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  1. Not so new peeve, but I just encountered it again. Creators who make black and/or white colors as fatpack exclusives. And while item in question could be nice enough so I'd want to buy it in the first place, it's not that amazing to pay 1.5-2k extra for literally nothing, and I'm not going to use those extra colors.
  2. Forums are such a bad representation of SL (well, no wonder, there's like 100-200 people at best who post often, while peak online lately is around 55k), so it's almost pointless to ask such things here. For example there's already 3 answers here caring about scripts, which is probably as much as I met in world for years. Either way, I agree with Fritigern Gothly's points. Leave an option to remove scripts, either manually if item is mod, or if no-mod, then through menus, for those who cares about it. And in my opinion, if clothing is strip-able at all, then it must be scripted. Whole point is to change (and allow others to) it easily, without having to find stages 1/2/3/4/5 in the inventory, remove one and put another, it eliminates whole purpose. And not every person who wears such clothing is running rlv or has online wardrobe setup for alternative ways to change it.
  3. They are not a threat. No idea about that DMCA'd body, but I saw Lucy one in world a few times. It's not great to say the least, same goes for those *join the group for 100L and get a mesh body/head* ones. Don't get me wrong, it's nice that people who can't afford to spend anything on SL have access to something better than classic default avis, but chances are those people wouldn't spend a single L$ on big brands' stuff anyway. And again, same idea as about freebie clothes. They are not a threat to big (and not so big) brands, just because someone can (and will) dress fully into freebies. And I'm not an altoholic and not into those build-an-avi-for-free challenges, so I can't answer your question about what I'd grab for my 10th avi even in theory. This account (building/testing/pose fitting purposes; never leaves my region) has a maitreya body. In the end freebies are freebies, compatible they are with something or not. Catwa also gave away a "full product" recently as a freebie, but I don't think it did hurt their business or business of other big mesh head brands with it. Same reason - it's not great, compared to non freebies, so entirely different target audience. Belleza did. Venus body was taken down for 2.5 weeks by DMCA in 2014. I believe if claim is fake or unjustified, then it shouldn't take much longer to resolve, since there's no court involved. Which pretty much means (speculation, of course) that one against Genus is justified and is actually taken into the court, which can take forever.
  4. Did it? I've never seen it on world. Besides I believe those freebie bodies never were a threat for any big brand, same with mesh heads. It's like saying freebie/gift clothes, shoes, accessories etc are a threat to big clothing brands. They (bodies) are usually made for people who wouldn't buy those big brand bodies anyway, or those endless alt challenges when people try to make a decent looking avatar only using freebies.
  5. Might depend where and with what kind of people you spend time at/with. If not count shoebase (or hover slider, depends how you do it), my height in SL has been 1.62m (~5.3ft I think?) for the last few years, during previous phase of "shrinking" it was 1.67m. I do remember it felt a bit weird when I've decided to do it as my height back then was around 1.9m, and it was somewhat average/slightly below average for a female avatar, but I wasn't happy with it. A week later it all settled in and being on the shorter side compared to most people never bothered me. Shoebase/hover for most heels add quite a bit to height, though. 6-8cm usually, even for most average heels ever, and some high heels need ~10cm to avoid sinking into the ground. Can't say I have any issues with furniture/props/etc either. Most new (new as is ~2014+) stuff works just fine, and I prefer to not use old one. For my own place I do extra work to make it even more fitting by buying only mod furniture that I can resize, then use helper part of AV Sitter to adjust poses/animations some more. It can be time consuming at times, but not all that bad. Either way, it's your avatar and your SL, but you really shouldn't care how others have/do it, and how you look compared to them. ----- I'd like to add that average height in SL slowly, but surely "shrinks", at least around parts of the grid I like to spend time at. Like I already said, I was on average/below average side of height with 1.9m back in 2012 when I just started (pre mesh bodies, so no, mesh has nothing to do with it). Then after going to 1.67m I usually was among the shortest people around the places I visited, but eventually I started to see more and more people with same-ish height, sometimes even shorter. And now with 1.62m I'm rarely the shortest one around, more like average or slightly shorter than average. And those 2.2-2.4m giants... I simply don't interact with them anymore aside of answering them if they ask/tell me something. If they want to be like that... sure, it's their choice, but it's my choice to not like their avatars, and not wanting to do anything with them.
  6. They might want to, but wanting and making it work are two different things. Besides it's pretty clear what people are interested in: private regions and new LL homes shortage are both a good indications of what people want. And I can't speak for everyone, but if I didn't had my own region by now (and still wanted to), then I would just wait it out until I could buy one. Mainland is entirely different "product" that doesn't suit my needs (no region management tools, no restart through debug console, only +-4m terraforming in most cases, no ability to actually have a private region just for myself and ones I want to see there, etc). So no amount of "steering" would make it more appealing for me. So instead of trying to steer people to use their less popular product, I'd like to see them expanding and adding options for popular ones. Allowing premiums (plus) to buy homesteads directly would fit that model perfectly.
  7. Yeah, I remember reading about how LL didn't really want to deal with constant opening/closing homesteads, so they decided to only offer them for full region owners. But it was long ago and with upcoming AWS move it might be a bit easier for them assuming they'll do something to make entire process automatic (as it should be). And LL already providing concierge support for roughly the same money. Concierge level of support only requires a half of mainland region (well, technically more than half, but doesn't make much of a difference if it's 32768sqm or 33k). That's 112$ a month, minus 7$ for free premium tier (unless person is using it elsewhere, of course). As of right now non-grandfathered homesteads are 109$ a month, so basically the same exact money. Now there is a possibility that having own homestead would be much more appealing to people than a half of mainland region, and they would start overloading LL's concierge support. But if one of your products is way more popular than the other, then it makes to adjust resources to provide support where it's more needed, as it's something that makes you more profit, so I'm sure LL would think of something if it happened.
  8. They can allow premiums (or premiums plus) to buy homesteads directly from them, without having to own a full region first. Not now, of course, but after moving to AWS is complete. Assuming there would be another tier decrease sometime, it could motivate plenty of people who want to "own" land without 3rd party between them and LL, but can't afford (or just don't need) a full region and don't want to live on mainland for various reasons. It might hurt big landholders, though, and they make LL some good money by paying for all those regions regardless of them being used or empty. So I'm not sure LL will do something like that, even if they'll have no other reasons or technical issues on the way.
  9. Bit gags options: 1. Look up Marine Kelley (creator of RR) in-world and check one of her stores, alternatively just teleport here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pak/68/61/105 .Deluxe gag has optional ponyplay addon. 2. KDC has a lot of bits and a bridle https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/235 3. DHB has some bits (and some more ponyplay stuff), they are okay, but in my opinion worse than first two options. Check demos in world first. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/186381 With non flexi tails it's more difficult. Most use flexi "hair" so they move when pony walks. However there are a couple of without flexi that I know of. 1. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/peachy-stuff-Ponytails/12183496 (braid option) 2. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ps-Ponytail-V2-folded-FATPACK/16343078
  10. That's why I said to each their own. I see them all the time on others and from moderate distance. Could depend on your resolution and/or screen size, too. Not going to assume how/on what you run your viewer, but for example something that can be difficult to see in windowed mode on already small 17" laptop's 1080p screen, will be most obvious thing in full screen on 32" 4k monitor. I'll agree with you on the fact that trying to make maitreya curvy is not pretty, but lots of people do it anyway. Siders do allow it (although not legacy/freya kind of curves, of course), but it does look rather broken above certain slider values. I personally like very slim looks and shapes, so it never was an issue for me. However if belleza Venus was supported, I'd probably use it instead. But it is not, if not count a FP templates market and some very large/mainstream creators that can afford to pay for extra to people who rig mesh for them. There's far more than a couple; whole chest, butt and crotch are nothing, but seams, and way lower than 2500m, it starts around 900m already, although not as badly as above 1500m. Legs are pretty bad too. Back is "okay" more or less. Even at the ground level there are a few small seams. Posting it would be NSFW and against forum rules, so I won't. And no, they are not expected there. Aside of TMP and Legacy bodies (pretty much same thing, even if they claim to be different company), nothing really breaks there like that. Not any belleza's bodies, not maitreya, not slink (pre-full bom, which still has alpha cuts). Or you'd also see mesh heads (scalp and ears that can be hidden) with such ugly seams. I have a few rigged sci-fi and fantasy things (hands/arms/legs/wings and what not) that also come with alpha cuts (it's exactly where seams appear if creator didn't bother to do it properly) and none of them breaks either. I saw a few badly made ones too, though. So while some of them also were pretty.. I didn't bought them, as I'm far more interested in every usage, than a pretty static picture for blogs/flickr.
  11. I hope you mostly stay at the ground level then, otherwise it's very hard to unsee the gaps in meshes that are present in both legacy female bodies on high altitudes (old tmp ones too). I didn't bother checking a male one, so can't say anything about it. Of course to each their own, but when I noticed it myself... I also couldn't unsee it anymore. Worst part is - it actually can be fixed and rather easily, maitreya's 5.0 update had quite a few of those seams that weren't present in 4.1 version, and it got patched out within a month. Legacy, on another hand, has those seams since release and it didn't got better one bit in ~15 months.
  12. One that doesn't require a picture taken on specific angles to hide ugly seams, because the "creator" can't be bothered (or simply can't, if some rumors are true) to fix calculation error on high altitudes for well over a year.
  13. Some are way way worse than breedables, only difference is that people don't try to rezz hundreds of them. I had a "pleasure" to endure some npc baby loving "family" living in the same region a long while ago. I'm not sure if all of them are like that, or if something changed since then (1.5 years or so passed since those times), but it was one of big and popular brands. Script info: '*nameoflagbabymonster*': [134/161] running scripts, 10304 KB allowed memory size limit, 0.288141 ms of CPU time consumed. They had 10 of them, rezzed 24/7. That's 2.8ms of script time and 1340 (or 1610, if they sometimes activated extra ones for some functions, I have no idea about their functionality) scripts just on "that". Assuming that region is well used and probably already hovers around 50-60% scripts run in best case and below 40% in worst, such amount of extra scripts will bring it down to "quite slow" levels.
  14. It totally is. I did learn about them a long while ago and never heard anything good about at all, only similar stories to yours. A couple of stores I know had to emergency move for that very reason as well, because even after being their customers for a number of years, they still got hit by the price increase out of nowhere. They did justify it as "market changes" back then, even if there was no market changes at all, if anything it was when LL started to reduce tier for full regions and homesteads. And, like in your case, not just one, but multiple increases over the short period of time without any warning whatsoever. If you're going to rent a full region again (although now most landlords have raised their prices for new rents, even ones who honor old prices, so might be not the best time), make sure to ask your new landlord if price is locked to what it was when you start the rent. If they can't or don't want to answer, then assume it's same deal as with "those". For example Chungs never increase tier like that. I know it from my own experience renting from them for a number years in the past, and you can go to their land hub regions (where tier boxes are) and see yourself that people who got their regions/homesteads for a good price during price drops that happened in the past still paying exactly that price. Their prices are usually a bit above the market, though, but at least you won't have any unpleasant surprises. That's true about not paying too much forward, unless you expect to take a break from SL for some reason and still want to keep your land. And sadly it's not very true about their increases and how they'll rethink it, since that's pretty much their business model for a number of years. Lure in someone through a good offer (sometimes way too good offer, for instance when average price of homestead was 7k/w, they offered theirs as low as 4.5k/w)>wait a bit>start raising prices until it hits the average market value or even exceeds it>profit. And if someone moves out, just repeat the whole process. Before I got my own region I used to actively monitor the land market and saw them juggling their regions non stop like that. So it's pretty safe to say that majority of people are very not fine when they expect to pay 5k a week and it becomes 7-8k without any warning. Edit: We can spread the word in-world, and I do that for a long while telling people (if they are asking for some advice where to rent) to not deal with them. But it's only limited circle of people that we know and those who actually ask, lots of new or less experienced residents just look at the land list in search and choose whatever is cheaper.
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