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  1. You must be the guy everyone avoids at parties .. when you get invited also strangely quiet since the races got called ...salt much?
  2. Exactly, I can imagine some poor schmuck in an office somewhere trying to police privacy over multiple social media platforms. Like drinking from not even a firehose, but from an Industrial pipeline. Edited to add, I have met several people from Iran that are still on SL despite that extremely oppressive regime's best efforts to police or block SL, where there is a will, there is a way.
  3. First account is from 2006, I saw an opinion piece on CNN Money featuring the interest then in RL business in the platform and joined
  4. Great song from an amazing show and so true to SL
  5. Met her years ago at a radio station's live broadcast, She was my BFF until she stole my boyfriend of 5 years.
  6. Live in LA version We're still building and burning down love Burning down love. And when I go there I go there with you (It's all I can do).
  7. I didn't want to derail the SL songs thread but I really wanted to share a video that's kept me smiling all week. Enjoy
  8. Like Replicants we only usually live 4 years and we go
  9. So many to choose from but for pure association, this song:
  10. Thank you Benjamin, my deepest feelings to those who lost so much.
  11. Log in to your account dashboard on a browser, lower left side is the friends online panel.
  12. The biggest surprise of the year? 13 reasons why Extremely addictive, have tissues ready, amazing plot and highly likely to be binge watched. The downside is having to wait an entire year for season 2. Best visual effects & show? The Expanse I dont know how they mimic zero gravity so often and so well. Also has a few momments where you will go wtf in astonishment. Nasa engineers gave the science in this show the thumbs up. No magic drives or hollywood stuff, just straight science. Best News? The 100 The 100 is being renewewd for season 5 Still my favourite plot and story, also has brilliant music.
  13. Been so long I had forgotten I learned it because everyone then was pushing me towards getting a job with a big corporate, I have kept in touch with one other woman in that class and she did in fact get a job with a bank for ten years. For me it opened the door to my first real job with a medium size graphic design and printing company, where I learned the skills to design and code websites. The analogy of responsive php websites being similar to mesh in impact on an established platform is, I think, fairly accurate.
  14. Phil, Its the same in my rl industry, I learned COBAL in college in 96, I started my rl business making websites in Frontpage in 2002. All the Licensed software I bought and skills I learned for a lot of those applications from 2002 till 2012 are now essentially useless. (And before anyone chimes in that coding is coding, to a degree you are right, however when you combine PHP with HTML and throw in responsive multi column layouts, it gets very specialised.) in 2012 it became apparent to me that I was going to have to learn a whole new way of building websites if my business was going to survive, and the death knell to anyone building websites for a living came when google changed its ranking to favour responsive websites (works on any device) Again starting this year I threw all my licensed software in the trash and started learning the latest software. Mesh is much the same as responsive page ranking in that everyone had to go back and relearn almost from scratch, as a few have said in this thread. Evolve or die
  15. My girls are 6 and 8 and I am extremely sensitive to what they see and learn, I am basically in uncharted waters and I am erring on the side of caution. I want them to go make mud castles and climb trees outside or even play with dolls or play dress up at this stage in their lives, Its taxing making sure they dont see that dark side yet and that they can enjoy an innocent childhood, but I totally get what you are both saying.
  16. In my opinion, no parent should ever let their child anywhere near second life until they are old enough to understand the nature of it and how damaging it could potentially be to a young growing mind. They should be out in the real world first so they have the proper perspective to deal with all that will be thrown at them in second life. Again just my opinion.
  17. This same thing happened to me in 2012, Question: If you log in with a different viewer on a different computer, do the missing items appear?
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