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  1. My girl is an expert in acupuncture, I’m so lucky 🐈🤣 just now getting her night time cuddles
  2. Yes I've heard worse, especially in the last year with all those virologist and epidemiology experts coming out of the woodwork everywhere. Time for a different area of expertise now.
  3. Same here it’s unbelievable 🤦‍♀️ if the State tv funded by the licence were good, one could close an eye and at least be happy that those who can’t afford subscriptions or Sky still can have some quality entertainment. In our case though it’s pure rubbish so I really cannot justify paying it (I pay it though) 😒
  4. Not just UK, here in Ireland we pay the tv licence too, it’s a yearly thing. When you buy a TV (even online) the seller automatically notifies the licence people and they’ll come chase you if it isn’t paid up within 30 days (I think). Btw it’s regardless of how your tv is used, you don’t have to watch actual tv, even if you use it 100% for streaming Netflix or Amazon it still requires the licence to be paid. At least one licence covers the whole property at 100 something quid per year 😅 Pure rubbish though, I never watch tv but my kids love some of the Amazon shows so it’s worth having one.
  5. Probably horses, grass, cows, hibiscrub (chlorohexidine), Nivea cream for my poor hands 🤣🐴🐮
  6. I actually live close enough to the Rock of Cashel 😃🐑 let me know if you are ever coming over! 🤗
  7. Jennifer, I’m sorry you are finding yourself in this situation, I’ll give you my two-cents for what it’s worth. I don’t know about medical RP however the medical field in RL is extremely territorial and competitive. I’m a RL veterinarian, vets like physicians can be generalists or specialists. The competition between specialists and consultants is unreal, and I mean to the point of actually going out of their way to ruin the reputation of some clinic or competing vet by spreading ridiculous rumours. A medical degree, MD or vet, is not a guarantee of a drama-free existence. We love what we do and sometimes become extremely cagey and arrogant in our knowledge. My advice to you is try and take a break from your SL practice.. a lot of RL doctors and vets do this regularly. On a side note, many vets suffer from mental health issues, myself included. Taking leave and doing something else for a while is a good thing. to echo what some of the great people here have said, try living in a community type setting like Bellisseria. Do virtual gardening or get some virtual pets, I don’t know as I don’t do either but I can only imagine it would be great for you to try something new. IM me in world if you want to chat, I’m not always online due to my packed RL but I get online at least every couple of days for an hour or so. Wishing you good luck and don’t give up!
  8. Not just Japan but in many other Asian countries I've been to as well. From what I understand, they consider their services as being fairly priced for what is provided, so there is no need to pay more than what is the agreed transactional value. My Asian friends told me it's not so much insulting but rather weird, and something the cashier or waiter does not know how to handle. So that would put the person receiving the extra money in an awkward position, hence the "rude" connotation. I can understand that as if I am tipping in an establishment I never know how much or little is crossing the rude line so I tend to leave 10%. Tipping is not required here in Ireland but is considered a nice gesture in most cafes and smaller restaurants.
  9. Come on over to Ireland then! Here on the outskirts of the midlands we get all that (and a few hurricanes but we’re used to them) 🐴🍃
  10. … and considering the price, they better be moving in permanently to said castles in the air🏰 Can’t fix stupid 😅
  11. I agree with the sentiment about watching others play a sport… as an ex pro eventer, my beautiful horses and I had some thrills flying over cross country fences and so on. However I cannot think of anything more boring than watching other people ride horses on tv 🙈 also I cannot stand it anymore… I ride all my horses bitless now ❤️🐴
  12. From 2024 apparently, if all goes to plan, darts will be an Olympic sport 😂🍻🎯
  13. I’m a RL large animal vet and specialise in equines and cattle. GMT time zone. If I can be of any assistance feel free to contact me🐴
  14. Unlike RL, if you don’t like it just walk (poof/tp) away…. No point suffering a bad thing 😅
  15. Love this basically jump around to avoid something, like in checkers 😅
  16. Here’s an Italian one I heard yesterday. ”Quello è fuori come un balcone” ”he’s outside like a balcony” what it actually means is to be out of your mind. Balconies are facing outwards in a building so that’s where the being outside part comes from. It derives from an Italian expression “fuori di testa” transl. “Out of one’s mind” that is commonly abbreviated in conversations as “essere fuori”. For example, “tranquillo quella è fuori” translates non literally to “no worries pal, she’s mad”. 😆
  17. Given that those posts always appear on a weekend... it could be just a lot of this 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷
  18. From what I have seen, the Lindens are always able to write clear, intelligible English prose... ...unless OP is an AI in training? 😎
  19. That is absolutely disgusting, not the first time either players are racially abused on the pitch. I hope those keyboard hooligans are found and duly punished.
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