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  1. I have one alt for taking pictures, checking out places or testing things that i make, and my first account from 2007 which i only use as piggy bank, and to save a backup of my scripts and stuff.
  2. I started SL in June 2007, i was looking for something like a 3D chat community, and somehow i came upon SL. On my first month of SL, i decided to get premium account and buy some mainland somewhere. I used to wander around and found some land for sale just in the middle of a "forest", so i thought, why not? So i went to buy a house, put it on my land, and the next day i came back and saw half of my house was gone! I thought maybe someone had messed with it. (like in RL where people would do damage to others, or steal things). And it took me a couple more months until i learned about things like parcel lines, autoreturn ect. So later i learned my house was simply too big for that parcel, and half of it had been autoreturned. Another experience was in a club called "Bad girls"... I decided to come in an "oriental" outfit, dressed like a belly dancer. And then someone messaged me in the club, asking me if i was "gorean". I had no idea what he meant, and i thought he meant "korean"... So i responded, "no i'm german". And then he started telling me about "planet Gor" which i never heard of. He told me he would show me planet Gor someday, but he asked me not to visit there by myself, because it's too dangerous. Well, i never saw him again after that, and he never got to show me... But he was nice. So i learned something about Gor, just because i was dressed like a belly dancer.
  3. Let's not forget those thousands of so-called "Traffic bots" from around 2007 who were members in all sorts of groups. I am sure many of those zombie accounts still exist, and still use resources that could be used otherwise. So why not simply clear out all inactive accounts that haven't logged in for let's say 5 years? Would that be an idea?
  4. If i was LL, i would start clearing out all those inactive accounts who haven't logged in for, let's say 5 years or longer. I am actually here since 2007, and i remember many "zombie accounts" were only being used as traffic bots. They are still members of several groups, and taking up resources that could be used otherwise.
  5. Thanks for the rez zone parcels 😍 Can i make a suggestion? Could you please give those rez zones a different name besides "Protected Land"? It can be a bit confusing sometimes...
  6. This is behind our Linden Home, somewhere on the East coast. I wish those beaches had different names than "Protected Land" so they would be easier to recognize by landmark... But it's beautiful there.
  7. I'd like to see better names for Linden owned beaches than "Protected Land". For example that little island in Kuga. "Let's visit Protected Land Beach..." 😂 I'm sure they can think of better names for those places. It would help if people want to landmark them and come back.
  8. Awesome! Yes, i have already seen some houseboats with ban lines... I'm glad they are not allowed anymore. I have a wish though for the roads: Could you please add some rez zones? Would be cool. (atleast i haven't seen any yet)
  9. The houseboats are nice, i got mine. 😊 Just one thing they could maybe fix, if possible: When they give you the SLURL to your new Linden home (also it shows up under my owned land), and you tp there you would land in the water. Splash... 🤣 I suppose it's because they put the landing spot to the middle of the parcel...
  10. Hmm no, not really. I thought it was that simple, since i've asked someone who had a "coffee machine" on their land, with auto-attach, and all they said was i need the AVsitter experience to make it work. Oh well, nevermind... thanks anyway
  11. Hi, i have an auto attach script that would attach to me when the object is rezzed. Unfortunately, i don't know anything about scripting, but i would like it to work with the AVsitter experience, so it doesn't ask permission every time when attaching. I have the AVsitter experience enabled on my land, but when i edit the script inside the object it won't let me select the AVsitter experience for some reason. default { state_entry() { llRequestPermissions( llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_ATTACH ); } run_time_permissions( integer alota ) { if( alota & PERMISSION_ATTACH ) { //Here "ATTACH_CHEST" you can change this to get Different locations to Attach Objects!! llAttachToAvatar(ATTACH_CHEST); } else { //Script will say this if You denied permission to attach// llOwnerSay( "No Permission to attach" ); } } on_rez(integer rez) { if(!llGetAttached()) { //Reset the script if it's not attached. llResetScript(); } } attach(key AvatarKey) { if(AvatarKey) {//Event is called on both attach and detach, but Key is only valid on attach integer test = llGetAttached(); if (test) { // You can change text inside "". llOwnerSay( "Object is attached" ); } else { // You can change text inside "". llOwnerSay( "Object is not attached"); } } } } Any ideas?
  12. I hope the Lindens are reading all the comments here and get some ideas on how to make things easier for sailors and aviators. I suggest they add more protected water sims around Sansara so we could reach places like Bay City, or East River by boat from the south.
  13. LL should be aware that the southern mainland connection would be a banlines trap for aviators, and a dead end for boating. I checked out this area before, and it's terrible. I wish there were more water sims around Sansara.
  14. I just stumbled upon this topic from 6 months ago, lol... Well, i couldn't find anything in the Jira about instagram, so i simply created a feature request there by myself. Wish me luck. :)
  15. To me, the loss of last names was a disappointment. I've read a poor explanation before, where LL said it was mainly because people would abandon their names during signup, because they couldn't find a name they liked. But i say: WRONG! I do remember those days. I tried to make an alt several times, but the signup system didn't always work like it should have. They used to sen you an "activation link" to your email, which you had to click otherwise you couldn't access your account. But many people didn't get this activation email for some reason. I tried several email adresses back then. And now there are about 6 accounts of mine being in limbo, i can't use them because i couldn't activate them. And by the time they got rid of last names, they also got rid of the activation links. Maybe some of you remember, and i am sure many people had the same problem, but LL doesn't understand that. I wish they would bring the last names back.
  16. I'm just trying to understand how the texture cache works... With an empty cache, when i have my graphics settings to "Low" at the beginning, will my cache be filled with "lower quality" textures? Or does the cache always fill with the same quality textures, no matter if i set the graphics to low or high?
  17. i don't know if someone has asked this before, but can Sansar only be played with a VR gear? Or will we be able to use it the "classic" way too, like with a viewer, similar to SL?
  18. Alwin Alcott wrote: and users can make their own displayname.. so they in fact can choose whatever they want yes, that's the good thing about it.
  19. The last name system also caused some problems for getting new users into SL. If someone tried to sign up for SL and couldn't find a name they liked, chances are they'd say "screw it" and leave SL behind before even logging in once. I remember those days. Well, there was another problem: They used to send out an "Activation key" in an email, which you had to click before you could use your account. But many people didn't even get this activation email. Maybe that was the real reason why they never logged in. They simply weren't able to activate their account. I know so, because i have experienced it myself, i tried several e-mail addresses but i never got this email. Maybe there was an error in the system, i don't know. And now there are atleast 5 different accounts of mine, which i never got to use because i wasn't able to activate them. They still show up in search though. But one time i made it, and was able to register and activate an account with the last name "Alex", but i deleted that one in 2012 because of some drama, lol... Maybe they should give new users the option to make up their own last names, if they want one. That would be much better. When i registered my current account in 2012, i wanted a last name too, so i simply called myself "AbbyFraser" and my display name is "Abby Fraser". So that works just fine.
  20. Well, when i signed up i wanted a surname, so i simply put "AbbyFraser" and set my display name to "Abby Fraser" inworld. But it still sounds silly when i read "AbbyFraser Resident". I was actually suggesting to LL in the JIRA, to bring back a Last Name option, where people could make up their own last names. I even provided a (self made) Example picture, what the signup screen could be like. You can see my suggestion here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-5728? However, all they did was saying "Thank you for your suggestion" and then they closed it. But i would really love to get surnames back. And i'd rather make up my own surname than having to pick from a list of (sometimes ugly) names.
  21. ok i'll write them a message. yeah maybe i should buy it before its too late. Thank you Abby
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