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  1. Did you try to submit a ticket? Last update on this is here, but since all regions are now upliften it's probably not too long until buying new region won't require a ticket:
  2. I wouldn't call SL a social platform, especially these days. SL is a different thing for everyone. You can easily ignore social part for months, if not years, and still have fun building/dressing/scripting/sailing/exploring/taking and editing pictures and so on. Most of those things often involve absolutely zero social activity. And no, not everyone have any need or desire to add social aspects to their SL at all times. I, personally, quite often don't have any desire to interact with anyone and just spend time at my region building and changing stuff. I find it relaxing. So SL is as soci
  3. So just a few forum users then. Ones that keep repeating same old thing about "optimisation" and "limits" for as long as I joined forums, and probably some more than that. Can't say that I met a single (non-creator) person in-world who would care about stuff like "complexity" or "optimisation". Majority does care about things like: if it looks good, if it's easy to use, if it has a good 3rd party support (for heads and bodies) and other similar stuff. Hard limits I find very unlikely, otherwise LL gonna destroy their own market overnight. Because bodies are just the tip of the iceber
  4. Picture previews of what I'm actually about to apply, including style and color. Nothing more than that. It's easy enough with BoM, too, if it's something very basic or very different (i.e. red lipstick, purple lipstick, black lipstick and so on). But in cases where its 15-30 shades of one color it's so much easier to see what I'm about to apply through the hud, than guess the color/shade based on creator's ability to name layers properly. Here's related post (and some more follow up to it) from the pet peeves thread. You'd think creators would drop the texture with "what is what", since
  5. I do. But in case of BoM makeup.. do you really suggest that I change the whole outfit if I just want to change a lipstick/eyeshadow style/color? That's not very viable solution to say the least. Take all those outfits and multiply them by makeup combination and it'll be a very silly number of outfits that will be a nightmare to navigate. Creator had 2 picks in profile. One that is ETA for BoM update for the bodies is 2020 and 2nd about head(s?) release in summer 2020. He since changed the pick about heads to "2020". But yep, that's Belleza for you. Took them 1.5 years to implenent ben
  6. If you didn't already - check Lelutka River. It's unisex and comes with 2 versions, one has a neckfit for the female bodies, other for the male ones, while everything else is the same between both.
  7. Now I'm not saying you don't make any sense, but don't exaggerate. We did survive through non-bento head times, when certain creator who was most popular and releasing like 3 heads a month at that time had most heads with 1.5m triangles and ones that didn't count as "basic" had up to 3.5m (because more frame-by-frame animations included, each one pretty much was a separate head). Back then almost any crowded spot had most people using those heads on top of the very same (and layered) bodies. --- As for the BoM. It's okay. My main grip with it was that there were a possibility mesh bo
  8. Lelutka had 50% sale last year too (so 2500L per head), and it wasn't too bad really. So I agree with Marianne here, freebies are completely different thing and attract way more people (and thousands of alts, even ones that are mostly dormant otherwise). Good example would be anniversary round of Access with lots of gifts, it was problematic to get into 2+ weeks after it started. And yep, looking forward to get some stuff this year in SL, too. Got quite long list of stuff to get (if it goes on sale that is). Mostly from my "decent demos" folder. I demo plenty of stuff, but only a very sma
  9. I'm happy there's seraphim site at least. Saves so much time on not going to certain events where there's literally not a single item I would be interested in. It has a downside, though. If event is not listen there, then unless one of my favorite creators put something there, I usually have no idea it's even going on, 'cause I really have no time to keep up with all those shopping groups to keep myself updated. But yeah, I certainly agree, there's far too many events these days. Less gacha ones at least, which is good. And when some montly ones overlap with quaterly and/or anual/semi-anu
  10. Hope they are going to fix the idle script bug soon, too. Pretty sure lower performance of my region is because of this. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-229611 My region was among the last to get moved today, and script time went down from 90-100% with a 1ms spare time left, to 65-80% without any spare time. With an exact number of scripts/objects/events (it's my region, so no, there are no changes in anything). Doing manual restarts now, since even before the uplift I did encounter way lower performance after some rolls/restarts (my guess was that my region ended on the same host
  11. The neck fit is no different than 2.0 had, it's just not separated between the "normal" and (SL) heads anymore (the new fit is what used to be called (SL) fit in 2.0). So if it's the neck you're worried about you can use "dated" version with an old shape. The rest (hud, animations, features) should be identical between boundless and dated versions. They redid rigging on pre-Fleur heads for the boundless update, so lots of things are different. In some way it's like entirely new heads. For better or worse is depending on how much you like new rigging and changes. And I think you're
  12. LL vendor system most likely got pushed back along with everything because of "uplift". There were speculations of how it'll also take 10% (currently. who knows how much it'll be in the future) cut like MP does. Either way it sucks, but it happens. And through the years I had way more issues with MP not opening/being slow or the recent authorization failures, than a couple of caspervend outages. There are some alternatives, too. Plenty merchants use the MD vendor system from what I saw, some use self-hosted ones (TMP, Lelutka, Blueberry I think to name a few). And I'm quite sure that
  13. If you check more closely the majority of the increase is actually not from the HD layers. Head itself is ~6k triangles heavier than before, eyes are exactly the same. So the rest comes from the teeth with extra (and I'm going to assume - useless for most people) options. Those beast/vampire/etc teeth could be separate attachment like piercing is. Still not a big change in my opinion anyway, hair I have on right now are 297k triangles alone and that's pretty "modest" by styled hair standards, I've seen some over 700k triangles. But I never cared about "optimization" anyway and my region w
  14. I barely seen any people with those "hdpro" heads in world, so they probably don't consider it as a competition already, especially considering the (now permanent) price of 4k vs 6k. As for the shape... I'm having troubles getting Nova to look the same with boundless update. It's still pretty good and even better in some aspects, but it's not an exact copy. Mostly the chin area that is changed as it obviously had locked bones before giving the head its characteristics, but now with that limitation removed it's different there. I'd like to believe that I know a thing or two about shape mak
  15. And what they'll choose over Amazon then? There's only 3 cloud providers of such scale: Amazon, Google and Azure (Microsoft). And neither of them are "angels" when it comes to pushing stuff on their workers or consumers. IBM has rather big cloud platform too, but not as big as the top 3, the rest are either niche or regional. And if you didn't know, LL started the cloud migration over 3 years ago and has been working on changes to the server code all that time, now it's going through the very last stage of moving regions to the cloud with ~15% (as of last official information) already bei
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