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  1. He often stands and has a conversation with himself, no woman will even talk to him usually, not even newbies. When approached he says things like (paraphrasing) He wears and does a lot of things a lot of people don't understand both in RL and SL . He spends a lot of time wearing a T shirt and diaper in RL & SL or He found out recently that he is NOT a good person or Ugly inside and out or He thrives and survives on the hatred of others or He wants to be a WWE superstar We tried hard to get him to see how ridiculous he is and help him before he damages himself beyond recovery but it was no use.
  2. I know where you are coming from Perrie. I met a confused young man in London the other day, well perhaps confused is the wrong term. He has spent the last 10 months in SL dressed in a diaper and vest, he is beyond bizarre, his expectations are totally unreal and what's worse is that he is fully aware of what he is doing. We all felt so bad for him that we attempted to help. He didn't take our efforts very well and got very annoyed. I had to stop myself from saying any more and I had to eventually block him for his own sake. Some people are beyond help.
  3. I read through the threads and replied, I find that some adult communities were actually accepted puzzeling, but at the same time we are managing fine with the work arounds we have worked out. *smiles.. We have a place on the continent as well, I sometimes help new people at the Central Hub. Sure I will be on soon IMs are always welcome
  4. Well as stated in the other thread our application was declined. The owner of the continent has a direct connection to LL so its is surprising that it was declined. I will also add that I attended an event, A popular adult themed nightclub switched venues to SL10B for the evening. The only real difference being the dresscode and being told by the hostess to not use the acronym BS (lol) ie local chat has to be PG and that is being strictly enforced.
  5. Hi Celeste Yes last year at SL9B the freedom continent had a small parcel, we had volunteers who gave of their time to educate people about adult content in SL. We were not alone either, I remember a few Gorean sims also had exhibits. It was IMO a successful undertaking and we attracted new people. Certain people have a gross misunderstanding of what happens on adult sims, and that was the point of the exhibit last year, education. I was not party to the application for SL10B and I have no idea how the process works. I did however receive this message (outside of SL) FREEDOM CONTINENT NOT REPRESENTED AT SLB10 - I have no idea what is happening, but our application to be represented at the 10th Birthday of SecondLife has been DECLINED. So what do we do? We can scream and protest - sulk and grumble or..... MAKE OUR OWN DARN SLB 10 EXHIBIT! So CALLING ALL THAT CAN and WANT TO HELP!. Send me a notecard with the name "SLB10 ADULT". This is a great opportunity to show what adult SL stands for. Please respond! The SLB10 -A is situated on the Passion Bay sim. It is friendly and fun and open to everyone over 18. It showcases the freedom continent and the different and diverse interests that are catered for on the continent.
  6. Last year we had a small parcel at SL9B it had no sex furniture, nothing vulgar, it had a map with teleporters of the estate and helpers who answered questions people had about adult content. Hardly offensive to anyone and there were no reportable incidents to my knowledge.
  7. Its the same with Adult content this year, it has been exluded. So the owners of a popular adult estate have created their own SL10B. IMO excluding adult content is denying that there is an elephant in the room.
  8. I never knew her and we have never spoken, I am sorry for your loss, Its never easy, but hopefully in time you will come to peace with it and remember the love and fun. *hugs tight*
  9. Well I am thinking of starting "The Snarky Thread" wonder how long that would last
  10. Again firstly Dres I am sorry for your loss. When I first started this journey I was befriended by a lovely young lady from Sydney Australia. We were BFFs and we shared everything, we even started calling each other in RL. That Tuesday in November last year I was with my friends inworld and I was wondering why she hadn't logged in a week. I checked her feed page and the floor dropped out from under me. She had taken her own life. I checked her FB and the worst was confirmed. It hurt a lot, I was a wreck for days, asking if I could have done more to aid her. I called her phone, but it was off. Since then no contact at all. I thought, like you did, about making a memorial but I decided in the end that the best way to remember her was to live, live my life to the full and honour her memory. I changed her pick in my SL profile to reflect my feelings and I have now moved on. Good luck and hugs RIP my angel :heart:
  11. Going RL here is very difficult. You see, people tend to present their best faces and you don't know otherwise. If you really care for someone you might end up spending years to find out it was just not meant to be. Its a balance of trust/disclosure vs reality and it is hard to get right
  12. jwenting wrote: Summer Tison wrote: Apparently racetrack owners don't like you cycling around the track on a push bike....who'd have thought My one and only ban :matte-motes-evil-invert: was banned from a club for being supposedly "a child avatar". As I work in an adult region as a manager, I'm well familiar with child avatar rules, and make sure to not even get close to giving the impression I'm one Thats ridiculous Lala, your AV is only a bit shorter than mine. that person needs their heads examined
  13. There is a similar type griefing in a very popular chat sim at the moment, for the past 2 weeks more than 10 times a day, 95% of the people in the main parcel get all logged out simultaneously. LL is investigating, while the sim owner pulls out his hair as he loses traffic. Another recent attack was like a mass effect bump hud, everyone on the parcel that wasn't sitting down got pushed to the far end of the map. Griefing will become far more prevalent in the next few weeks, summer and schools/colleges going on brake will result in a large number of bored kids, who have taken the younger generation's fascination with griefing or trolling to heart. SL gives them that ability because it is free.
  14. Ceera Murakami wrote: I'll answer that question with a question: "Are you a mass murderer if you play first-person shooter games and war combat games on your computer?" Now, no sane person that I know of would confuse playing a violent game with committing violence in real life. But why is it different if the activity is sex, instead of killing? What is the difference between making a character as an axe-wielding warrior in World of Warcraft, slaughtering all in your path, and making a beautiful maiden in Second Life, and working as an escort, or having a wild romantic love-life? The key question is, "Can you tell the difference between fiction and reality?" Many people who participate in SL - I believe the vast majority of them - do not see their SL avatars as a direct representative of their real selves. I'm certainly not a three-tailed anthropomorphic fox in real life. My SL accounts are all fictional characters - no more a representation of "Me" than that rambo-style gun-toting maniac you might portray yourself as while playing one of those first person shooter games, whose mission is apparently to annihilate every moving creature that he encounters (even though most of them are other Players). Since I and the people that I choose to roleplay with are of a like mind on that topic, then any activity our avatars engage in, whether sexual or not, is just fiction. It's no more a case of "cheating" than it would be for me to write a steamy paperback romance novel. Other people seem to think that SL is a glorified dating chatroom with 3D graphics. They don't see their avatar as anything else but a direct in-world representation of themselves. The character may look younger, or more beautiful, or may even have fur and a tail, but to them, that set of pixels on the screen is still "them". That sort of person should not, in my opinion, get involved in any on-line "relationships" if they also have a real-life relationship going. If there is no difference to you emotionally between going to a virtual nightclub and getting romantic with a stranger, and doing the same thing in a real nightclub in your home town, then you're on very thin ice when trying to have both a virtial and an on-line relationship. It's no different in that case than getting romanticly invoolved with a pen pal in another city, and eventualy hoping to meet that distant lover in person. Two VERY different cases there. Remember Anders Brievek? a sociopath is a sociopath, no matter the format. SL is not just a game and the question is valid.. you choose to see SL as a game and that is fine, just know that to some it is all too real
  15. Tari Landar wrote: mustangstud wrote: And how is it working out for you? Do u ever plan to meet or is it simply and "online" thing? Hubby and I didn't meet in sl, we met in an online game ages ago. We were friends long before either had the cajones to own up to our feelings beyond just friends. We also migrated over to sl with a bunch of friends. Things just fell into place for us at all the right times, in all the right ways. We've been together in rl and sl since 2008. Life is still absolutely amazing and only getting better day by day. ^^ This I have been with my man for a year and we are incredibly close, SL is actually unimportant now though it is still close to my heart. SL is as real as you want it to be.
  16. Having only recently had the courage to cam my Master, I can say with a lot of conviction that the experience is deeply thilling, Love makes all the difference squill. be patient and you will be rewarded, SL like RL isnt only about instant gratification
  17. I hope you actually read this I enjoy socializing and making my friends laugh, its how I relax on SL when my man is offline. Trolling vs Griefing The art of trolling is a subtle thing, The way I do it makes EVERYONE laugh, and its an occasional thing, its mixed in with genuine affection and bonding and most of my close friends do it, Its a lot of fun for EVERYONE. I have no axe to grind and people know it. Griefing is just silly, nobody enjoys it except the griefer and then sometimes not even them. I have a nasty way of dealing with griefers and 90% of the time it works, they leave the sim of their own accord. Don't be a griefer, troll your friends for fun occasionally and you will soon become a popular person on whatever sim you choose.
  18. I think the picture of him with all those empty cans is both pricesless and sums it up nicely.. YOLO as they say
  19. Having witnessed a few very horrible fights on the feeds I couldn't agree more. The ugliness is beyond reproach and noone is safe. I think the SL feeds are singular in their unpoliced status, an I don't mean just the fighting. There is also for instance certain people who will post 60 or 80 pics in 2 hours. The result is a mess and hardly worth looking at any more.
  20. CaramelBombshell wrote: LoL Laugh, Judge, and Joke all you want it's perfectly fine. Just keep this thread moving. Yes, InWorld is just that crazy. Do I take it serious ... Omg no, I laugh behind the screen as I Dom, but I have 65kL in my account because of this "silly, and disgusting" business. So even though this post wasn't for any of the people who took the time out their day to reply, if it keeps the post active than blah blah away. *smiles giggling batting her long eyelashes* Well just goes to show you, a fool and their money are easily parted and I make about that much in real life every day. so do us a favour.....
  21. I have 2 alts for RP in Gor, one a slave, one a free woman. Its common practice in Gorean RP
  22. Perrie Juran wrote: Your name would be spoken with awe across the SL Continents. /me dies laughing But alas, I am just a poor Martian stranded here in this Virtual World. What chance would I ever have to compete with all those who would willingly die for your affections. I shall go to my grave mourning my plight. RIP Perrie Farewell poor Perrie, I knew you so well /me dies laughing again
  23. Lol.. good luck with that.. smell funny though.. remember boys, buyer beware
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