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  1. Thanks a lot for all these comments btw, im happy to say its all good and done with! I can happily walk around without flashing my friends and the locals. Again thanks ^^ ❤️
  2. That could be a possibility! I might ask around and see if its the same for others, if not you may be correct ^^
  3. Thats super nice thank you!
  4. Haha sure did! I made 3 outfits and just thought thats what other people saw 😧
  5. So, im very very new to second life. A total noob. No experience with this site at all. When i first logged on, i noticed how many nude&sexy avatars i saw and kind of just thought it was the norm, it being a more adult site n all. But apparently (and what a relief) this isn't usually allowed in many rooms. Anyway to keep it short, i myself after 2 days finally got a decent - ish outfit,head,hair etc etc. However, that sadly didn't matter since after joining a chat room for newcomers i was quickly told to 'cover up.' Now i did have a bra/top on so i thought maybe she meant it was too s
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