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  1. My bed My computer, I'm still trying to collect all the bunnies in costumes from a gacha at half deer but, the collection is coming along nicely! Outside! Hopefully my neighbors find this area peaceful and come for a sit sometimes. And I'm collecting birbs on the patio upstairs
  2. I took a few pictures of my house ^^ It's spooky outside currently! This is the hallway, the little door is because a faery seems to have decided to move in. She doesn't pay rent πŸ˜‘ This is my living room currently, needs rugs but the photo is me and my good friend who wanted her avi to match mine and I think that's sweet. There's a bunny making herself a cup of tea in my kitchen at the moment
  3. I've just begun my garden, there's a lot more I want to do but a fountain and a well are a good start ^^ Needs more dragons/unicorns/probably some mermaids..
  4. I had a great time zooming around this spooky area on my broom!
  5. I have a hamster and a ferret irl, but I absolutely love rats and would love to keep one. Anyway, I started playing sl because I love sims but it isn't multiplayer, I wanted to like play sims but with other people lmao, and I love raising babies in sims, even though I would never want an irl kid, and zoobies seemed neat
  6. I'm half interested in them, but I want to hear peoples experiences with them, what they like and dislike and things like that! From what I understand are they like raising babies in the sims? Where you can see their needs and take care of them and then they grow up?
  7. No I haven't ;; I've been having trouble finding people to socialize with. I did meet some nice furries but, I dunno. If you're interested, maybe we could start something together!?
  8. I am super confused and I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but is there a way to wear two of an item I bought? My character has two tails, I've found a perfect tail but I don't know if there's a way to wear two of it?
  9. Hello! I'm a 25 year old female, I mostly joined sl looking for furries to be friends with, its a bit difficult for me because I'm very shy but I'd really like to find people to be friends with
  10. Hello! I am a female currently living in America, I moved here from Yokosuka, I am looking for female Japanese speakers who I can have conversations with in Japanese so I can learn better
  11. Oh this seems amazing. I'm brand new to this game, only slightly new to D&D, I'd be interested
  12. I'd love to find a furry group to rp with that isn't lewd? I'm super shy and nervous about joining groups, I wondered if any furries here would want to invite me to their group ;;
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