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  1. If someone really thinks that is the way to clean up the world, they need to rethink that because, sex in SL is actually keeping the world cleaner, if people would do the sex only in sl. Less humans in (RL) world, the more cleaner the world. Not saying this is my point of view, just commenting here. Not telling what i think.
  2. Yellow Koalas Never Orthogonalize Wrong BEARS
  3. Hehe, that sounds like all who are not having sex irl are wanting to deny sex from everyone here in sl.
  4. Well, i don't care, but are they really humans behind the avatars, hmm...
  5. I put this here because i had this on my favourites for the dance and i'm also watching it now. Though i would be watching the new seasons of Seeker series if i could so here's a trailer of it also.
  6. Have been playing with 360 snapshots, a new fun thing to do for me, only need to do that more.
  7. Maybe here something? † MONSTER † https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/109404
  8. Ran in to this song on another thread, had to post here
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