts for various systems) is usually over 0.01 ms (when not used. when used they go up to 0.07-0.08) with 15-20 scripts running, one overscripted "baby" monster (like zooby and similar) can be over 0.2ms alone, so are certain breedables. I won't even bring up certain badly made pathfinding things and how much server time (physics one, which takes priority over scripts) they can use. I mean, sure, by all means, remove your scripts if you want to, just don't have any illusions it actually does anything to prevent the simulator lag caused by scripts. Your few scripts won't make any difference, nor would even a few hundreds of them, if you have a "scriptless party" with like-minded people. Full 20k prims residental/mixed regions (actually used ones, not mostly abandoned) usually run from 6k to 9k scripts in total just for the rezzed things, sometimes over 10k, if it's 30k region, then it can be 12-14k easily. Yes, like with wearables that number can be easily reduced, you can remove scripts from landscape things and much more, but imagine having to rebuild your (big one. if it's something like LL home, then it's easy) place at least 4 times a year if you like to have different seasons, instead of just wearing a few huds and selecting textures for other seasons. I, personally, don't have time for that and I spend a fair amount of time in world, it's just, you know, I'm here to enjoy my time, not to constantly work on optimization, be it my avatar or my region. Also (not really directed at you, just in the same message), we shouldn't look for workarounds for LL's laziness. It's 2020, many hardware generations has changed, while scripts in SL did stay the same for the most part. But somehow regions still can't handle even 6k scripts while staying at 100% scripts run. We can't even blame "lazy creators" for that, since it's entirely server side.
  13. Oh please, you perfectly know why they are there. No need for that kind of comments to try have your way in discussion. But for the sake of others, who might not know, I'll answer anyway. Seams are there on places where alpha cuts are. But no, it doesn't mean that alpha cuts are bad and must be eliminated at all cost; for example your favorite slink used exactly same system for 5+ years and they didn't had problems with seams, even on high altitudes. But If go with this logic, then any badly made alpha layer from the glorious days of "standard sizes" means the alpha layers are bad, every badly rigged/fitted mesh clothing means that painted system clothing is way better, because they always fit and every badly scripted plane means that people who enjoy using said vehicles better just fly on their own instead. It only means one thing - the creator is incompetent at what they do. Big surprise (not), knowing their history.
  14. Oh, we can tell for sure. Just compare how well supported and popular slink physique vs how popular a total disaster of a body from one shady store, that is cost twice over any other one and most new on the market. Yeah, that's what market wants, because it looks prettier. Until you zoom closer and see those seams that is. That's how a certain mesh head creator got their (now dwindling, though) popularity pre-bento days. Those things were over 1.3m of triangles despite low complexity, but were on high demand (they did cost even more than current bento ones, if count all animation addons), so creator kept releasing new ones almost every 2 week at its peak. Big stores are ones like Blueberry, Addams, Scandalize and other shopping events (like c88, k9, fameshed and many more) regulars. And never said about following anyone or anything. Do it the way you like it. I would personally just skipped the update if it didn't had working alpha cuts myself, no matter how popular it would be. Or would use the nom bom version of the updated body, assuming they'd include it like slink did. Not as old as regular alphas, that's for sure. No, reintroducing the old method, which is regular alphas, doesn't make it new or any better.
  15. If it's unrigged hair you might have attached it to the wrong attachment spot, so when your avatar moves - it moves the hair, too. Try to remove it, then right click it, select "attach to" and select skull.
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