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  1. This same thing happened to me in 2012, Question: If you log in with a different viewer on a different computer, do the missing items appear?
  2. I hang out on a private sim that touts itself as 'the most popular destination in SL' During the last week we have had a number of times gone over 100 AVs (107 on saturday night) on the sim and I had no problems TPing in as a basic, non premium account. So this idea that somehow most basic users are missing out is taking things to an extreme. I doubt most people really care and have far more pressing issues in their lives.
  3. I have lost 2 friends in my years in SL, with whome I had skyped for years. Both were fairly devastating, however the second was much more personal. The second was part of a group of friends that used to meet in rl, rent a house on the beach in georgia twice a year for many years. in that case I had formed a bond with his eldest 15 year old son, and the son's devastation was so acute that I felt it deeply. We had a memorial for him in SL and about 40 of his friends showed up. His permanent memorial is on a sim thats a private sim thats not likely to go anytime soon.
  4. I'm alive, apparently I slept through the whole thing, hello Perrie, its been far to long because shoes duh!
  5. Talk about a necro post ... look on page 2, there is a detailed explination
  6. Ardvinna wrote: Leia36 wrote: je suis Gorean Tu es sûr? Sans blague? You're making recourse to the freedom of speech to justify a role play which includes slavery and rape? I quite don't understand this link between both ideas, because there is a logical mistake for me. Could you please explain me? (thank you.) And for sure, you're free to say/role play what ever you think, and Norman had the right to write all his novels, but why wondering, that people, who love freedom and equal rights for all, are criticising it? This is also covered by the freedom of speech. And I've heard, there are also so called "life stylers", which is not so "funny" and playful for me as a role play. Where do the people draw the line? Sorry, but I have an issue with oppression, slavery and the promotion of it. And in the context with the life stylers, I am wondering how we will explain one day to the girls really enslaved by Boko Haram, that it is "great fun" to role play enslaved women being raped with, people who are convinced that women should be the slaves of men. (If these poor girls will survive this.) Freedom of speech is self evident, its called Role play, google it.. or are you in fact trying to say that star wars role players are really evil magic users beant on conquering the galaxy in RL????? oh, yes that reminds me, but of course. in fact, I planned to kidnap and force into underage marriage several hundred school girls after coffee this morning. maybe chuck a few adulterers off buildings after lunch .. fun fun fun :matte-motes-evil:
  7. Richtea57 wrote: Having read all the replies, the obvious thing that stands out is that nearly everyone is commenting from a detached, outsider's perspective, not involved, (I think I noticed a domme or two, but apart from that). With that in mind, perhaps a few thoughts from a sub's viewpoint may help. Of course, it's only my experience and feelings and another's experience may be completely different. Here goes nothing: It was all little baby steps, each one took me only very slightly away form where I was and taking further control from me. I've always been interested in D/s, but only in my head, so when I joined S.L. those are the sort of areas I looked into. In one place a findom approached me and said hello and we chatted a bit, I gave her a bit of dough, (the amount is immaterial, it wasn't much), and we played a little. So far, so run of the mill and ordinary. Over the next few days we got to know each other better, (well, she got to know me better, at least), I got a bog standard collar and she took me shopping while attached to a leash, (again, no serious amounts of cash, nothing that bothered me in the slightest). I found the exxperience exhilarating, being visibly led around shops in full view of everyone who cared to look. I wanted more of this.....I wanted even less control....and that's what I got. We got a new collar that, potentially, gives over more or less all control to the owner/mistress. There are literally dozens of things she can control, sending/receiving ims, tp blocks, speak for me so I can be made to 'say' anything, clothe/strip me, badwords(if i say a word that has been deemed a bad one, I get fined)...oh and the list goes on and on. All is changed,changed utterly. A terrible beauty is born. Now, the thing is, you may well think that much as the above makes me look a weak and rather dippy idiot, but I believe you'd be wrong. Here's some of the reasons why: I'm not paying very much at all I can afford it..I pay a lot more to see my local football team get thrashed and enjoy it a lot less, (now THERE'S massochism for you). I'll also put more on the turn of a card or a frustatingly slow horse. She spends ages with me, (hours at a time), and is incredibly imaginative and arouses me beyond words....she's **bleep**ing good at her 'job'. I feel I am getting far more out of this than I'm putting in.....at least financially I am, but, I have to admit, I'm investing a lot emotionally. I'm reasonably sensible and strong and have a rough line in the sand; my thus far and no further point. While I'll happily suspend disbelief...... I know the score. Having read all of the above, I'm fully aware that I'm still 'with' her and she still keeps moving or luring me further in and maybe it'll turn out I'm wrong and I'm not as strong as I thought and I'll find out I'm weak when it's too late, but I honestly don't think so. That said, I can easily imagine someone being taken for all they've got and tossed aside I'm glad you are enjoying it and that she is giving you her time and some value for your money *winks .. your football remark made me chuckle. Just remember though that if you do go too far and it becomes an obsession, you may be hurt, emotionally as well as financially. Dont let her take it to RL, the danger here is that you may expect more of a rush in RL with larger amounts. Other than that, have fun and enjoy your SL
  8. No he hasn't or the world spanning RP that is Gor, clearly he has never read the books, or spent time with people in Gor SL .. he knows nothing about true BTB Goreans, or Gorean extended .. let alone lifestyler .. he has no idea at all how it is .. he is firing off blanks in the dark and I only hope that this is indeed a trolling attempt and not a serious question
  9. Calaval wrote: Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Calaval wrote: Of all the things to RP in Second Life, of all the things to choose from, RP based on the enslavement of women flourishes It's RP.. not RL.. calm down. But most are ignorant of that and just go there for sex. You need to find better Gorean sims.. You sound bitter.. Did a Kajira turn you down? Duh, I know its only RP but a poorly written fictional planet and philosophy where women are slaves and property is not anything that I think should ever be touted as fun. But I’m sure al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and Islamic State would strongly disagree with me. Not interested in an little known fantasy world of slaves thanks, no I'm not bitter at all, I don't login to SL for sex and I don‘t RP Gorean, your reference means nothing to me Right so you resurrect a long dead thread to troll gorean RPers? are you bored or bitter, either way you come across as someone who is looking for dramaz .. You stick to your bloodlines and your movies, and enjoy them, leave the gorean RPers to enjoy their own RP. Nobody asked for YOUR approval on how they enjoy their SL.
  10. I would second much of the sentiments of the others in this thread, because I myself have experienced this many times in SL. Probably he was looking for cheap thrills and perhaps a few have fallen for his angle. I would like to address another part of voicing and camming in SL and that is something like stage fright. It took me months to build up the courage to voice, but now, I voice all the time. As Celestial has said, once you get used to it, it is simply another dimension to SL, no big deal really. Concerning the cam verification thing, that is an exploit some guys use, I have come across it with various men. One guy in particular stands out for me, he ran a gorean RP sim had the requirement that all of his city's girls had to sex cam with him as part of the application to join. I looked at the girls on his sim and felt a bit sorry for them. I found another sim to RP on that same day. Camming, and in particular sex camming is not something I do lightly following my experiences last year. That requires a level of trust far beyond SL and for me personally Its not something I would do without some sort of system with checks and balances in place, for me to use, in the event that things go badly in the future.
  11. joal Oddenfen wrote: Hi, no i have left sl1, might look at sl2 when it comes, but i find sl1 only has the mentaly ill left, all the good people have gone. Your comment stings so! woe is me!, I'll just curl up in a corner now and suck my thumb! pass the worms please!
  12. joal Oddenfen wrote: it is my understanding that she was never banned by the lindens, in fact harry linden logged as her for a few days and the word was that she was banned from the forum for her own protection, LOL deluded much? hmm (p.s. congratulations on your self appointed promotion to generalisimo of egotistics) joal Oddenfen wrote: if you dont know who DCS is then dont comment and dont make personal remarks, I DO REPORT She has every right to comment on anything you post on a public forum, so do you. Report her? for what? While this thread is somewhat entertaining, I have a strong suspicion that you are another fine example of someone with too much time on their hands who enjoys playing the "defend a ridiculous statement on a popular forum" game. None of your arguments has any credibility in my opinion and your combative attitude would render any answers I have for your OP as useless, you wont bother to acknowledge any other opinion but your own anyway. p.s. have a nice digital day. :smileywink:
  13. Coby Foden wrote: Perrie Juran wrote: Women are not the only ones who can get a weird feeling. Can you elaborate a bit? :matte-motes-big-grin: *grins and waits
  14. Your ideas have merit, I just wish that this could be discussed without all the vitriol that has occurred, its an important point that you raise about 18+ there is no place for children in any adult environment
  15. Sure, but if LL excludes adult content, the diamond becomes a pebble on the riverbed of social media.. lets face it, sex sells, its as ancient as adam and eve, love is even more powerful and both will keep driving people to platforms where both may be found and enjoyed/lived.
  16. Gavin Hird wrote: kiramanell wrote: -- so long as the desired result is achieved. The desired outcome is pretty clear in this case; make sure internet service providers operate under the same requirements when it comes to consumer rights, privacy protection, warranties, refunds – what have you, wether they are operating from inside or outside the EU countries. Since the requirements for anyone inside the union is pretty crystal clear at the moment, implementing this should be straightforward. There are some controls that needs to be put in place, however, but they are more technical than legislative. The message for LL with regards to SLv2 is to get their house in order and make sure they have the requirements for marketing into EU ready from day one. And while they are at it, they can start cleaning up the current TOS as everyone would benefit from the European requirements. Then also regulate anything that has to do with content providers in a developer agreement – which is a business to business type contract and not consumer TOS. Iran has banned SL completely, yet Iranians still come to SL... those laws mean sweet nothing, if Germany want's to join Iran, indeed if any government wants to stop access to SL,, good luck to them, Australia almost banned SL at some point ,,
  17. Thomas Galbreus wrote: Seeing themselves in the majority, most people find that sufficient to bask themselves in, don't see the need of a sound argumentation anymore, impertinently ignore clear statements etc. (You are not the worst in that respect, but I think it is appropriate at this point to rub some noses in it.) this is the real issue here, your lack of decorum when discussing this. You seem more interested in goading a response than the actual points discussed. You yourself have also ignored clear statements, read into people's posts what you want to read in them, and consistently stirred up the other posters against you, I am beginning to suspect that you enjoy all this attention far too much. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amethyst Jetaime wrote: The links you provided do NOT say it applies to internet sites that originate outside of Germany. Thomas Galbreus wrote: Wrong. ------------------------------------------ No sir, it is you that is wrong. Germany or any other country does not have the power to dictate to other countries their laws. I do believe 2 world wars were fought somewhat about this kind of mentality. Many people have weighed in on this issue about german law and you sir have been consistently been shown to be wrong, not that you have belaboured those posts, you have simply ignored them which is highly ironic considering that you accuse others of doing the same. -------------------------------------------- Thomas Galbreus wrote: In standard porn only male orgasms are catered for and shown - if female orgasms are shown, then usually faked by terribly bad acting. If young people are influenced by this a lot - poor future women. SL is not standard porn as I understand it, so your assumption is incorrect.
  18. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Oh, you said bros AND hose... i thought that said IN... you just made my day .. awesome association comedy
  19. Gavin Hird wrote: For the rest I am sure you are as good a googler as I am. As someone who travels the Nordic countries weekly for my job; I pretty much know the sentiment and why virtually nobody from the region are in SecondLife. So you speak on behalf of the entire region when it comes to Second Life, you know every single person's daily activities on the internet? You would need to know these things to back up such a sweeping statement
  20. Gavin Hird wrote: Phil Deakins wrote: I don't know where you live but I'd bet that, if you went into the town cetre and asked people what they thought of SL, you'd find that most them would not even know that SL exists. Perhaps you've found the stigma amongst the few people you know, but that's not the same thing at all. Every time there is something in the press about it, the sex and looser stigma is hung on it. Not so often in the press these days, but still there from time to time. This is also the general impression troughout people you'd ask. – Which is why you hardly find any residents from my country in SL any more. The same can be said of the entire geo region (Nordic countries). There is a problem if you start to assume things about countries based on viewpoint that is not totally informed or based on evidence. Your experience on the internet is your own, and it is wrong to make such sweeping statements. In English there is a phrase that goes something like "you protest overmuch" in other words, those that pour scorn on something may in fact be involved in those same activities in secret. Fact is I know quite a few active people from nordic countries and there has never been any reference made about any stigma, some even post from SL direct to their facebook accounts.
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