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  1. Also a Saffa .. there are two groups in SL that are for hooking up and a few, mostly private sims .. Romantica Yaght Club being one of them that is public .. in about 2 years on SL I have met about 20 saffas all over the world including a few from right around the corner ... so IM me if you want to, inworld or drop me a notecard and I will send you group invites.
  2. Perrie Juran wrote: JaedenDelanaire wrote: jujmental wrote: JaedenDelanaire wrote: We just became friends. blah blah blah blah © The Judge Don't care. We're friends. You've been friend-raped. Let the healing process begin. omg Perrie Laughing so hard
  3. jujmental wrote: JaedenDelanaire wrote: Incidentally, anti-social behavior is NOT a trait you should flaunt about in hopes to find friends. It worked for Ghengis Khan, Julius Caesar, and the Kray Twins, among others. And me. © The Judge God complex anyone? 2 for a dime round here
  4. I haven't posted in a long time, but I'll go to bat on this one. I have two responses to your post. Firstly I see this all too often as a helper at a hub, a newb arrives inworld and wants everything handed to them on a plate, a cool AV, a love interest, and a bunch of friends. They don't want to put any effort into making SL theirs. The onus is on you to take the initiative. I'll give you some advice, don't try attention seeking, you'll come across as very immature, be yourself and ADD TO THE DISCUSSION with relevant points, or maybe a joke or two, you will gain acceptance much quicker that way. Secondly, trolling is a good way to gain a rep as a bad egg until the only people you have left to troll are other trolls on trolling sims like Korea. Believe me, anyone who trolls on our estate will be banned.
  5. Despite my jaded view of the forums, you may also IM me, I am more than happy to talk any submissive through the lifestyle. luck *winks
  6. Madeline Blackbart wrote: Leia36 wrote: What Freya says is true though with respect to time, I am in a relationship that is currently going RL and we are planning on meeting in a few months. It takes longer here to develop trust, but it is possible. I know of 2 couples who are in the process currently of going RL, its not all that uncommon. I think the issue is that OP is going into this expecting sex IRL. I think the vast majority of people in SL aren't looking for that despite the high amount of sex in SL. It's entirely possible to get someone to let you into there real life world here through time and gaining trust like you say. But I think if you demand a sexual relationship at some point IRL or NOTHING you'll get nothing. I mean I've let my SL hubby (now someone I consider my best friend) into my real life world through skype and conversations and I do plan on meeting him someday when I'm financial stable but he never demanded a sexual relationship with me in real life when we first met. I would have never given him the time of day if he had and I'm pretty sure you would have done the same with your master if he demanded a RL meeting and RL sex the moment you met him. Yes agreed, it took him 6 months to get my skype address, and I have no qualms saying that it was not his requirement when we first met. I was very reserved and here is an important point, so was he. We built trust slowly, over a year before we shared phone numbers. But many people are impatient and people get hurt. I count my lucky stars we met and have had this, but I know of others who have been searching for years and have not found anyone worthy of their trust, and that's both male and female.
  7. What Freya says is true though with respect to time, I am in a relationship that is currently going RL and we are planning on meeting in a few months. It takes longer here to develop trust, but it is possible. I know of 2 couples who are in the process currently of going RL, its not all that uncommon.
  8. /me looks down.. ummmmm.. do I needz implantz?
  9. Faliha wrote: Thats ridiculous: @ Leia36 : "The ripple efect will change many's SL and I hope he enjoys whats comming to him" - That's silly But thank you to all for replying anyway, I asked for your opinion and that's what I got. Yes the guys who you hurt will treat other women here with much more suspicion, this in turn will make the women wary and so on and so forth. Already this kind of deceit has hurt parts of certain communities in SL to the point where some guys are almost demanding verification before anything can happen.. And some women here are reluctant to give out details and/or cam too verify until trust is established.. So its a no win situation that just spirals.
  10. Agreed.. makes me so angry that there is someone doing this. The ripple efect will change many's SL and I hope he enjoys whats comming to him..
  11. Unauthorized opinions and fun will be heavily, passive aggressively, flamed until all conform. THAT WILL BE ALL!!!!!!!!
  12. IMO power exchange has zero to do with equality. anyone who submits blindly is in for a world of hurt
  13. Well in this day and age, communications being what they are, I consider what we have now to be as near as damit to RL interaction, I am not going into detail here but the closer we get to touching the broader and fuller what we have becomes, if this isn't love then I'm a monkey's uncle. I still don't see how I held us up as some kind of example to the world, what I wrote was a simple background piece to my comment, which was a valid one. I certainly don't think my comment warrants the attention you are lavishing it with, in fact I am starting to think the forums are nothing but a platform for flaming people. I would delete my comment if you had not quoted it, and I think this will be the last thread I will comment on for some time. I know what we have and I don't need people questioning the veracity of my private life by reading into a single sentence. I know I put it out there but the thrust of my original comment was not myself but the scope of relationships in SL where there is no RL interaction whatsoever. Flame away, I am not motivated to comment any further
  14. I never held us up as anything, I explained my story as precursor to my point of view. Please show me where I said we are an example of a successful transition.
  15. I am in a M/s relationship that has lasted for more than a year now. We are migrating it to RL and he is coming here RL soon. 6 months ago I would have vehemently disagreed with those in this thread who say SL is not the same as RL but now I know different. RL IS different, its all to easy to fake love and emotion behind a keyboard. That said I support your initiative, there are various support groups inworld that also do what you are doing. Good luck with your efforts.
  16. I hope so Squashy, I can barely frame a picture in SL,but I did show this thread to a few sim owners and tech savvy friends of mine and everyone concurs that the above makes a lot of sense. I do know the roll out dates LL published yesterday and well it might take a while before things settle down again, bit like surgery I suppose, don't want to kill the patient while fixing the problem.
  17. I have crashed, again..*sighs.. But I did notice about 10 seconds before I did, a message in soft grey, on the bottom right of my screen saying "insufficient memory, discarding textures", then I crashed. Maybe someone knows more about that.
  18. Having just crashed again on a busy sim I can commiserate with you Squashy. I hope it is better after the roll out.
  19. Fair enough Innula I will pass that onthanks
  20. We have been discussing this inworld and there is a fix in Firestorm. Preferences>Firestorm>Protection and click the radio button under the Revoke Permissions section, then when you sit or stand, all permissions are revoked. Many thanks t Damiel for the help :heart:
  21. jclarkson wrote: Dear Senior (since I'm the "kid"), If the shoe fits *shrugs, you certainly act like one Looks like you got upset Me upset? LMAO.. More like pity and took things personally. By the way, how do you know my real name is not Jezza Clarkson? Oh I forgot. You lot just know things better than the rest of us. You SERIOUSLY think that the real Jezza has time to spend on SL trolling strangers? The man is a real celebrity, rich beyond most's dreams, he would certainly not use a free wordpress blog to air his views, you are obviously seriously deluded fanboi.
  22. You are trolling here, and frankly your efforts don't come anywhere close to the originality and humour that the real Jezza often displays. You need to up your game kid..Pity gestures don't work here I have an awesome one that would be perfect for you.
  23. Pussycat I appreciate your honesty and your viewpoint and as a full time slave I apreciate your sentiments in SL you choose this. Great post
  24. Your story is heartwarming, only I am confused as to why your profile doesnt seem to exist in SL all I get on your page is jaedendelanaire This name is unavailable. *shrugs
  25. Staralien wrote: Sephina Frostbite wrote: Thank you everyone for your kind words. I means a lot to me. Its been hard. I lost my sister and my best friend. StarAlien Thank you for sharing your experience. I dont feel pressure to hurry up and get over it now. Took me a long time to get over my fathers death and some people dont understand the pain they cause when they say, "Youre still sad about it, how long has it been.? Isnt it time to move on?" Unfortunately there will be people that will want to hurry up your grieving proccess. Maybe they have never lost someone close to them before or they don't feel things as deeply. Shrug. In any case, this is YOUR loss, YOUR grief, and no one can tell you how to go about it or how long it should last. This was not only your sister, but your best friend and you feel like a piece of yourself has been torn out. You can't possibly get over that quickly. I don't think people mean to be hurtful or insensitive. They just can't empathize with such a loss. Try to ignore them even though that is so hard when it stings so much. The truth is, you will never get over her loss. Only time will ease your pain and I have to believe that going through the grieving process, no matter how long it takes is far healthier than burying it inside and being in denial. Not only are you grieving the loss of your sister, but the loss of a big part of your life. Nothing is as it was and how you anticipated your life, with her always there, has changed. It will take a lot of adjustments to learn to live your life without her. I know it did me. To this day I still miss my sister and wished she was here. I started to sort of live my life for her...I mean it pushed me to value my own life more and do things I needed to do. Like get out of an unhealthy relationship, go back to school and actually graduate...stuff like that. You have a lot of tears to cry before it feels better, so don't let anyone try to stop your grieving. It will take as long as it takes! (((HUGS))) Beautifuly put, thank you *hugs*
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