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  1. Clear benefits are HD eyeshadow/lips and materials. If your current lipsticks came with layers/bom, then you can disable hd lips anytime and use that, not the old appliers, though. Not sure what other benefits you've expected or wanted. it's the same as with any other mesh heads, they are new and you can achieve different look with them. Do you like it more than your current one or/and see yourself using it? Buy it. No? Don't buy it.
  2. I'm aware. For example a model of Kratos (GOW on PS4) is only 80k polygons in total, 32k for his face. It's not the most detailed character ever made, but serves a good example I believe. However we are discussing SL here and performance boost that can be made by reducing onion layers, not the "games that are made by professional developers with multimillion budgets vs hobbyist creators making stuff in/for SL, often just for fun". Apples vs oranges. So, no, it's not a false-equivalence, no matter how much you want to believe that. That's just basic percentages. If whole scene has 500k triangles (for example), then you can expect a good boost by reducing triangles amount by 250k, especially if your machine struggles with 500k because of bad/old hardware and/or bad optimization. But if whole scene has 10m triangles, then removing 250k will do close to nothing to performance/fps. Add bloated VRAM usage to the picture, ancient and ineffective caching system that consumes large chunks of CPU time, unless your scene is completely static and you really won't see any difference whatsoever, with or without onions.
  3. Vertices/triangles wise it's pretty minor. Someone posted slink's numbers in similar thread, it was 20k less vertices and 30k less triangles or so. For old vs new Lelutka heads it's 28k/53k to 16k/30k and actually higher VRAM usage 28k to 41k, thanks to those new HD additions. In theory heavier bodies like belleza could lose way more triangles, though. But having 3 different chests in one... hard to say. So let's say you have a mid sized private party or something, with 10 avis. All using same slink redux bodies and same lelutka heads. You are saving 320k of vertices and 530k of triangles that no need to be rendered now. That's roughly 1-2 of hairstyles with "styles", which is pretty much all what most popular hair brands are doing for the last year or two and less than one "fancy-interactive" outfit. It's roughly the same as one belleza body at its current state, it's less than one legacy's body feet alone, it's less than "fuzzy' mesh sweater/dress that are so popular this season. And it's certainly less than some decor/furniture items you will have around as well, just 1-3 of them. Unless it's your own place and you were choosing the well made mesh yourself. Even LL doesn't seems to care that much on some fronts. Did you seen how much VRAM traditional LL homes use? Over 250mb. Vertices/triangles numbers on them are not bad, but assuming someone using official LL viewer with 512mb texture memory... that's half of it, for one LL house. I remember reading how LL didn't expect mesh to be used the way it is, like clothes, or later - body parts. I think it's the same for their other projects, including recent ones, animesh and bom. Those are mostly sidegrades, than clear upgrades. Example of clear upgrade would be bento. It did replace static or frame-by-frame animated heads, tails, ears etc (not counting those who are going to stick to old things for their reasons). On example with tails, it also did improve "lag" situation a bit, as those ancient tails often were a total disaster, while new ones are light on mesh and scripting parts.
  4. I did read this thread (and plenty others too), too. I know what BoM can do and what it can't. Onion layers>BoM for materials, any day. Based on updates and even freshly released products, I think majority agree with me. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/443980-bom-needs-to-auto-calculate-normal-and-spectral-layers-like-sansar/ What I'll agree with is obvious benefit of tattoos with BoM compared to onion layers. No alpha blending issues that way. So bodies can easily lose 1 onion layer in future updates without downgrading the experience of the users. Or like Marianne said above, partial layers (that's only for the heads, though. bodies need a full one anyway) is a way too. But they are still there.
  5. Did anyone expect something else? No transparency control for makeup, no materials based effects, no nothing. Turns out people don't want to downgrade visuals for a minor performance boost. Don't blame the creators, blame the LL for making it the way it is.
  6. Because no one ever seen full product in-world either, right? I mean it's not the most common body, but you can see it around here and there. And yep, it's as broken as the demo is, in the exact same places. You don't have to buy a faulty product to know it's faulty, be it SL or RL, if you do your research. It's the best to learn on mistakes, especially if it's mistakes of others. But hey, white knights gonna whiteknight, it's always the same and should someone say something bad - it's the haters, always. Have fun with your broken body, I'll use something that is not as bad looking for the time being and will give their demo another try if they ever fix it.
  7. Hard to say about this one. When I just started I remember almost all clothing stores in-world had those afk "models" showcasing outfits, sometimes just 3-5 and sometimes like 15 of them. Now there's literally none, sometime a lonely group/greeter bot at the entrance and even that is a rarity. I don't argue with the fact there's a decline, it's obvious. But it's a natural decline that happens to all products. If compare to games, then certain mmorpgs also used to have much higher numbers, then as games got older and older, despite of new changes/content, numbers kept dropping. In some cases they did shrink to like 1 server with 2-3k concurrent users on a good day, sometimes just closed. Difficult to say what LL could do at this point to get new people that would stay. Depends on who they see as their target userbase. It's obviously not 10m of Fortnite kids, unlike certain delusional users like to believe *coughs coughs*, it's not "gamers" in general either, as they are busy with their new shiny games and new gen consoles coming out later this year (although there are exceptions to that, including myself). Maybe people in their 40s or even50s-60s, with a bit of extra time and money to play that virtual dressing room with home building/decoration simulator... I wonder if dropping land prices by a lot would help, like to "normal server prices", which are times less than what we pay here for "land", which is essentially a 1 core of CPU+some RAM and HDD space, if a full region would cost 25-35$ a month and parcels would be pennies, it would definitely bring more people to try it. But it could as well just crash entire SL's economy with it, so not sure LL are willing to try such experiments.
  8. You contradict yourself already, for the sake of arguing. First you say shame on people who bought it without checking demo carefully and now apparently you say that demo is just a demo and if someone didn't bought a full product (but shame on them for not checking a demo anyway) are haters, it must be only owners of "full product" that have right to dislike it. 0/10. But it's okay, I get it, buyer's remorse can be strong.
  9. Those skins you posted below are all from glam affair, you can find them at their main store. There's also 3 more from GA on recent events (C88, K9 and Access). Moods are a bit overdone, yes. Definitely going to send them a feedback about that sometime soon, since they ask for feedback anyway. Most calm/idle mood is awake, it's close to old neutral and sublte ones. "Lively", "coquettish" and "looking" moods can be combined with eyelids in norm position for somewhat subtle mood as well, since eyelids animations are higher priority than moods ones.
  10. You're not a terrible person because of that by any means, however it's still difficult. For example you might be happy to just know their rl gender. Sure, it's (in most cases anyway) pretty harmless thing to know or to share. But plenty of people take it much further after that. They begin to wonder if you're single, age, location, ask for that lame "voice verification", pictures and more. Which is already pretty sensitive information for many people and they like to keep it private. So in a way it's easier to just not share anything at all or to tell other person what they want to hear (i.e. female avatar = female ), than share a bit and open the room for further questions later. In the perfect world people would make it obvious that they don't want to share anything, instead of lying, but it's never perfect world, even in second life. But yeah, all people in SL are different and have different needs and wants. For example I'm free to mix both lives as well, happily single in RL and living on my own I don't have issues with privacy either. But I choose not to, because it's not what I need or want from SL. I do make it obvious in my profile, though, so people who are after some RL-SL mix can save their and my time.
  11. It's difficult to decide what is better and what is not for someone else. I did switch from Simone myself, after it was my "main" for over 3 years. Try the demo and some skins, play with sliders and see if you like it more yourself? If it's a definitive "yes", then it's worth to switch, if not, then it's not worth it. That's how I felt about their 2nd line of heads (Aida, Piper, Vera and Korina). I did like them, but not more than Simone, so after playing with demos for a week I decided to stick to Simone. This time it was a 100% "yes", so... Not sure about why it makes heard much darker for you, though. It does go darker for a few seconds while applying materials, but then should be back to "normal". I'm not using BoM on my body, though, but it shouldn't really cause any difference.
  12. So dislking a broken product with a broken demo (all those glorious seams at 1k+ altitudes and a few smaller one at ground level as well) is hating? That issue alone makes it probably the worst body on market, it's even more obvious above 3k metres. I thought it was more of "letting people know", about issues as well as about the store's shady practice, not everyone had a chance to demo it properly, because they keep relisting demo on MP (against ToS, which only points towards bad business), since the "experience" in-world store makes it close to impossible to check for that stuff. It's been ~9 months since it was released and it's still not fixed. I wouldn't be surprised if it stays the way it is forever, just like old TMP body never got fixed after 5 years. Sure, some other bodies and other things had/have their own share of issues here and there, but it's a critical issue, since only reason to even have a mesh body is to look better and those seams make it look terrible.
  13. A decent house that doesn't counts for your 351li tier would be good enough reason why some people would choose to live there over a random parcel on mainland. I think traditional, or whatever it was called, house is around 250li alone. Which is too much for a house of such size, but even in best case you're still looking at 50-100li for the house alone, means you have less li left for everything else. And you don't have to buy a parcel, so if for some reason someone is not happy at their current region, then it's just abandon>grab another available (assuming it is, not sure if that "no premium homes available" thing is still going on) one with no monetary losses. --- More on topic - no, never did even when I had them. Only exceptions were when I was renting parcels and sometimes said neighbors rezzed things too close to the border, so parts of their trees/walls/etc ended on my parcel, so before bothering estate manager I always told them to fix it and most people did.
  14. My favorite heads since release of Simone 2.0 (by Lelutka as well), especially Nova. The material effects (first icon, under the LeL one that gives you link to the website with FAQ) are amazing, especially first 3 (2 versions for each, plus another 3x2 for mature ones), teary and wet effects are a bit overdone in my opinion, might look good on static pictures, though. Make sure to use windlight that doesn't butch all material effects (like CalWL does) to get a better look at them. HD eyeshadows and HD lips are very nice, too. Comparing side by side to older heads... they really do look better. HUD is easy to use too, less flashy than old Lelutka one, though. Only downside in my opinion are moods compared to first two lines of Lelutka heads. I'm a big fan of very subtle moods myself and most new ones are a bit overly active for my tastes, 3 were pretty sublte to keep on, though. But it's just 1.0 release, so I'm sure they'll add/change/improve things over time, original Bento heads went a long way since Simone's release in december 2016. Going to play with it a bit more and send feedback to them later.
  15. WOWMeh was pulled out for DMCA, it happened around summer 2014 I think, before belleza's and maitreya's release. But I don't think it would have held the ground anyway, compared to other bodies. Not sure which world or part of SL did you live in around maitreya's release time, but it was anything, but ignored. It took me a full day just to get to the sim to buy it and it was lucky, some did wait for 4-5 days of non stop attempts, worse than shopping events these days without premium account. Clothing support started shortly after, too. I'll agree about weird thing on Belleza's part, though. Now to your 2nd point, which I saw a few times on forums and elsewhere. There was/is no actual proof, but speculations. Besides if you bother to check some stores on MP, even blueberry, that theory just crashes hard. Their oldest available clothes of theirs are usual standard sizes, next to them are venus and physique sizes on top of the standard ones, then standard+venus/physique/maitreya. And no, blueberry wasn't as big back then to get some exclusive treatment either. Now to what's crap and what is not, it's the matter of preferences. I'm pretty happy maitreya user since its release and while, like I said, I'd probably use venus instead if I could, it's not that much different in my opinion (smoothness of venus is purely because of all those extra triangles). Then again I have pretty average/small shape, would I want something extra curvy I'd totally go for freya instead. Maitreya's physics has breasts and belly ones, but no for butt. Speaking about business and tactics, I actually think TMP are good at it. I mean they managed to squeeze into the market so late with pretty much broken product that is not fixed since release (and knowing TMP it might never get out of that "beta" stage either) that cost 2x+ over any competing brand. Plus they have "awful" feet, which alone have 211k vertices more than whole belleza body combined (they can be resized via shape slider, though).
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