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  1. Same can be said about appearance (and many other things), though. In RL you might not want something or want to do something the best way possible for social and other reasons, to achieve some possible benefits (health, wealth, career, social status and tons more). In virtual world said benefits can also exist, but pretty much meaningless from RL point of view. But here we are, in SL, where majority people care about their look, their words and other things (and ones that don't are usually not welcome pretty much anywhere, because no one likes a naked noob avi that acts like he/she is the king of the world and has right to do anything they want). Why their private virtual property must be an exception again? Also I'd argue that not even letting randoms into your place is way better than suddenly logging while they are in the middle of... let's call it *something* on your favorite couch and either telling them to pack up and leave or just ejecting them.
  2. If you use firestorm you can inspect your own wearables through area search, just check attachments to show up in search and put your username into owner tab. P. S. At least bento heads made it better. Feel free to demo older non bento catwa heads (like "destiny", for example), they are over 1.2m triangles, so if go with your x6 formula they are around 7.5m of complexity. Those are still the only attachment to this day that made my old PC go to single digit fps on "inspection" (with highlight lines on at least), even belleza bodies weren't as bad.
  3. Ah, I see. That makes sense. But yeah, it also makes sense why some people might think SL should be less demanding, or rather how new hardware should have much easier time with it and how every modern PC from the last 5 years could run it with a few hundreds of fps regardless of scene's complexity. Which is sadly not the case and won't be, not until LL somehow manages to write a new viewer so it would take advantage of all those extra cores we've got since 2003 at the very least. Which probably won't be happening anytime soon, if ever. I doubt they even started to work on the cache changes that I heard about a year ago (give or take a few months), which also completely kills performance. I'm still very much against the "putting all the blame" on creators or forcing some silly limits, though. It's the wrong approach. Actual fixes first, the rest (if fixes weren't enough) second.
  4. Depends how you look at it. Should SL be that demanding? No, probably not. Then you are correct, it's not the PC, unless it's some ancient machine. But yes, it is that demanding, in this case the "horsepower" helps a lot and budget mid-range PC from 5 years ago will be a lot slower than a higher end current gen ones. For example going from overclocked 2500K@4.8GHz with slow (1333Mhz) DDR3 RAM to OC 9700k@5GHz on all cores with 32GB of 3600Mhz DDR4 (still working on lowering the timings or pushing 4000+Mhz, need more testing to see what works better with my kit) gave me roughly 50-60% fps boost depending on the place (GPU is an overclocked 1070). And while 2500k is pretty ancient, the 4.5Ghz OC of it is comparable to stock 6600k in most tests/games, which is a mid-range CPU from 3-4 years ago. Note: no, I'm not stating that high-end reqs hardware should be normal for SL, just saying that if you happen to have one, then even with all bad optimization and the rest it'll be pretty smooth. At least how smooth you can expect the nearly 100% user created platform with downloadable assets and terrible cache system that relies on constant decoding to be.
  5. There's no win-win about it in the virtual worlds (games suffer from this too). Different hardware, software and settings. I saw quite a few of 1/5 star reviews on MP where people said "it's nothing like on the picture!", while ad pictures were from SL for sure, but they were taken on high-ultra settings with shadows and ALM on. Turns out if you run SL on a toaster in 800x600 window without ALM you won't see anything close to it. Who knew? Windlight and local lights also make drastic difference. And you still better check the demo to see how well it's rigged, textures/colors and other possible options (if it's wearable) or go to in-world store and see it in person (in case of rezzable things), to check textures, LODs, animations in furniture etc. ---- I personally can't stand the "demo in world" type of demos (for wearables, obviously). Like... why? Do they really need that 1 point in traffic that they will get if someone teleports there, grabs a demo and teleports out? In 99.9% of cases I won't even bother, unless item is truly something unique.
  6. It does matter sometimes. You might have a few (or even a lot) friends that you enjoy having at your place and happy to allow them to use it for their needs even if you're not around. You probably don't want some random trolls to drop on their heads harassing them/forcing them to leave, do you? Two solutions are: orb with access list, where you add friends as "guests" or orb without access list, but you add every single of those friends as admins, so they'd be able to eject unwanted visitors. I would say that first way is way easier and safer. And yes, some people are easier about their virtual property than others. So if you don't mind your place being public, it's your choice and right. I, personally, do mind. It's maybe virtual and pixels, but it's my home and not some public club/bar/playground for people I never seen. So until I got my region (which is also not public and never will be) and I was renting parcels in private islands, I always had orb on. Get the orb AND use banlines if needed too. Decent, but pricy orb is caspersafe. It keeps the track of all visitors, returning visitors and more on the webpage. It also has other good features, which you might or might not need.
  7. That's true, I remember seeing some demo eyes like that too. They had demo text on the inside, but on visible part they were purely functional/normal, just one color instead of 25+ in full version. Either way, seems like script killing for such demos won't work anymore anyway. Now if only LL fixed the ancient bug when scripts are set (sometimes at least) to not running state if you're kicked from somewhere and your home place is offline or doesn't exist anymore... Which in case of no-mod stuff means either a major inconvenience caused by having to setup a fresh item(s) or even loss of something, in case of no-copy/no-mod things, like some gachas.
  8. Full version. I remember seeing a few people in clothes like that, when I did like what they were wearing enough to inspect it and then found it's the demo, without any visible demo signs. Most fun part is that they had good avatars, with one of popular mesh head brands, mesh bodies and good bento AOs and those clothes weren't on the expensive side either. And unlike with copybotted gachas we can't even say that they "didn't knew", because buying non legit gacha is fine from that aspect, they might not have time or even want to research, not like it's a normal procedure for using a MP or a gacha yard sale, so they can be totally innocent. But asking a region owner to kill the scripts in the timed demos... it's 100% intentional. 1st hand experience is more important in my opinion. Research can heavily reduce the number of options, though, I'll give you that. But you literally can't make a shape for the mesh head without putting it on first. But props to you if you found the perfect head and made shape that you're happy with in 5 minutes plus some research time. I also know what I'm doing, especially with mesh body parts, but far too picky when it comes to details, so things like measuring distance between eyes by moving slider 1 digit at the time and other nonses like that takes a long while.
  9. If you mix and match clothes it can take a while to see if they work with what you had in mind. For example some over the pants shirts can work well with some pants, but will heavily clip with others. Unless you have like a couple of pants you want to test it with, it'll take way longer than 5 minutes to check. Same for shoes and pants. Depending on pants' length and shoe shape (length, straps, other details) some will work nicely together and some won't. And don't know how you were able to spend less than 5 minutes on demoing the bento head (if you did). Unless you're perfectly happy with some premade shape from the MP which had a stylecard, of course. Because if not, then messing with sliders can take a long while to even see if you can possibly achieve what you want to with "this exact' head.
  10. To read it while not being there in person, I believe some of those things can send local chats to email. Although even in kinky community it's pretty rare that someone bothers with that, in my experience at least. Control is nice and all, but if you don't trust your sub enough to "spy" on their chat to know what they are doing when you're away, then you won't believe them that they just don't log other avi anyway, which makes that spy thing pointless. it also can be used in certain RP scenarios (not necessarily kinky). For example some police/detective RP with such listener sending "records" to the remote object or other person.
  11. Their shape is different and I don't mean the "sliders shape". In a way they are like bento heads, all react to the same sliders (more or less), but initial rig/shape does matter a lot. That being said, I also think 3 bodies for one brand is an overkill, but I can understand the creators. Their first body was Venus, which is similar-ish to Maitreya and had pretty rough start with some random DMCA and some ugly issues (which took them forever to fix). So their re-start already had isis and Freya to get their share of the market without competing with Maitreya as much. I guess they didn't want to drop Venus too, despite it being almost neglected by creators then and now too. So yeah, most creators rig to the most popular ones: Maitreya, Belleza Freya (and often Isis too) and Slink Hourglass (often with petite chest addon. which, I think, is one of two reasons why Hourglass got its popularity to begin with, other is same as Freya's - curves). Now some also rig to the scammy TMP Legacy body too, which is in my opinion a waste of resources and time, it's like the worse version of Freya without omega, but with terrible web based hud. But I guess it's the only "big" new mesh body release in years, so they are trying to get their money from certain fashionistas who would buy it just because it's "something new".
  12. Full region is quite pricy for the most people. Now if LL were offering homesteads as is, without need to own the full region first, it could be a bit different. But I got a feeling that big land barons are one of the reasons why LL don't do this. They (barons) tend to keep regions up, empty or full, they offer them to events, fairs, normal residental areas and everything in between, but tier always gets paid. Which means stable income for LL (and way bigger one than premium membership can ever be). LL are probably happy to work with such business instead of dealing with "normal people", who might want a region today and change their mind next month. But that's another topic. And "just grab some friends and split the cost" suggestion is not very realistic in most cases. Many people don't need any kind of land at all and many others who do are happy with their LL homes sized parcels for various reasons (cheap and doesn't require a lot of work/additional resources for actually filling it with furniture, decor and landscape things). So you'd need quite a few VERY reliable friends who are interested in large parcels (well, unless you want to spend all time online being busy with managing the 64 parcels worth of tenants and payments) to even consider it or one day half of your friends/tenants will forget/won't log in time/decide they don't need it anymore and you'll end up either spending way more than you want to pay the tier, running around trying to find who else might be interested in land or just abandoning region. I think majority of people don't enjoy being "one region landlord", too much of a headache. And yes, land barons don't run charities, but a little fee for convenience is fine. Besides big land barons do get some kind of a discount from LL, it's pretty obvious if you look at some prices they offer. On a homestead example. LL price is 109$ a month, a few big barons who are not too greedy offer homesteads for 6600L$ a week. That's roughly 111$ a month at 255LS/1$ ratio. Some are quite greedy, though, so it can be around 122$ a month instead. Which is still fine I suppose, considering all of them offering 24/7 support which includes "dealing with noobiness" service, while LL doesn't. Hopefully nothing. And I was replying to Kyrah's suggestion about making the new "killer feature" premium only.
  13. Gating new features and wasting dev. time making those features with "premium only" in mind is taking away from basics too. LL already are painfully slow with introducing any new features, see how long it takes them to make EEP, BoM, name change etc to happen. Bento and animesh weren't fast either. So I think it's not okay if LL spends a year+ on something "for the chosen few", while the rest get nothing, even if they invest a lot of money.
  14. And why's that? So basic users, even ones who own a region, would feel bad and punished for not being interested in premium as well as feeling obligated to pay for it? That sure is gonna "help" already declining userbase /s Happy users = spending and active users, it's always the case. Gate content/awesome features behind the paywall and instead of thinking "yeah, that's it! now I'm going to pay for sure' they'll just reduce their time using the service and spendings. No one likes to feel like a 2nd class citizen, especially in the virtual world as many already deal with it in rl. We already had this discussion on the forums earlier and I still think LL could try to introduce more premium types. One without land and some extra features (free/cheaper texture/mesh upload for builders or bloggers for example), maybe other one without tier and even more group slots (150-200?) for those who are shopping addicted. Although I understand that too many options can also have negative effect, people get lost of what they should get for themselves and end up not getting anything at all. I also saw that suggestion a few times in other parts of the forum, but maybe allow premiums to buy a homestead directly from LL without having to have the full region first. It would be a nice feature. So don't think LL should be aggressive in "premium pushing", especially via gating new features behind it. They could add a few more premium account services, though. Like the fabled name change could be heavily discounted for premiums or even have free one (each year maybe), maybe even some kind of an inventory transfer (also once a year) and stuff like that.
  15. SW corner is 0.0.0 coords and it's where viewer "sees" some objects sometimes. Also all 'lost" objects go there too, so it's like the garbage bin of the region. Derendered objects also tend to appear there in most weird possible. If you derender a lot of them in the region, then there's a chance (usually after relog in this exact region) that you might see some of their parts there if you right click the empty space.
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