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  1. Thanks Layla only seeing this now, will add you when I get in-world! 🐎
  2. I think there's no harm in having it in your profile, it's just a bit of harmless fun (if people take it as such!). I hope you enjoy your journey in SL, wherever that may take you!
  3. It's a brilliant word and I had not heard it in such a long time! Last time I heard it was 15 odd years ago when a particularly grumpy chemistry lecturer constantly threatened us with "defenestration" in the lab πŸ˜‚
  4. @Velk Kerang One issue I see with BDSM Test and the likes is that, as with any profiling-type test, your answers can be chosen to fit a particular profile... so I would take that stuff with a pinch of salt πŸ˜„
  5. Here's your builder's brew Lyndka πŸ™ƒ
  6. /waves / Haha I've been told the best Guiness is served from a tap, I can't comment as I don't like beer πŸ˜† since we're all in lockdown, may I offer you all a cuppa instead?
  7. Hey all, I've been pondering for months over this and have finally decided to post this message. I was wondering if there are any RL equestrians who'd like to meet up and talk about horses when in-world.. because working with horses 24x7 just isn't enough πŸ˜€ If anyone here shares my love for all things horsey, it would be great to meet you. Feel free to send me an IM. 🐴 I am in the GMT timezone and am not regularly online; however I'd love to chat if we happen to be online at the same time. Thanks 🐴 -Krys
  8. Hey Brits πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ I'm late to the party as usual... Ireland here.. same timezone πŸ˜€
  9. It depends how much it is worth to you. Personally I don't bother with either the 11.99 for Premium or the 39.99 for name change as neither are worth anything to me.
  10. Well leaving aside the offensive tone and all that, your choice of words to describe the behaviour of that "Random person" in that specific social context is actually plain wrong. I am on the spectrum, I have Asperger's, and I can confirm that an autistic person would avoid that kind of interaction like the plague. I have never, ever approached anyone first and never ever been able to hold on a conversation outside of my interests. Small talk is not, in my personal experience, a very common autistic trait at all.
  11. That looks hyper realistic, what a great job! It might not be everyone's cup of tea to have an avatar replica of themselves, but I love the idea and the work behind it😸
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