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  1. Wear legacy hud and click the camera icon on the bottom left.
  2. So do many others things. I imagine people with severe phobias are not amused when they face their fears in SL either, but does it mean that people who run fantasy avatars (for the most obvious example: giant spiders) should stop doing that in public? Nope. Or another example - epilepsia. Some of my sci-fi outfits happen to have a bunch of glowing, flashing, blinking and spinning parts, which are probably not a great sight to see for someone who suffers from it. Does it mean that I should only use them at home? Nope. I, too, find some of things in SL are not pleasant to see, but as long a
  3. It depends on the ISP and the configuration they use. Some offer public dynamic IPs, in which case a simple router restart is usually enough to change it. Some put their users behind the NAT, where users (usually 20-30) share one public IP while each user has their own local IP, in which case the restart might or might not help depending how "sticky" the NAT pool is and how long the local IP lease time is. And some ISPs (at least here) still provide their very own public IP to their users, especially on the higher end plans (300mbps to 1gbps), that one will never change no matter how much you
  4. There seems to be an issue on the route to AWS where LL servers are (for me at least), between twelve99 and telia hops. High packet loss on top of pretty high ping. Probably some hardware (fiber cut maybe) issue which hopefully will get resolved soon. Took a while to login and doing anything with 25% packet loss is nearly impossible anyway. Edit. Seems to have normalized as of 2am SLT.
  5. Yes, they always take the USD balance first for any fees, then charge the rest through your payment method if there's not enough. So in that sense you can pay in advance.
  6. I had this issue too. The conversation text file (also located in the chat logs folder) has an associations for each avatar. You can either fix it manually, or just delete it (or move out while keeping it, just in case) and let FS create a new conversation file, then it'll open correct chat logs through the viewer too.
  7. Not sure it's a default behavior, but clicking on the cogwheel in the inventory's bottom left corner has an option to enable double click add for objects and layers.
  8. My favorite is Deetalez in celtic and nordic, which was already mentioned. Don't forget to check the demo for the body skin, though. Some creators don't put a lot of effort into the body details for some reason, even if their skins are very good quality. I had to stop using Glam Affair for that reason. Very pretty faces, lots of choices, but "2nd gen" body skin is terrible in my opinion. What makes it even more sad is the fact that the 1st gen line of their body skins (default maitreya skins until BoM update) were quite decent.
  9. You can. You'd also have to change the alpha obviously, but there's also an issue with everything else that you had on the BoM layers. Tattoos, freckles, veins and other body details you might have on won't be visible anymore, so you'd have to apply those to the non BoM body if they are even available in an applier form to begin with. But if they are, then it's easier to just keep 2 copies of the body, one in BoM mode and other in applier mode and just swap between them as needed.
  10. Creator left SL at some point and that's when MP store became empty. I remember it well, because MP's favorites list already was a thing at that point and I had a couple items from there added, and one day I noticed they are no longer available. So I did check the store, then creator's profile, and it had a clear note about quitting. Then a bit later it vanished, account got un-partnered with LAQ head creator and it runs as is since then, in-world only. Which is most weird, since for such abandoned stores MP is the best solution. And it's okay furniture, although a bit dated by now, earli
  11. Agree about BoM. Unless someone is using some extra body shine there's nothing of importance in the web-based portion of the HUD, only skins and nail colors. 2 other tabs are just the usual non web-based hud, so it works more or less the same as any other body HUD does. Alpha layers is not very viable solution to say the least, unless you got too much time on your hands to make own alphas, or wear the most basic clothes like jeans and tube tops. The more unique clothing is the more unique alpha for it, and out of stores I shop at regularly only two provide matching alphas for their clothe
  12. Didn't had anything better to do and can't sleep because of all the new year fireworks going around here, so I gave demo a go. Very odd body, from the shape and HUD to text. Alfa, neils? Right... It says that it'll be BoM on the full release, but considering it doesn't use standard SLUV, it won't help with old skins or anything else really, I assume a BoM tattoo will also look very off if it has a different UV. Ankles are very weird, so are hands. And in my opinion it just doesn't look good compared to other bodies, even much older ones like Freya. But that's most likely because it's
  13. Sadly that's not how F2P model works. While SL is not your average F2P game, or much of a game in general, the similarities are there. Why those companies sell skins/outfits/perks/portraits/voice lines etc for what they do when they don't cost them anything after they are created and essentially are "just pixels" that you unlock for your account? Because they can and price is carefully calculated by their marketing teams. There has been countless research and stats about how "whales" make up for the 50-60% of the revenue in most F2P cases, while being 0.2% to 1% of the total population. There
  14. To not be a slideshow in some extreme cases? 25% (just a random number here, difference can be more or less) difference in fps if we talk about hundreds on a good machine and at empty sky platform is pretty irrelevant, but 25% difference is a busy place can be significant. 60fps feels a lot better than 45 if we talk about bare acceptable minimum for modern screens. And if go lower, then 30fps in a "laggy place" is somewhat tolerable, while 23fps is already in the slideshow territory. Although some people are fine with <15fps and don't see a difference either for frames or resolution.
  15. And not for the first time, too. There was exactly the same issue a couple years ago. Some results for the groups and people just vanished from the web-search. It lasted around 2 months, then it all got restored/fixed to how it was before. So can't even blame the recent cloud migration for that, unless some of the code changes needed to make it happen broke their fixes from the previous issue. P. S. Legacy search works fine, but it has no keyword search, so it's only good to search for exact people/groups/places and is completely useless for everything else. For example "furniture ap
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