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  1. I can’t agree more, I don’t want to go off on a tangent about horse racing and the whole breeding and dirty tricks behind it, but backing youngsters that are not even fully grown is sick. Growth plate development of the spine completes between 4 and 6 years. Scapula at 5. Young tb’s are backed at 2 and raced at 3. All this on an immature skeleton, carrying a rider. If they don’t do well they are discarded promptly. I won’t even mention that they are separated from the dam at 6 months. On top of that, if you are the stud vet tasked with the pts of a beautiful young animal who never had a
  2. No worries, another SLUI (SL under influence) thread
  3. Same as getting your coffee in Starbucks or whatever… if you like the barista, coffee is good and have change in your pocket do tip. Otherwise smile and say thank you and have a great day ☕️
  4. Exactly this... we are seeing all kind of pets abandoned or in rescues, including indeed ducks (they got them as ducklings), bunnies and pigmy pigs. Apparently there was some Instagram or tiktok thing about taking pictures with all sort of unusual pets.. as usual people just can’t think and consider what it entails to take care of a pet, never mind an unusual one. It’s devastating to see the state some of these animals are in 😔 I’m really affected by it I have to say 😔
  5. Because people are selfish. We’re expecting a crazy number of abandoned animals that selfish people got during the pandemic.. and now discover they’re a burden to them 😔
  6. Wait Maddie you’ll probably win... you’ll set me on fire 🔥
  7. I need infinite length telomeres or at least telomeres that don’t wear down 👌
  8. Over here (Pre-Covid when night life was still happening) A&Es on weekends were full of women assaulted by men in public places, not restrooms. There were also a crazy number of women who were assaulted by other women in restrooms. I am not denying that the situation you describe can happen. I would be interested in knowing how many times that actually happened? A horny and possibly drunk guy can wander into a women's bathroom without pretending to be a transgender woman, and do whatever is in his head at that particular time. Looking at the average toilet cubicle out there though, I'
  9. I honestly can't understand this... I see people for who they are, they go to the restroom they choose as the gender they present. Really who cares? There is no choosing, I don't "choose" to go the female toilet, that's how I was born and what I see fit. Women of all genders should not "choose" either. There shouldn't even be a question about this.. it's so sad that in 2021 there are still people out there who question the right of a trans woman to use the female toilet.
  10. In work we have one bathroom for everyone - never thought about it and nobody ever had an issue with that. In the fields I share with horses, cows, sheep, foxes and birds of all genders 🐮
  11. There’s no “boomers” here I’m afraid, have a look around... everyone is between 18 and 32 🥳🐥
  12. I second what Rowan said, 100% Just say exactly as you explained it here, it’s clear and easy to understand and this is how you feel. I would say exactly that, then again subtlety isn’t my forte. 😀
  13. That's true actually. That's why caveat emptor should always apply when stipulating agreements or hiring other residents for work.
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