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  1. So.....bottom line Mr Animats... Am I safe in downloading the new version of the viewer when this “python” program comes with it from secondlife.com?
  2. That is exactly what freaked me out! I DID download the new viewer from second life.com when I got a new imac. I have removed second life and Python which was showing on my dock bar went with it. Before I removed it, I found second life viewer in Finder but NOT python. Again this program just came in with viewer. What now?
  3. Please bear with me. I am only aware of "Python" as malware/virus and was freaked when it wanted to open as part of second life new download. Is this a safe program that is required with second life now????
  4. Just get the connection to Facebook fixed. If you can't post....they can't see you.
  5. I want to post to Instagram like I can with Facebook or Flicker. When will you add this?????
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