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  1. I'm not a fan of Legacy by any means, but regarding of all those triangles and complexity. Until people will stop making and using 750k triangles hair and 1.5m triangles clothing it's all pretty irrelevant. From the recent example: there's a certain creator that makes all sizes combined into one object (can change them through the HUD). The result is "wonderful" 1.4m triangles fishnets that were up on the recent event. And another one that made non less wonderful fur coat with 1.8m (or so, it was released early this year) triangles. I won't name those creators because of the forum rules, but
  2. It doesn't always help. When I was still renting parcels there were (more often than I'd like to) a lot of people would constantly re-rezz things. One evening I'd derender the whole ground build, because it was a mess of prim trees with terrible rocks and flowers from 2008, and next one it all would be mostly back again, because why move things around when you can just re-rezz them? /s And it would go day to day until they'd just move out somewhere else. ---- Now my not so recent peeve, for those forums specially. I don't have too much free time to post or even read it all lately, b
  3. If your pictures are "safe", then they can be viewed without having to login. And even if they are moderate/restricted, then setting up another account takes roughly a minute. So it would be absolutely useless addition as far as privacy is concerned. And it's not even a problem with flickr, but with the system/people in general. Even take SL as an example. Either you check "only friends/groups can call or IM me" or you deal with unwanted kind of IMs at times. There's no middle ground, and blocking avatar does not stop them from being able to check your profile/feed/etc, nor does it help w
  4. Because not everyone buy things for the same reason? I don't care about cars functionality myself, especially region crossing one as I don't explore mainland in any way. But I bought a few cars I did like a lot (mostly unique builds, not from those overused FP meshes and with terrible ACS scripts) for decor purposes for my region, and rare fun evening with friends on the track I rezz in the skies for that. Some of them are no mod. But as much as I like to mod stuff, and how I would never buy a no-mod furniture or landscape things, those cars do what I need from them as they are.
  5. Raven Bell makes/sells mod hair, at least ones I have from there (not that many, but plenty) are all mod. https://www.flickr.com/photos/71086839@N02/
  6. My region just got rolled onto 556847. I don't see any difference in scripts run % whatsoever. Right after the first restart it was ~75%, after another manual restart 85%. if it would be "30-50%" more it would be 99%, but nope.
  7. Then it's even more weird they never released the nails appliers kit for the Legacy. You're not forced to use rigged nails, body comes with 5 types/shapes (I think?) of nails as is. But you're stuck with whatever nail polish options they have. Which are plenty for some people, from natural colors to usual red/black etc. Or, like Rowan said - you can use old TMP styles if you had them before. But yeah, all those fancy or fun designs like Dark Passions and similar creators make are not available. And Legacy X is going to be a free update to current owners of legacy, then sold separa
  8. They never released the nails kit, that's why there are only mesh nails that are rigged to their bodies and exactly zero texture appliers available. Latest 1.4 update had some note about new dev kit coming soon, which is given the recent announcement of Legacy X will probably be around the time it's out. So maybe then, but who really knows, not releasing something as simple for 2 years is pretty puzzling.
  9. I'm not sure how useful that checking might be because scripts run % and a few other stats are also affected by the physical server and what regions are on the same server as well. It's been the case for years and didn't become any better after migration to AWS. For example my region. Regular 20k island, no adjacent regions, no breedables or other taxing stuff, little less than 4k scripts running. I usually restart (if needed after rolling restarts happen, andd I'm not happy with what I see) it until I see 90%+ for scripts run, if I get "lucky" and end on (apparently) less loaded server i
  10. Being wise in one thing doesn't make someone wise in everything else, though. I'm pretty good with history and geography, but useless with math to give you an obvious example for myself. Besides you, as I remember, were the die hard belleza fan for years, until learned how to check triangles and it suddenly became "laggy", which was the case since its release even compared to pre-bom maitreya, around 2.5 as heavy. As for the rest - subjective. You think it's a trend into the wrong direction, I think it's a good one. So push it back all you want, there will be enough of a pushing forward f
  11. I suggest staying at your own place then and never going outside. Because, and I said it many times already, bodies and heads are just the tip of the iceberg. Most (longer) hairstyles are heavier than belleza/legacy bodies, lots of outfits are times heavier than those too. I got one at Equal10's last round. It's 1.5m triangles. And yes, I saw it before buying it. Crying about HD makeup when you probably bump into people wearing same kind of outfits all the time is rather.. unwise. They weren't nearly as popular before Evolution line, which introduced HD makeup. I had Simone since origi
  12. From ther FAQ. But yeah, it's still BoM too. Q. Why don’t I see any textures on my ears when in Evo X mode? A. The ears on the new Evo X UV maps were removed to the UNIVERSAL-AUX 1 system layer to achieve an actual HD experience, which means you will need to apply textures to your ears separately (these are included with your heads). Universal layers can be layered up, which will allow you to use ear tattoos like you would with a classic Tattoo layer but with an extra perk of it being FULL HD.
  13. Ears are not the part of the skin on the HD UV from what I saw, so I suppose they can get a bit more details for the rest from that alone. Maybe there's something more, I didn't look for too long because while I like all those new features I don't care for either of 3 new heads too much. Maybe one of the next few, unless they update existing ones with X's features. Either way, it's still BoM and not all that much has changed for the skins at least. Lots of BoM skins made for Genus or Catwa don't work well on Lelutka and vice versa. The nostrils and lips are quite often messed up big time.
  14. Wear legacy hud and click the camera icon on the bottom left.
  15. So do many others things. I imagine people with severe phobias are not amused when they face their fears in SL either, but does it mean that people who run fantasy avatars (for the most obvious example: giant spiders) should stop doing that in public? Nope. Or another example - epilepsia. Some of my sci-fi outfits happen to have a bunch of glowing, flashing, blinking and spinning parts, which are probably not a great sight to see for someone who suffers from it. Does it mean that I should only use them at home? Nope. I, too, find some of things in SL are not pleasant to see, but as long a
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