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  1. Lelutka heads don't have their own neck "fix" whatsoever, so no, it can't be it. New heads are fine as well, only thing that changed in 3.4 update was BoM. Possible reason: you're wearing some other neck fix, I believe genus heads and some bodies have one as a separate attachment - check what you have on now. Ideally just remove everything, then wear maitreya body and lelutka head and see if it's still there. If it is, double check maitreya's neck fix is off by turning it on/off (and see if it changes anything at all). Make sure maitreya's neck size is set to 5 in hud. You can also try to repair materials and transparency in lelutka hud (the settings tab). If it still doesn't help, go grab a redelivery for both, body and head and see if you see this issue on new items (again, wear nothing, but body and head), try with default skins first, then apply yours. If yes, then perhaps it's on your side, you can try to ask some friend to check if they see it as well.
  2. They actually, in fact, did try to relist demo the avoid the negative reviews. Here is the original demo link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Try-On-LEGACY-The-Ultimate-Meshbody-All-New-Next-Generation-Hyper-Real-HD-SL-UV-Closet-Compatible-Bento/17495698 And here is the relisted product: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Try-On-LEGACY-The-Ultimate-Meshbody-All-New-Next-Generation-Hyper-Real-HD-SL-UV-Closet-Compatible-Bento/18473263 I did report the 2nd one personally (for relisting) as it did appear on MP right after I posted in other thread about demo vanishing from the MP. Considering that the male and pregnancy body demos are still there, because they have 1 5* and 0 reviews, it's pretty obvious why they did this - to get rid of the negative reviews. Shady business is shady, no matter what "valid excuses" anyone is trying to make. You don't see big brands like addams or blueberry doing this, even for products that are faulty (both have them, not many, but still) and people posting 1* reviews for that reason. Both links still appear in google search, just in case if anyone thinks "it's made up and nay-sayers". P. S. Demo had ~30 reviews with 3.5* total rating. Most that weren't 4 or 5 stars were pointing towards lack of omega, slow hud, neck seam and mesh issues. Besides, as already noted, merchants have an option to report to LL if they think the review has nothing to do with their product or just plan trolling. Guess it didn't fit their "uitimate and elite" description too well, must have full 5* to attract the kind of people that fall for that kind of PR.
  3. Some stores are a joy to visit, although it's mostly ones that sell landscape and decor things. They often tend to have a nicely built environment and sometimes I see some good items from other creators I never heard about rezzed there, so I check them and go to check their stores as well (assuming they have one). So I do enjoy visiting those, too. Besides I need to see those items in person anyway, to check the quality and animations (if there's any). Clothing, makeup and similar things are a whole different story, though. If I'm at my region and messing with a bunch of things I already have and/or demos, while trying to find a matching piece of clothing, then last thing I want is to stop, find some clothes to put on and teleport to in-world store to try and find demo/item I want to check/buy. And in case of it's a demo, then I'll teleport back to my region to demo it anyway, because I need to check it closer, with other items, with my AO (some things looks normal while static, but have serious issues during animations) and I won't be doing it in some random store. So MP has no contest here. Events kinda work, because usually it's new stuff and pretty decent quality (in case of top events) and even in case of big events, it's almost always just one region with around 100 vendors. Doesn't take all that long to check, especially if you know what you don't need and skip those items. While some stores sometimes have thousands of items and often is a nightmare to navigate, FS's area search does help, though.
  4. Unless there's a brand new update that happened in the last few days and which is not even listed on their website or MP (which still has 1.1) - they did not fix the cracks at all. One between the breasts is always there, even on ground level, altitude ones are still there as well. They did remove the female body demo from MP, though. Must be wanting people to enjoy their "wonderful" shopping experience in-world. Which makes normal testing (for those cracks, too) close to impossible. It's still the same. Plus the need for media to be enabled and on autoplay. Although can't say I remember if original TMP body HUD needed media on as well, it's been far too long since I did demo it and not sure I even used the HUD back then, since I didn't like how it looks in general, so whole demo time was 5 minutes tops. I don't think omega will be dead for stuff like appliers anytime soon. There is stuff like body shine/other special effects (water drops, sweat etc) that need materials and unless LL makes BoM 2.0 at some point (knowing LL - in 2025 at best), the appliers are here to stay at least for 1 layer. And not all creators are happy to upload and setup hundreds of textures just for one product, so they stick to Omega since for bodies it usually works just fine, unlike for the heads. Skins - yeah, probably, but from my experience omega skins were pretty useless anyway. Even within one brand an applier made for a specific head often looks very off on another (i.e. something made for Catwa Catya looks bad on Catwa *something else* or classic Genus skin looks off on Genus babyface. Not always the case, but very common). As for applying skins and other options. It really does depend. I met a few people who change their look daily, from mesh heads to skins, with tons of other skin related options. For those types, like you said, a slow network based HUD can be an issue. I personally don't change my look all that often (once every couple of years or so, if not count early SL years), but for me issues with network based HUD are: I have media disabled permanently. And to use this HUD I need to turn it on... for some unknown reason. First and hopefully last time I see something like this. And the other one, I don't want to rely on some, let's call them an *unknown person* to keep server running. You can say that LL can shut down servers anytime soon and you would be correct, however LL is a company and business, with investors, share holders and what not, profitable one even (despite all that sansar stuff that happened) while a creator(s) for any product in SL can be just a guy in their basement playing with software until he got bored and moved to do something else. So as far as I'm concerned, product bought in SL and for SL should be fully usable in SL, without need for extra servers and 3rd party things.
  5. Trusting google is never a good idea, they are same kind as facebook, which "totally not collecting and selling your information". Especially when it comes to selling their new shiny (and pretty terrible) thing, which will eventually be closed like countless other services they brought (and bought) before. Only way bad connection (serious packet loss) should affect FPS in SL is "pop-ups". Viewer will get content from cdn in bigger chunks when it can, since normal flow is interrupted by packet loss and this will cause some fps drops while CPU works through those. Kinda same effect as if you teleport to a new place, you get lower fps while it rezzes all at once, then it does reach somewhat stable numbers (minus busy places like popular stores and clubs, where people tp in and out non stop). I did use SL from unstable mobile connection a few times (same hardware/software). Slower rezzing, gray textures, rubberbanding when moving etc, sure, but fps were pretty much the same. Although to be fair, I do remember a few cases when a terrible code in some online games did cause CPU to do extra work in order to compensate for too high ping (usually over 450-500) and/or packet loss. Some kind of prediction stuff just in case if client won't receive next packet in time. It wasn't really noticeable in most cases, but on low end machines it was, because even without extra tasks their CPUs already were maxed out. I do agree about the rest, though. To benchmark different hardware the environment should be identical. No real point going to the busy place and watching the fps, even if there's same amount of avis around. People will teleport in and out and their avis also will be quite different triangles, vertices and vram usage wise. Which can and will cause very big fps fluctuation. And yep, the better the CPU the better SL will run, no surprise here. Intel or AMD purely depends on your needs, budget and preferences. For pure gaming overclocked 9900k/9900ks (9700k as well, if game/app doesn't utilize more than 8 threads, which are majority) are still the best for the time being, top Ryzens are up there as well and better if you do stuff like rendering or streaming. That's not considering upgrading the platform factor, but I kinda doubt that people who buy 500$ CPU are too concerned about keeping their platform on the same socket for as long as possible. For mid/low-range Ryzen is better, cheaper and more future proof.
  6. If value, then yeah, I agree. Personal tastes as well. There's no perfect body that might suit everyone's needs, be it value you mentioned or look wise. I genuinely like maitreya body the most of all that are available now and it's not even clothing part that makes the difference, I just like it. Got it on release day 5 years ago and pretty happy with it ever since. That being said some QoL updates like more alpha cuts, option to disable auto alphas etc are always nice to have, so considering what creator/CSR said about upcoming update (being long planned and having way more than just BoM) I'm actually looking forward to it, despite not caring about the BoM part.
  7. If you meant actual price, then if not count overpriced TMP it's as average price as it gets when it comes to well supported (i.e. not niche) mesh bodies. Slink ones are around 2.8k if you buy hands/feet too (and why you wouldn't), belleza ones are 2.25k I believe, for a single body, maitreya is 2.75k. I think all those eve, signature and tonics ones slightly cheaper, but it's been a while, so maybe something has changed. And until/unless TMP fixes their mesh to remove those "gaps/cracks", higher details award goes to belleza anyway, which is cheaper and doesn't have picture breaking eyesores when you look closer to appreciate those details. It's the same old "But it has too many clothing exclusives, while not being in my taste. It MUST be changed so I can have everything!!!". Yet in all cases those people "forget" to mention that it's also impossible to do other things with different mesh bodies, for example small breasts with freya. They go from very big to big and then to deformed mesh under certain slider values. Must be a bad body! But no, it's a decent body for those who like this kind of shape and it was made with certain looks in mind. So if someone wants a more slim look/shape, then buying freya and ranting how it can't have small breasts is pretty weird. Just like all bento heads (which you already mentioned) are also made with certain look in mind, you can tweak them, some more and some less, but going above/under certain values pretty much breaks them. And even within reasonable values they all still have distinct characteristics and in most cases it's very easy to tell if it's Catwa, Lelutka or Genus (exact model is a bit more difficult to tell, although certain ones like Catwa Catya or Genus babyface are very obvious no matter what shape and skins are used).
  8. We'll have to see the price to see how much it pisses off basics. The way I see it - 12$ extra for a month of premium which is already included in the price for those. If name change itself is another 15-20$, then I'd say it will be fine. 27-32$ total and you get ~4.5$ back in L$. A bit over a price of popular bento heads. However if LL will charge a "premium price" for this, something like 50$ and basics would also need to add 12$ for premium on top of that... then yeah. Although if it'll be as expensive it'll piss off a lot of premium users too. Still don't see the point of making it premium only, though. They could simply make it cost X for basics and Y for premiums, selling it like "unique premium discounts!". But I suppose it's their way to see if some basics will want to stay premium after that month, even if 1-3% does it's still a win for LL.
  9. While I agree that MP could use quite a few upgrades and changes and not perfect by any means... the alternative just doesn't exist, because the in-world search (be it web based or legacy or whatever it's called) for actual items doesn't really work. On MP if you search for something like "maitreya jeans black" you get at least somewhat relevant results, which you can sort by most relevant, best selling or newest, as well as filter gachas by selecting copy perms checkmark and filter by price. With pictures and unless creator was lazy with demos to get right away. And in-world via search you get what... a link to just go and check the "unknown store number 12345" just to see what they even sell, original stuff, full perm recolors or it's just outdated system layers and it was a keyword spam (still exists on mp, but you see the picture and close the tab, way faster than finding it in-world)? I still buy in-world, but majority of those are: from stores I already know and don't mind visiting, most of which I'd never discover if it wasn't MP and/or events they were at, events themselves or if I liked something I see in-world after finding it on the MP first. And nearly all demos I get are exactly same way, if some store sells stuff on MP and it says "demo in-world", I don't even bother, unless it's something exceptional, which is once in a year thing. Might be not an issue if you only buy a few things every month, but for frequent shoppers MP is irreplaceable until/unless LL makes "MP 2.0". I already spend way too much time on checking rezzable stuff before I buy it (or not) in world to spend 5x as much to hunt clothing demos, too. Edit: As for the other news. Happy to see last names are coming back. While my current main account's name is not as awful as the forum one, I'll still change it. To the same display name I have now plus something better than "resident", I got quite tired of it in 7 years. Hopefully won't be too pricy, although I don't expect to change it again later, unless there will be some absolutely perfect last name available down the line. Meh for fee increases. I get it, too, it's needed. Will be interesting to see if more merchants will start listing only demos on MP or increase MP prices by 5%. Don't really care about events of LL homes, so no comments about that.
  10. I'm around for 7 years, so while I didn't seen the days with 70-80k people online, I do remember the 60-62k ones. it was just about the same back then already and private regions vastly outnumbered mainland, even if count all regions that LL put up for sailing and other similar stuff, with zero residental areas (and again, if count those and abandoned mainland out, it's even bigger difference). Besides who cares about how it was a decade ago to begin with? Those days are long gone, the times of prim building in world are long gone as well. The world, people and SL with it has changed a lot. You may like it or not, but that's how it is. Maybe back in the days SL was the social "community" for in-world building with prims, now it's very social circles and shopping oriented. Just about everyone I know who even cares to have own corner in SL has their own private one and wants to not be bothered outside of people those choose to interact with by themselves. There's no "community" as is a global SL thing, only smaller ones for various interests, be it building, scripting, RP or anything else. In this sense SL reminds me a lot of RL, at least the "living in big city" type of RL. Sure, it might be different if you live in small rural area with a couple thousands people where everyone know each other, but in big city you see thousands if not tens of thousands of people daily and you have close to no interactions with any of them. You buy their products and services as well, also almost daily. And yet there's no global community whatsoever. And yes, people value their privacy very much and they take that into SL as well.
  11. Last time I checked SL was an online platform/world, not the community. And quite a lot of people don't log to SL for the community aspect of it. Quite visible on islands vs mainland numbers, too, even before you discard abandoned part of the mainland. People love their privacy for the most part, even in SL. Crazy concept, I know. --- Anyways, for the topic, more privacy is always good. I'd also love the parcel (or viewer) setting to NOT see other parcels, but the one I'm at. Before I got my region I did rent parcels of various sizes for a few years and got quite tired of constant derendering ugly stuff people put on their parcels and were visible from mine. It's less of an issue if you live in skies, since it's easier to find a spot where even with decent enough zoom distance you won't see anything else, but on the ground level (which I prefer for my main living area) it's a disaster and usually never ending, because some people just love to rebuild every 2 days and some don't stay around for too long and when new tenant moves in it's time to start over. Edit: Come to think of it, the reverse of parcel visibility would be nice to have as well. An option in parcel settings to make everything, but ground/water, invisible from the outside, just like it works with avatars.
  12. Don't mix the "two lags" with each other. Bad internet won't cause any FPS drops/bad FPS for the most part, only exception if it was the case of serious packet loss and it's over, so your viewer suddenly need to receive and work through tons of stuff at the same time, which would load piece by piece otherwise. Then again, lots of people actually have no idea what they talk about when they say "lag", it's the case since first gen of mmo games. And what also a lot of people don't understand that SL viewers use 1 core/thread for the most part. My current "SL/internet stuff" PC has 9700k@5.1GHz, GTX1070, 32GB RAM as well M2 SSD (samsung 970 evo plus) for that extra fast cache read/write (it's a few times faster than SATA ones in some tasks). Pretty sure it's in the top few % of what people use for SL. I'd change GPU, but CPU bottlenecks it in SL anyway, unless it's BD viewer with cranked up settings for photography. Do I really lag? Nah, not really. But when viewer chokes on heavy meshes then no amount of hardware will save you (or myself) from it, viewer need a rewrite so it would actually utilize current hardware, which is probably not happening knowing LL. Or they'll announce it on SL17B and post an update about it once a year, like with most recent projects. In theory cache rewrite will help a lot to make a breathing room for the CPUs, which first time I heard about 1.5 years ago... maybe 2 already. It still didn't happened. Not really feeling better. Then again, I didn't really argue or did my best to "win" some internet points to begin with. People are free to use/wear whatever they want and it's not really my business. Besides like I already said, I really don't care about "light SL" at all, on the contrary I like pretty and shiny new things. A lot. My recent house that I got uses like 440mb of VRAM alone. Thus the note about about my region being very unfriendly towards low end PCs.
  13. As if legacy had a good neck seam. It doesn't. In fact it has worse one as far as Catwa and Lelutka heads go at least, don't like Genus so didn't bothered to test with their demos, so maybe for their heads it's better (last time I did check genus heads had pretty bad neck seam with maitreya and belleza bodies). As far as cracks go it's just badly made mesh, nothing else. Especially considering amount of triangles and vertices. If it was on the low end, then yeah, we could justify it by "gotta sacrifice something for the sake of being light". But being the most heavy mesh body on the market... it's just pure laziness or the lack of skill. In fact those issues are visible on the first look, the matter of minutes. There is absolutely no way they didn't seen it during testing before the release, yet it's still out "as is" and how long it's been since release, half a year already? It's pretty critical bug, considering that only use the mesh body has is vanity. We'll see if they ever fix it or it will forever be in "beta" stage, like original deluxe TMP body which remained beta for 5 years. Yeah, no. Let's see. Matireya: vertices - 151.467, triangles - 253.824, VRAM - 45.076. Legacy: vertices - 787.122, triangles - 823.600, vram - 113.528. Belleza (all female bodies, they have no difference as far as I know): vertices - 398.422, triangles - 521.695, vram - 59.396. Slink is the most light one by far, didn't bothered to check it this time as I don't use it, but it had like 1/3 of Maitreya's. So as far as vertices and triangles go, you can fit 4x people wearing maitreya vs 1 with legacy body. Means your viewer is more likely to choke way sooner, considering all extra mesh with 1024x1024 textures around. Attachment below. Left is maitreya (2nd part is hands, which are separate, so 2x for that), middle is legacy, right is belleza. And to clarify: I'm certainly not the one to care about the lag or complexity in general, unless it does reach extreme values, like 1m triangles chair. Outside of crowded shopping events where I go only to grab stuff and certainly not to look at others, I don't bother with jellydolls whatsoever, it's always on "unlimited" and my own region is very far from being optimized for low-end PCs, with pretty heavy stuff almost everywhere you can go. So it's not to say "legacy causes the lag and global warming!", I really couldn't care less if it is, just pure numbers. And as far as mesh bodies go, legacy is on the very top, I think signature's gianni was on par with it long ago, but they did optimize it at some point.
  14. I had a few TP fails on previous main channel build, not as many as during the "great TP failure of 2019" that happened earlier this year, but around 1-2 a day if I did plenty of shopping which required me to teleport a lot. Current build has the * Includes a previously released hotfix to fix teleports being 5%-7% less reliable * according to release notes and I didn't had a single TP fail since last week's rolls.
  15. Good luck trying to sue any creator or LL over the "broken" product then. I'm sure you can find quite a few (thousands) on the MP. Especially LL, since it's not them providing this product to you to begin with as they provide you only with "platform". And no, they can't make sure that all products available on their platform have "appropriate quality", which is way too wide term anyway (you'd have to prove that what you got is "broken" first), in that sense they are like ebay or amazon, just a platform to host products. And considering that aside of big FP packs of animations/kits that can go for well over 100kL$, you are most likely paid less than a few dollars for something, I also highly doubt that legal expenses will ever be worth the result or time spent. Either way, all that legal stuff has little interest for me, but I'm pretty sure LL being in business for 16+ years and winning quite a few lawsuits, have their legal stuff well covered. --- Now back to topic and body in question. Was about to edit my last post, but may as well put it here. I had some extra free time for random things this weekend and since demoing is finally less of a pain compared to old awful store experience with "experiences" I decided to give it (female one) a better look than I did before on demo and in short encounters with it (on others) in-world. It's not bad, pretty smooth, reacts to sliders nicely, especially if you don't go below certain values. Neck fit is rubbish with all heads and skins I have tried (yes, I went to get demo skins for the body from quite a few creators). Need for media to use the HUD is pretty stupid. I have all media disabled at all times and have yet to encounter anything that would actually need it (aside of music/media streams which is exactly why I have it off). There are also gaps in mesh, already mentioned on the previous page. Except it was supposed to happen only about 1000m, but in fact it also does happen on the ground level as well. Not as bad as above 1k metres, but it doesn't happen on maitreya, belleza, slink, all of which are perfectly fine even above 3k metres. I did read that "they are aware of the issue", but knowing their history and the fact that original TMP body had those gaps from day one until it was phased out by a new one... yeah. Not buying that "new management" thing either. Here's a story I did read on the "site that should not be mentioned". I can't attest if all of it is true or not, as I'm not in SL long enough to see it all by myself, but I thought it was fun. I guess it also will be fun to come back to this post in a few years if SL is still around. Mesh crack I mentioned above.
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